Major flooding in the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Sally makes its way North

Torrential rain and strong winds pound the Gulf as the storm moves further inland, with flash flood warnings extending as far as Virginia.
4:18 | 09/16/20

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Transcript for Major flooding in the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Sally makes its way North
And water levels are rising as hurricane Saudi crawls toward the Alabama Florida border. Experts are warning of potentially extreme life threatening flooding -- Jersey is in Mobile, Alabama with more on that ginger what's the latest there. Pulled and you can see the rain has. Stops here we're on the racquet back side of that's more than the Atlanta home this morning and the cat stealing it down look at one that and that sustained winds of eighty look behind me though is CNN's. Mobile river kick and it's actually. Negatives or generic anti certain moving through the mobile bay so that was good news water rides every here we had a lot of wind damage but that's up to eighty look at that radar. You still have significant rain falling we're talking about more than 25 inches that fell by this morning and another twenty on top of that possible. Still Panama City getting some of those outer band nearly to Tallahassee and now. The outer shield has made its way up to Montgomery even Dothan feeling that heavy rain when he left flooding and high water rescues and and he mumbled well in. That's that that happened about 44 hours moving north northeast. Five miles per hour. It will start to pick up speed by tonight into tomorrow at noon and flies into Georgia and then eventually South Carolina not North Carolina be much weaker by them I don't have a lot of moisture witness so. Really yet I can't emphasize enough that this storm even though it looks like and winding down. Does not stop the potential for that deadly flash flooding seen how the movement here by Wednesday night 8 PM tonight you have that front that's been seeking at the surface at today has slowly and down. After opening up like that gates and then it'll help get picked up by the jet stream eventually as its flights in the northeast and that's what we see this speed up and less of a flash flood threat that. Gonna keep those flood watches up all the way through north Georgia western without realignment might Carolina bar some eastern Tennessee that's crazy that reach. Even Norfolk Virginia find themselves now out with a chance that. Take four to six inches but I'm really concerned again about Atlanta or Montgomery because this is not a storm just for the coast even though the worst of the damage will be found there. We could mean additional twenty inches before the big moves out a week from the port and it. Twenty inches wow equipment in ginger and we watch your earlier this morning you know bundled in the rain and the wind even sometimes having to hold on to the railing keep yourself on there. I know you guys are pros but just explain a little bit about how you guys go about covering storms like this safely. I think that's a great question in all of comes from the planning right so we know it meteorologist. How and where we should be to get the best impact of the meant to be safe so once we're here. In mobile for example. We parked ourselves right behind an area where I yes I didn't hear it and really it is very windy and am not taking part whatsoever. But I can take cover right behind here that keeps me safe from debris. Flight crew lifted me behind the cameras that it's that warrior this whole morning we'll turn around Jason's on the cable. They are more protected by the sparking fact caved in and the idea and that in the way that you can see the satellite track. We knew that this storm here in mobile would have northeast to southwest winds still weak position all of us. To have this major brick and cement building protecting us and that's how we meet this heads choices. Believe me I got to Bolivia has been at home they would tell me it never put my government that is never what I'm here to new. Definitely not my crew and fortunately I've been chasing every storm front and on but had a lot of it says. Here and you too I'd have no flying debris it's opening river behind me self. We're much better shape yeah. When we're in this spot. That's for sure yet again why we are more or I'm gonna remind our viewers that just as they see you out the storm vet today should stay safe inside their home. Ginger thing on line is I'll go ahead and. Not gonna add that the only other thing is you see there that changed a couple of times. But no matter what waterproof clothing you have signed you do get penetrated my neck green and it say that's probably the most unsafe heard of the jobs. I was reading at the that we got a dollar and come back out here to get my body temperature pick up I think that. That the market that I need to figure out we need water improvement over the continent cannot do that but the. It's back and that's what I'm sure you make it look great ginger let's get you and the crew back inside thanks so much.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Torrential rain and strong winds pound the Gulf as the storm moves further inland, with flash flood warnings extending as far as Virginia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73053269","title":"Major flooding in the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Sally makes its way North","url":"/US/video/major-flooding-gulf-coast-hurricane-sally-makes-north-73053269"}