Looming Ferguson Grand Jury Ruling Fueling Boom in Gun Sales

Gun store in Clayton, Missouri, has sold 250 pistols plus shotguns in recent weeks.
2:21 | 11/13/14

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Transcript for Looming Ferguson Grand Jury Ruling Fueling Boom in Gun Sales
Right now we're saw huge amount of personal defense when we call personal defense high capacity semi automatic pistols were also some different Shaq slows the two most popular. Percent which is more popular pistol and shot the pistol right now is outselling everything else in the story about fifteen. Fifteen to one in which to solicit. Peter Smith & Wesson indeed. And I in his most I don't know it was snowing right now. Unity to stand right here so you're selling this. The hundreds dignity of citizens did and its identity theft. Please when you see sold the last few weeks in the last few weeks. Roughly I would say probably 250. Law that a lot of that it was legitimate process and we sell. 250. Him. That's a whole lot its allies. And you've that's enough sleep from what you wouldn't leave so does it mean normally in normal. Business day we're gonna do ten or fifteen times. We've been doing everywhere from thirty to fifty M today anyway. We think it is what I mean I think it's obvious that is sort of the times are changing you know and everybody I think people don't want us they fear there are people. There are in fear for their lives their property. And there are other people that are concerned. And I think they're looking at their particular situations and you know someone was to break in the house I really don't have anyway and myself so there looking for. Now it's I mean that sounds to me. Reviewed can you wouldn't you see this every day in day out and you definitely tied to. Q what do you guys said. Not everyone in speed horses. And Ferguson north county and it's you know the thing is it's gone beyond the area. I mean there's been demonstrations in downtown saying those outside rams football games outside cardinals games when they were still playing. I mean it's really going beyond Ferguson. And you know so we're just hearing all kinds of things that are happening we had a customer and dirt. Two days ago that was opened a florist and counting partly on the singles and cars. Playing frisbee golf and got robbed at gunpoint in his book buddies got so. You know. This woman is just sort of assignments you know.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Gun store in Clayton, Missouri, has sold 250 pistols plus shotguns in recent weeks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26895332","title":"Looming Ferguson Grand Jury Ruling Fueling Boom in Gun Sales","url":"/US/video/looming-ferguson-grand-jury-ruling-fueling-boom-gun-sales-26895332"}