Man of Interest in Police Custody Following Deadly Barbershop Shooting

Detroit police confirm 9 individuals shot during barbershop ambush, 3 fatally wounded.
17:50 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Man of Interest in Police Custody Following Deadly Barbershop Shooting
Morning as oftentimes say and not a good one especially when we have. A violent act that happened here Detroit. Well last night. I want to first take this opportunity. The semi -- its sincerest heartfelt condolences. To the families of victims. Also thanks to collaborative efforts. For a law enforcement partners the FB. The ATF. Rochester police department. And the open county sheriff's department. The special thanks. Should also go to. My family the hard working. Men and women. A Detroit police department. Who responded. To this tragic incident within one minute. Home Wednesday evening at approximately 547. The Detroit police -- firm received a call. Into the 911 dispatch center indicating there was -- shots being fired from the 5200. Block of our units were immediately dispatched at 548 and arrived on scene at 549. An initial investigation -- there were approximately two point eight. To thirty people. Packed into a small room. At the rear of the barber shop located at 5220. -- witness was approaching the rear of the location in -- pick up. When -- vehicle in an Alley and opened fire on the truck. The documents occupants of the truck fled in the -- the shooter then shot. After the shooter. Who fired the initial volley of rounds. Exit his vehicle and far from a high -- a rifle into the rear of the barbershop. Through an open door. At the time the room had approximate twenty to thirty people. We now know. That the shooter struck nine. Of the individuals inside the location. Ultimately fatally wounding very. There was an attempt at mass exodus of people from the room however. The door from the back room to the front of the barber shop opened inward. And the victims was struck in the -- multiple occupants of the room were armed and at least one of them returned fire. Officers were able to develop information. That there was an ongoing feud between a particular individual. And several members of the gambling party. Further investigation revealed that this individual. May be involved in at least two other violent crimes. As a result of our ongoing investigation. And the relentless follow up and sense of urgency. Officers from the Detroit police department and multiple. Other jurisdictions again the FB IA TF Rochester police department were able to locate this individual. And ultimately. Took him into custody. The man was arrested on an unrelated. Felonious assault charge. And is currently being held an -- county sheriff's department. At this time due to the ongoing investigation we can that. Comment on the specifics of this case but we can say this individual is a convicted felon. And was wearing body armor at the time of arrest. We have consulted with the assistant US. A turning who would determine later today. If he is in violation of a federal law and possessing body armor at this point I want to reiterate the man in custody. Is a person. Of interest. You'll be interview later -- -- but Detroit homicide investigators. There's still much work to do in this case we're asking that anyone with additional information. Please contact our homicide. At 596226. Over also has been enhanced reward. By crime stoppers at this point I would ask that you. Talk about thank -- Good morning. On behalf of the jam for our president of crime stoppers and staff. We were able to salute to get their reward up to 5000 dollars -- -- -- 2500. That we normally offer. In the for any information on his -- when we explore. Into the car when he hundred speak. In it is anonymous call. A thank you. At this point we open up for any questions you matter. -- -- -- Pardon investigation is still continued we still are very much. Early in this investigation so we can't comment on that -- With. Very much and -- Very much into the investigation. You know -- -- we had information that there may be multiple shooters. At this point. When that absolutely certain we still processing. Evidence. And so will know more as the day progresses. -- Well. Well one was an impala. He's just Delphi and I believe. There was a secondary vehicle that the a personable and so. That partisan continuing as well. As. Well. But. We're certainly. As as I indicated tornado thirty people inside a location who have family have friends. Certain we know there's been a lot of discussion. About this incidents -- certain that as the day progresses people start to call and we received information last night. And so we're looking for that additional help you know we look at this incident while it certainly tragic. You know anytime you -- -- multiple. -- -- of multiple shootings of nine. Certainly does rise up it as one of Detroit's more violent incidents I mean in October swung twelve. We had -- in the Illinois. Four people were shot and in that instant -- was fatal. And then on the thirtieth of June in the year 2009. Soft field and Warren seven people were shot at a bus stop in -- -- -- -- non -- s.'s Detroit -- can look. Other parts of the nation and compare. That certainly this is a violent. Act and what I'm calling basically urban terrorism. A lot of people in the neighborhood knew that was gambling operation did police notice gambling operation itself -- bust of the gambling operation. Before it gets them. Well you know we get tips we act on it certainly will going to investigate. -- people are now saying that they knew that this barbershop. Had been a long standing gambling operation -- things that we've recently. Then we've lost device unit in my things done by -- is doing is looking at locations strip clubs and gambling locations and so. We are actively pursuing that now. -- -- I'm unaware and that's one of my staff this is where I'm not -- I don't -- specific and we just felt was a -- location. Right now we're trying to deal with the core issue. Was certainly get into some of the ancillary issues as we go on. Because there are other issues -- look at me if we can