'Have You Seen This Man' podcast: Breaking down episode 1

Host Sunny Hostin and ABC News producer Matthew Mosk discuss the information revealed about the Lester Eubanks case in the episode, "Outside the Half-Hour Laundromat."
4:48 | 10/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Have You Seen This Man' podcast: Breaking down episode 1
So. I thought it would be great just to talk a little bit about what we learned in the campus yes. And I remember when we first started talking about this story. I'm we talked about the possibility. That an offender like Lester eubanks who had. Sexually assaulted not only. The murder victim who in this case had and arrested on prior sexual assaults yes. The chances that somebody like that might re a fan and and you had some thoughts about that. Yeah I mean in my experience because I used to prosecute. Sex crimes and child sex crimes and in particular. These types. Of predators are just that predators and it's not something that goes away. They like. To offend. An and there's just something in their make up in debt. Mates then continue to do so. And so when you have and you you generally see bee behavior ratchet up and so you see them start to push the boundaries and they like. What it does for them they like how it feels and so typically you'll see them perhaps grope someone. And get away with it and then perhaps go a little bit further and further and further. Where to sit it out. Did the potential that he did do that or that he was out there doing that I mean he's been out and missing as far as we know offer. For almost fifty years are. Do you think there's a trail of victims out there absolutely. Absolutely wouldn't surprise me I mean they get better and better and that they don't get sloppy here and sloppy here a mom. And and you know think about. All the unsolved. Cases that there are across the country California in particular. Is a very very big state. You can easily cross into Mexico as well. And ease speak to any detective. Any detective that run the cold case unit. There are bodies everywhere especially of women. And often times the cases where you have women of color you have. Unfortunately prostitutes. They are runaways they end up dead with no family no identification. And that. And I think that population. Would be a population. Advance. A Lester eubanks would target because according to his profile he also likes younger. Range so run away a runaway of color. People typically young girls will run away to California. Looking for stardom who knows. That would be a praying ground for predator like lets you. Yeah I know in the first episode one of the questions that people are gonna have and I know this because you have this question when we started talking with this case is. I remember Nassau is Lester really. Guilty. Yeah because we we hear about cases where. You know black men are targeted. If gay. Cases are investigated their under investigated. And when people want justice. They're served as rush to judgment and the wrong person has put on death throw. And I myself. Am neither a proponent of death penalty because. Once you sort of see how the sausage is made you don't eat the sausage and I've been in the system long enough to know that people make mistakes prosecutors make the sixth. Judges make mistakes. You know juries make states. So. My been women it's even when there's a confession even when there's an invasion often times confessions are beaten out of people. People are scared think about the exonerated five. And we had confessions in that case and so when I first you know got involved with this case. Just because there's a confession didn't. Convince me that lesser eubanks was the right person. To be on death row. But there seems to have been more evidence in this case. It is a question I know we asked a number of people as sweet as we processed what happened in this case. And to our surprise even when we encountered. Old friends of Lester relatives of Lester there was never really. There was no case where somebody said I think you didn't do it now his own relatives. Know that he did it right that's different that's very different for me especially. Listen for free.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Host Sunny Hostin and ABC News producer Matthew Mosk discuss the information revealed about the Lester Eubanks case in the episode, \"Outside the Half-Hour Laundromat.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66451783","title":"'Have You Seen This Man' podcast: Breaking down episode 1","url":"/US/video/man-podcast-breaking-episode-66451783"}