March 20, 1987: Scandal erupts for Jim and Tammy Bakker

The Bakkers are televangelists with a religious program called "Praise the Lord."
1:58 | 01/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for March 20, 1987: Scandal erupts for Jim and Tammy Bakker
Jim and Tammy baker would no ordinary TV host theirs was a religious program called PTL which stands for praise the lord. And a television congregation was loyal and generous donating millions of dollars. But first she had personal problems and then he did and in the past few days there world came tumbling down. Here's ABC's Al dale. Jim and Tammy Bakker were seen in thirteen million households a day over TV and cable systems nationwide. Their PTL club later that Jim and Tammy shell centerpiece of a multi million dollar enterprise that even included a giant theme park near Charlotte, North Carolina. But two weeks ago viewers were shot by a revelation that Tammy had a drug problem and it would after a hospital in Southern California. And I just had no idea yet that you couldn't the next father O'Connor drugs I had no idea. As supporters were recovering from that idea another bombshell. Gem admitting he had been blackmailed by a New York woman who claims she had had sex within several years ago in Florida. Baker resigned turning over the organization to evangelist Jerry Falwell founder of the conservative moral majority move. Letting our intentions to seek to have the PTL survives. There are about that it continues to be a viable Christian ministry. To the entire family of god. The baker organization is no stranger to controversy having been investigated over the years by the FCC the IRS and the Charlotte Observer which the bakers accused of trying to get that you. Today's edition of the former Jim and Tammy show hosted by Baker's replacement on the program began with prayers for the husband and wife team. Tops them all along and ended with a sleeve for donations. I'm going to ask you to drop in the envelope a check for fifteen dollars today the bakers remained in seclusion in California. Just what reverend Falwell has in mind for his suddenly expanded empire may come clear as early as next Thursday that's when his new board of directors meets here at heritage USA for the first time. Al dale ABC news Fort Mill South Carolina.

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"The Bakkers are televangelists with a religious program called \"Praise the Lord.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60265181","title":"March 20, 1987: Scandal erupts for Jim and Tammy Bakker","url":"/US/video/march-20-1987-scandal-erupts-jim-tammy-bakker-60265181"}