California Couple Married 62 Years Die Together

When Don Simpson's health started failing, his family moved him into the same room as his wife, who was dying of cancer.
2:30 | 08/02/14

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Transcript for California Couple Married 62 Years Die Together
It's absolutely beautiful and the story is beautiful. It's a -- story about his real estate can't -- that is all gone ever -- analysts -- his beautiful wife he adored my grandmother. Loved her to the end of the earth but to know how this loves -- -- -- looks like they're like a little photo the. You have to go to the beginning. -- -- brought -- Maxine Simpson together -- was born in North Dakota and studied civil engineering a career path that would eventually land him in Bakersfield. Closer to the future love of his life Maxine emitted a bowling -- and -- a few years later. -- simple side the Stanley says to their story and life. It was anything but the pair was involved with rotary YMCA in the Boys and Girls Club. -- even became one of the founders and longest running members of the Bakersfield racquet club. A place where people say he just belong to Donna Maxine traveled the world together adopted two boys along the way and eventually settled down. -- almost 62 years everything was done together. And. They left this world together and that's what makes his story even more unbelievable. It was about two weeks ago -- was at home when he fell breaking his hip. The family to -- to the hospital but his health was quickly declining. Around the -- time the cancer his wife was battling for years. Also progressed told my -- on -- and we've got one shot to get them together their family knew they couldn't keep them apart so she -- -- here to -- spare bedroom in her home. We transferred him here and put them together we have their they're bad side by side -- dawn with a smile Wednesday's. Seen in these pictures speaking by the family and -- woke up and saw him and they held hands. And they knew that they were next to each other but would -- -- -- -- how he was leaves this world. I mean I knew in my heart before I even got there at this is what's supposed to happen -- -- -- And common ground are gonna die together 7 o'clock I can hear through the monitor for take two last breaths and I came down. And checked on and she passed Maxine was gone I walked the mouth with her body closed the door walked back and -- on the ground -- And he quit breathing. As soon as her body left the -- he left -- there and they passed away for hours apart from each other. Demanded married the love of his life more than sixty years ago only hours behind in death it's just amazing and really it's amazing it's true life story. And ending to a life and love that was always together.

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{"id":24821022,"title":"California Couple Married 62 Years Die Together","duration":"2:30","description":"When Don Simpson's health started failing, his family moved him into the same room as his wife, who was dying of cancer.","url":"/US/video/love-story-bakersfield-california-couple-married-62-years-24821022","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}