Man who had been holding on to sign for hours rescued by boat

The man was in his truck when he became stuck in swift-moving waters.
3:47 | 08/29/17

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Transcript for Man who had been holding on to sign for hours rescued by boat
Absolutely Melanie we are on at Belmont highway just wanna see zoomed interwebs going on about 200 yards actually from where we are there's a guy. In waist deep water sort of clinging to assign. We were actually done innocent people an army gets some rescues just down the street by the way that where he's holding that sign that's on. Jon Ralston road and the water here is incredibly swift this is a road. Not to a leak it's a four lane road. And where I'm standing it's about half deep and it it feels very strong the current. The work he's clinging on to that sign you can see it's about waist deep in. We were doing another serving some people came up and say there's a guy we think need Powell needs help. And none of us around here have trucks that can get to him because the parade is so swift so they. We're actually begging us did to come here and set up and and put him on TV as just a cry for help because. No one knows how to get to this guy it's completely unsafe for us to go up to him and it looks. His other conferring with each other. We have these are talking about here and iron may be trying to decide how the backup and get there are fly over into the hallway of Tennessee swimming away. Or is he swimming and it looks like well swimming the other direction towards says he's learning environment we LA I can't see it limits on me daddy's or. I don't know where he's going with another there must be other rescues how they are speaking to an area because there's another helicopter we're talking to him and then he's. Dumping water started swelling. It was unbelievable we were out there and we watched the Coast Guard I want to show you this video. Lol pat excuse me up the Coast Guard this is the National Guard and two guys who lowered down right in front of us gotta say about a hundred yards from us I hope you'll look at them. Video right now. But it happened just in front of say lowered down. I whenever I talk to them what happened they said remember when he his favorite dangling on the power lines are exactly right it was way too windy over there. They could not get close to those guys so they had to move back they dropped unless this is the incredible park. People are watching ABC thirteen so all eyes saying hey here's a guide trapped. Hey we don't know what's gonna happen to them they came out with a bold this same time. That the National Guard lowered down a symbol for the National Guard leaving get to these two guys Clinton won clean to assign one clinging to the top of that truck. V got the guys the good samaritans in a boat went over to that and they pulled them off this kind and also that track. Those guys need to know each other one was clinging to the truck went into his seed the other person a complete stranger. I talked about them right after this all happened check this out watch I'd. Hurt somebody yelling for help. And I barely saw it can expect so. I can with what amounts of the white sun though there has been there since yesterday afternoon. So it guide for that long so like 24 hour and I had my phone the ball and called my wife. He's in the background here area. If they're hey yes. And oh my. What do you what do you think. That. You tell me how long have you lived in Houston and has the day him. You've been holding on since yesterday yes we're you may have gotten loans on its what happened kittens he. Yeah I admired that instant that that your truck yes the big truck. New electro hanging on news alert yeah. Get them to eat. You.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"The man was in his truck when he became stuck in swift-moving waters. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49498736","title":"Man who had been holding on to sign for hours rescued by boat","url":"/US/video/man-holding-sign-hours-rescued-boat-49498736"}