Live update on today's biggest stories

ABC News' correspondents around the globe talk the latest on the president, Syria airstrikes and Russian hackers.
9:28 | 04/17/18

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Transcript for Live update on today's biggest stories
Good morning and welcome to ABC news' live on cannot vote in New York we've got a lot of big stories we're following for on this Tuesday. So let's get right to on the run down our Karen Travers is traveling wet the president. In West Palm Beach, Florida where the president is prepared to host the Japanese prime minister Amar a law the law also had to DC where our justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. We'll get the latest and new details on that Russians cyber attack that may have targeted. Millions of computers. Worldwide but we start with a serious situation in theory and that's where refiners and Longman who joins us live from Beirut James got the latest. On the investigation into that chemical attack which lets me last week here's. A strike Kenneth in this morning Wayne airing ripples from Syrian state television. That IP CW inspected now the chemical watchdog that team. Has made it to do menace about it by the Damascus because it enough suspected chemical attack which it stated the inspectorate itself advocate. Outlook Syrian state television has been saying in mythical comes off the days have been made it. As in this people between roster in there air on one side and the United States and its allies only out arguing evidence today it is. Yet BTW it's meant to begin network on Saturday that people have sat. That restaurants area blocked them from doing now somehow because maybe even Russia has been beneath sanitizing the scene. Nevertheless if they begin now what I've it today polls tomorrow they'll be looking for evidence about suspect attacked looking. To find out what journal lowering with the youth and whether even tho arrangement now the agent was mixed in with about ball. I think what's really important to make name is that while having the evidence that now be publishing a report. One B and half months away before it published. And they won't be assigning blame back to something that human investigation Whitney to Dave but last week the UN Security Council voted on by cardinal such investigations that take place. And Russia vetoed it site. This investigation this evidence connecting if you like by the AP CW will take place and and it will be out for everyone to tolerance inclusion that awarding line. And James are also here's an incredible stories of survival when it comes to the victims about chemical weapons attack. House writes that we've we actually at ABC news has had a camera in do not. Looking out some of the what they think for ourselves the destruction. That bout pol to Damascus has has undergone. We've seen into those rooms that that that the world's sole when those young children but seemingly suffocating from Matt apparent gas attack. Even a rocket that not rocket supposedly landed a Labatt we still faces of that now we've been able to access and see some of those rooms that rocket gone. Other people well victims about a pack half and had been able to get out of Damon expecting to other. News organizations. And tacky they've accounted. Stories of being stuck in basements having this gas. Leaked downing to wed a well hiding. Being unable to breathe vomiting so a lot of very very typical things to hear. But I think it goes back to that issue. What exactly is it the AP CW going to be able to find out what make out what these witnesses previously screened by roster in Syria before being of the tool to international journalists. And aside from not what is the bigger picture going on in Syria an amendment. Yes they may have been a chemical attack yes that was a response from. The US and its allies but what really has changed in Syria I think a lot of people might say not months. Apart from the father Bashar Assad remains and how and he is as strong as ever and setting its sights presumably. On the next part of the country which is an opposition to him. All right thank you to writing song in their reporting from Beirut thank you and thank you for bringing us information most incredible stories from the survivors well. Art's let's turn the president -- whose that is Mara logger resort getting ready to host the Japanese prime ministers and they'll ot be. Again in Bala that's we find our White House correspondent Karen Travers. Is there in West Palm Beach found with the president good morning Karen. Good morning tenant from Sonny West Palm Beach, Florida where president talked today. It going to welcome the Japanese prime minister see it here for the second time and in that make them. Elevated on that level of other world leaders the president had a great relationship questions say they've that about half dozen times it. Talked on the phone about twenty times and of course. They both loved golf now probably added not on the agenda for this to date some. Instead the White House says they're trying to pack in as many meetings and Syria sit down as possible and tenant for all the talk about. Buddy's aunt romance between the president and prime minister. This a tense two days of meetings because on any agenda rate. And North Korea and Japan is feeling. Very left out on both of those issues the president of course the couple weeks ago announcing new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Japan and where allies of the United States that did not get an exemption they are not happy about that. North Korea and is very concerned that president trumpeting go ahead with this conversation. Sit down with right Atwood Kim Jung. And they're not going to be a part of that either they're very concerned and we expect today that the prime minister will be putting the pressure on the president. To put more pressure on North Korea keep up that campaign around the world. Arthur some tense meetings little off sprinkled in here care. Also there's apparently from mixed messages this morning from the top administration. About potential new sanctions against Russia. GAAP possible big walked back. You had the US ambassador to the UN gently on Sunday say net new sanctions on Russia where she suggested they were coming as early as yesterday. And they would be targeting rushing companies that the United States as does that has played a role in areas chemical weapons production. Yesterday the White House said that conversation is ongoing and there will be a decision made in the near future. A bit walked back and we're learning now that the president is the person that decided to put the brakes on those ancient. 828 could be seen it might not be coming at all. I care wiley you go on big ruling in federal court yesterday for president comes. Personal attorney Michael Cole you're the big headlines here the judge ruled federal prosecutors can review documents and recordings in the FBI raid on Cohen's home. Office and hotel room Cohen would also forced. To reveal if client list which included three men the president. A wealthy GOP donor and about mystery client who turns out to be Fox News host. Sean Hannity so big bombshell there which about the Mets and it was quite stormy outside the courthouse in New York yesterday. Not just talking about the weathered stormy Daniels made an appearance she alleges she was paid back owe it to stay quiet. About election that fear we're talking with the just across that yet there she was trying to make her way into the courthouse. I'm took care the big question for you this morning the outstanding question I think here if that's Colin really still represented president drop. You know last week that question is posed to the white house Press Secretary several times and Eric Enders. That she didn't know yesterday tenant Eric Enders that that the president Colin have some ongoing things together but she made a point of saying. President and a lot of lawyers that are luck working for him right now there is clearly an effort to distance themselves. From Michael Carlin at these going through these very complicated very serious legal matters but. Of course my calling has been somebody who is more than just a lawyer for president trop he's been any bite there. He's been a dealmaker he then a fixer as we've seen trying to clean up problems. He really hard for the White House to try and do we. Seeing them do in the past with other campaign officials or White House officials say they weren't as a minor player in this whole drama Michael Collins certainly no minor player and. All right Karen Karen apparently the cold weather and TCU you had enough of it you that if April and you think you're headed to cover the President's Cup Florida. So enjoy that sunny weather and I think that's a cut. Are right there next to one view a lurk. From the US about Russian hackers that the security officials warned the Russian government targeted some Internet routers. So Mike if you colleague ABC news senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the latest from Washington to morning here. A bright kid of today US law enforcement Homeland Security officials are warning. The Americans again are the victims of Russian government hackers who are secretly exploding something very close to home the route. Those devices blinking or your office table which control the Internet traffic. The rest us in some cases have gain access to Internet router passwords and credentials. And with Syria and they can see your Internet traffic like your emails and even chains content content and commandeered computers can. Appear the question this morning I'm sure a lot of folks are asking Ceci all those everybody have a home Internet routers what can we do to protect ourselves. Well when the main things are telling us is that you can change your router password. And authorities were telling us yesterday that. Will help them because it will throw the Russians off its one thing that the public can actually do to lessen the nature of this threat. Are right it's as simple as that changed a router password are thinks the Pierre Thomas in Washington. So you can find out more on all of these stores and keep tabs on them on our ABC news happen For now in a mountain for ABC news life.

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