Man Claims Dog Being Held for $2,000 Ransom

Chris Noland has not held his dog, Beautiful, in more than a month.
0:47 | 08/30/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Claims Dog Being Held for $2,000 Ransom
Herbal still full of water you see over here powers her food still untouched. Arms is waiting for to come home but this picture at the last time Chris Nolan has seen his dog beautiful knocking does help other matters he's. She's worried mr. Nolan usually letter outside to go to the bathroom but one night she was snatched. It's common that people Wear wolves take people's dogs and try to sell them for money ms. kind of sag just the society we live in now that. People will try to take anything to do is get a doll there. And these dog Naspers have his number somehow either at their people he knows where they attracted on the dog's collar. Are sort of receiving these text messages with live's spoof numbers that hides your number and the people Texas said they weren't gonna give the dog back. Noland contacted police without a solid number two track. There isn't much officers can do so he took a different approach. How termed a social media. Made a FaceBook page. He's hoping animal lovers in Phoenix we'll keep an eye out. Ours like a PC your heart is he is not there. And slide. In what the worst part about it is her wondered where I am. And Nolan not looking to charge anyone with a crime. He just wants his dog back to play with the toys she left behind.

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{"duration":"0:47","description":"Chris Noland has not held his dog, Beautiful, in more than a month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"41740081","title":"Man Claims Dog Being Held for $2,000 Ransom","url":"/US/video/man-claims-dog-held-2000-ransom-41740081"}