demonstrate person was running an illegal. Gambling operation. It's a barbershop or people license and he knows that things are certain we'll look at. As as this investigation progresses and it. Thank them wonder how. -- -- We'll certainly. The information received led us into. The city of Rochester and certainly. That agency. Intercepted. There was contact with this person of interest. Resulting in in the unrest. More. There. Not sure at this time. -- -- -- I don't have does anyone. -- -- -- -- It can be in ten minutes -- arrived once the call was generated. We arrived on scene in one minute the shooting was over suspects were gone. So. Use these things happen very quickly. And so -- is not like he stood around way to force who arrived discussion with a one minute response time. Not at this point now. That. -- Not sure. You hear people what -- Here now we've we are talking to. People that were there and people neighborhood. So far we've we've had some good -- has come forward yes. -- I can go into the details is still very active investigation. And again this is a personal stress -- person of interest at this point we're not charging. This individual with homicide. -- -- -- It's certainly unusual but certainly it. Tends to suggest many things and he certainly is some moans woman -- You know police officers Wear body armor. Why would a communion will be driving -- with by. Certainly so it does raises a number of questions. I can go into that right now. He was arrested and in Rochester in the streets of Rochester please problem. The not not that I'm aware. That would Theo wants he was taken in the custody things taken him without incident. Can going to -- us. Here. There. I'm not certain about that we Nelson gambling was going on. -- -- Which is -- -- That certain we don't those state of mind. Again. We have information on some sort of few. But in terms. -- have a specific target. When that certain. That's a possibility. Is impossible and -- This week -- Pregnant woman murdered her -- -- -- three murdered brother minister Bernard. Three more. How many police officers it got. I do not need help from national -- as -- reported. In recent past and while I've said publicly that one homicide is one too many. It was still 13% down -- today as compared to last year as it relates to homicides. So no I don't need help from national very. Confident. These of one of those incidents that you know it's it's this one event this tragic. Where there's been multiple victims. But if you compare. What's going on this year -- last year. Certainly our shootings are down. Are homicides are down violent crime overall is down. 6%. Not enough. Clearly not enough but -- we are trending. In the right direction. -- street. I can't give you a specific number right now. We certainly have reallocate it. Police officers to the field but what we've done. We look at our response time effective that we reported out that we've had a one minute. -- when I first got here was not unusual. To have calls backed up. Holding twenty to forty cause -- -- beginning of the shift an oncoming -- Right now this rare zero. And so our response time has our report out. On the radio show yesterday our average response time as two days ago was eleven minutes. And the -- response time is calculated from the time the unit. Is dispatched to call in the unit arrives at -- So compared to the fifty minute response time we're now sitting in eleven minutes. And update you provide. -- Still very much -- top of our priority. I can Mohamed Siad -- -- you can brief -- on those remaining. Cases. You. The pregnant woman right now we are. Investigating and ended it -- when that particular homicide. The -- state student. That is a -- -- In depth investigation. We have done search warrants and polygraphs. And it's C. I says continuing ongoing investigation. Yes. -- No we have no one in custody. -- We would call last question was projected -- from where workers -- content and please don't let. -- back. To him. Two means. I don't have -- -- actress -- I know we're 2286. We'll put fact we have real time crime information. And so. But we are roughly 41 down as competitive in terms of homicide you date him. And not -- -- -- -- down 3% less last year. -- today were -- 331 criminal homicides this year the year to date 289 criminal homicide. Yes people. We -- -- It is nothing you hell. You know -- over to the people people call. What did they do right now -- but can anyone in the community into direct. What they do right now. Well many in my doing that have applauded continue to applaud the great work of our canoes -- -- sleeves and get out in neighborhoods -- good. Your eyes and ears for us we we have a reserve corps. Reserve officers -- morning to give back. And so we want the involvement. As I've said time and again we can that do it alone. We need our community involved we need. People that tell us what's going on and so we have a lot of initiatives. That we're working on. I am absolutely confident as we continue to move forward. That it's gonna get better because one we have a willing and engage -- community. And our relationship to community is improving and that's rookie. -- no magic. To this but certainly as -- reported out. -- -- a couple of weeks ago talking to my colleague to police chief and and Los Angeles. He was we were talking about our homicide numbers in comparison to a city of four million. He was sitting roughly in the low two hundreds maybe 215 at the time. And here we are sitting two. Two -- to the united so there's a lot of work to be done here -- in the city of 713 thousand. -- I can't go into to that. We just know we had a suspect with a high powered. Rifle fire in two through an open door. To. One. We had two fatalities and yes. -- --

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{"id":20820451,"title":"Man of Interest in Police Custody Following Deadly Barbershop Shooting","duration":"17:50","description":"Detroit police confirm 9 individuals shot during barbershop ambush, 3 fatally wounded.","url":"/US/video/man-interest-police-custody-deadly-barbershop-shooting-20820451","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}