Local artists create ‘Flowers on the Inside’ project

Undocumented artists send drawings of hope to migrants who are currently detained at immigration centers.
2:15 | 10/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Local artists create ‘Flowers on the Inside’ project
Many of food in Los Angeles at house of one of the artists of the flowers on the inside project is his wounds and now where you can you tell us about flowers and music project. Are something in the anti project is essentially a wave where people Otis Spann. Message of solidarity. Microphones were currently detained in immigration senators I'm one of the art is and what you'll having common and is you know we. And documents so. The each the sighing TV. And image. And flowers was being because it was this idea of lightning it was a some flowers instead of the terms and senators are so now we have a little bit over 15100 messages that people are Stan around the country faces. Trying you to write this is my sketch. The flowers specials. A flower call irony is is that flower they and then have you seen. And ivories degree represents. Hold nobody should be key each. Because they're trying to survivor because they're following defeat the because we want a better future you know but while that. Happens we can forget that he went to him so basically the way that this work is really simple and you go to the website flowers and then say that award. You create a hard right you know your madness. They're over eighteen. We are point and bold letters that that begat. And and organisms that we can submit will be delivering. The letters by evening. News. And quite between. Wolf tell you. It's a very solitary. It's a place where. The car's electric. Nice. And to hear from both sides say you know keeping them home giving them something to. You known to currently look forward. It is that causes intervene in the California in any justice alliance let's say can you tell us why these letters are so. One of the tactics that ice muses to do to recuse isolation. Until these letters really aren't beacon of hope to the folks learns. And a reminder that. You don't have something we're you don't have to sign that he occasionally there are people outside waiting for you and willing to take me some. I'm coming up with a and you're watching this Tina's live.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Undocumented artists send drawings of hope to migrants who are currently detained at immigration centers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66321141","title":"Local artists create ‘Flowers on the Inside’ project ","url":"/US/video/local-artists-create-flowers-inside-project-66321141"}