'Blood Everywhere' as Man Slices Arms at Home Depot

Capt. Art Huratdo describes giving aid to a man who tried to saw off his arms at a California store.
4:08 | 04/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Blood Everywhere' as Man Slices Arms at Home Depot
I walked in. There was pandemonium in the in this. The -- lot of chaos people -- in all different directions. And I can't have made a beeline towards the police officers that I saw they were trying to render care to a person on the ground and one -- -- the store aisles. I -- identified myself to the store manager I said -- a paramedic. Do they need my help so he yelled to them. And they said absolutely police -- I went in there and I stopped -- in a man down with -- some significant injuries where he was losing a lot of lives. I didn't have any equipment like I would hear that word -- to render care so. At that time I just started improvising and the police officers were already engaging with some -- care by asking for some -- At that time I knew we had to slow the -- data this patient may or may not make it -- still don't know without them. But I thought of using it to my shoelaces. Or grabbing some ropes I yelled -- for some quarter inch rope. I asked when he officers are and the section into manageable sections they did. We apply a cursory tourniquet on arm I think we stop the bleeding on both arms and the west -- fire department soon after showed up. Fortunately they were local they were in service and that the closest station they were their dad to show up identified myself they saw the plan of action that I had. And they immediately took over care there understand what I was trying to do. And that we package the patient -- got him in the in the Gurney into the and then it's off to the local hospital. At this point I don't know -- outcome hopefully he survived. From his injuries. Log into the -- there was blood and many aisles. That locked in he was he was face down. It I thought it was a -- scene with a fatality. That's how it seemed. That after that -- -- asked that they needed help and I went and help. He there was a pulse the very -- and it is very very mean. That's about all I I know after that. -- started to turn again as his worst injured arm. And I had a supply there at West Covina fire decided to continue with that their treatment modality. Bulky -- were applied to both arms at the time and then we transferred him onto the bed. And they took over care from there I know it's not my position -- to continue to do it that they're on duty. They respectfully let me continue to help because they managed -- -- -- was. I think biggest -- they -- -- -- -- a fireman with Pasadena. We have a good history they have been very professional and rendering very good patient care so I think that's why they let you stay in the -- and assist them. But let's alienated fantastic job they -- them back into the patient up -- up in a hurry. And they did great care and got into the closest hospital. -- It's another day on the job. Well first -- -- that it would it is safe for me to enter the scene because I don't wanna become part of the incident. And I remember walking around at separate out to not go through the crime scene. And I remember seeing boxes of packaged. Power tools. So -- they came around the corner I knew this person. It's pretty much exactly need a lot a lot of glad we need to be but -- -- -- I ran back to that -- got a box. Of whatever whether they with a -- put it in front and I had the police officers tell me but didn't shot position that but in -- feet up on the box by then tell -- started coming. From the store staff would wrap them with that and then we went with a -- It for. I don't know what -- used. Injure himself went there were a lot of people screaming different things. The -- -- fired police department is investigating that at this time. The exact injuries he had significant injuries the bilateral --

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{"id":18934221,"title":"'Blood Everywhere' as Man Slices Arms at Home Depot","duration":"4:08","description":"Capt. Art Huratdo describes giving aid to a man who tried to saw off his arms at a California store.","url":"/US/video/man-slices-arms-at-california-home-depot-18934221","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}