Louisiana declares state of emergency

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy joins us to discuss how Louisiana has more than 1,300 cases and 46 deaths, and what the state needs right now.
5:21 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for Louisiana declares state of emergency
Joining me now is Republican senator bill Cassidy whose home state of Louisiana is particularly hard hit right now thanks so much for joining us. Do so the state of Louisiana has more than thirteen hundred cases and at least 48 deaths you're governor declared a state of emergency today. Saying that the state will exceed capacity to deliver health care to cope but nineteen patients. By April 4 floor fit so with that expectation. What did your state need to do now and what would you say that you need months. First amend the people Louisiana where the people across the country need to socially distant. If somebody is infected does not go out. That's two to three other people when they do not in fact. Similar they're not infected they don't get infected should they go out secondly one thing we've been asking HHS to do which I think they will. Is to allow doctors to convert ambulatory surgical centers and the places where patients can be sent to. Say you go on for Colin off can be you're not doing that. But you can't set it up but there's a overflow from the ER they already have oxygen they know how to monitor they get other do all the other things you need. We can use these other facilities. To manage the outflow. There are so I think I spoke into the governor's office from the speaker regularly. There also plan on setting up hotel rooms for quarantine we need more testing but on the other hand I think there are solutions that are before us. Your state celebrated Mardi Gras just a few weeks ago do you believe that all of visitors from around the country to New Orleans was a major factor. In this rapid spread that you're seeing there. It's certainly plausible. That what everybody comes in somebody brings that than everybody goes out folks are congregated as parades go by throw me something mister fabulous time. But it is a place for a virus can spread. So yes that is plausible but I will go back Talley started. If people socially distance we can stop that we can flatten the curve it's up to us to do our job. Your doctor you spoken out of favor as you have tonight in his favor social distancing flattening curve but today president from said that he'd. Like the country to be open for business once again by Easter do you agree with that time frame. There is a middle way 1 thing that I am proposing a that would begin to track community. When a child is vaccinated. We know the child is protected against measles when they go to college they pull up their their records and boom they have them. When someone is exposed it's thought that they might be immune through the season and through the next season. If we know whose immune she or he can return to the economy. So the nurse's aide whose immune it's documented shaking go back to be in a nurse's aide in a nursing home and she's not going to infect others nor she gonna be infected I think we need to set up the same sort of thing we do for immunizations. Okay who is immune to go the nineteenth and those folks to restart on to our economy that begins to slowly lifted off. How do you know how well you know definitively who is it U an and that lets just say that this strain hasn't changed in in some way that they can get it again. So first. If somebody cast and then they clear they're thought to be immune. Secondly there anybody doubts which ought to be made better. But anybody just could reflect whether someone's been exposed in the past even if at the time you did not swabbed and define virus. Yes there could be strains in the future. But ideally by that time we have a vaccine ever talking this season and next season. But we have a vaccine in twelve to eighteen months the vaccine comes in as we rely upon herd immunity and individual immunity to get a so that point. That your colleague representative Liz Cheney said that they'll be known normally functioning economy if hospitals are overwhelmed. And doctors and nurses lay dying because we have failed to do what's necessary to stop the virus couldn't loosening restrictions tuition risk crippling a health care system. Of course I could but I thought felt she met a good point what you do in a country as big as ours kind of depends upon where you war. You are thank you could drive sheep or cattle across the border of Montana and all I don't dare you could. Probably safely if your New York our New Orleans who do you need to be socially distancing. Absolutely. So we need to do what other countries have done find out where our hot spots are and to restrict travel socially distance control that I'll break. But recognize somewhere else in the nation it will be different. Now this senate is still negotiating course the details of this massive stimulus bill to rescue the economy but many Americans are already strapped for cash so. What would you say to a single mother in Baton Rouge right now who suddenly out of a job not sure she can pay rent or make a Carmen payment on April 1 even if this stimulus bill is passed. Passed its first analysts say that we had a bipartisan deal in which a hundred senators participated I was ready to be signed on Monday. Pelosi and Schumer blew it up hoping to use the need to rest of the American people of my single mom in Baton Rouge. In order to extract more from the administration. That's who they're trying to do behind closed doors I'm angry about it. What I would tell her what it does pastor gonna get a 12100 dollar check for you. A 500 dollar check for each of your children to help make ends meet. By the way it will also encourage your employer in the small business woman who employs you. Tim retain you as an employee and whatever she uses to pay your wages will be forgiven from the loan that she gets from SBA. There's other things were doing but we're trying to take care of that single mom believe me I care about single moms. All right well thank you very much senator Cassidy for your time we appreciate you coming on. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy joins us to discuss how Louisiana has more than 1,300 cases and 46 deaths, and what the state needs right now.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69782629","title":"Louisiana declares state of emergency","url":"/US/video/louisiana-declares-state-emergency-69782629"}