Marine Corps boot camp in the #MeToo era

ABC News traveled to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island, one of two boot camps for the Marine Corps, but the only one where women train alongside men.
4:27 | 02/08/18

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Transcript for Marine Corps boot camp in the #MeToo era
Before the sun rises. Young women as many as ninth he. Up to face one of the biggest challenges of their lives Marine Corps boot camp. In the past year the homeless women in the Marines has been a hot topic ever since thousands of explicit images of female Marines were posted on a private he's the Pate called the Marines united. It is a serious problem. We have members of our military. Denigrating phenom Marines who will give their life to this country we're gonna have to change. How we see ourselves in how we do you. How we treat each other. We've got to change. And it's on me. We traveled with the number two in charge of the Marine Corps to see we're some of that changes taking place Parris island South Carolina. One of two boot camps for enlisted recruits and the only want it brings men and women. Well this is world begins this is where honors courage and commitment. It is equal Kuhn memories. Unlike other branches of the military male and female platoons are separated but now they're trying to get often. Lieutenant colonel misty Posey leads the only Italian penal recruits were part of a team we're just like a. During boot camp each platoon of about 65 recruits spent nearly every minute of the day to gather. It begins an erstwhile base where they added immensely. When they go back to their hands and there's open squad bays the trains not done that's where a lot of the socialization occurs and that's where they really form as a team this separate male and female teen building continues outside just like these are crews are working their way through this obstacle course it's part of the crucible it to intense. 54 hour culminating of that where they put together all the skills they've learned in the last eleven weeks. But at the end of the crucible the men and women come together more than nine I don't find out. He carried the same packed the same way. So when they CS sharing. That experience sharing that hardship. Together a crates bonds that are formed hear it from the very beginning and then it they carry with them. Throughout the rest of their training. Men and women also need all the life altering its. Or. And on the fields. Both men and women workers are going through the combat fitness test and instructors tell us they perform better when the train together. With increased exposure. And socialization. We address some of attitudes. That. Now recruits might have about the amount records and taxpayers. Captain Kimberly white leads an all male company I loved the marine. Nellis C now outlined a beer company commander. And one big change coming to boot camp an extra week in the classroom drill instructors talking to new Marines about subjects be Yond their military training. But to be able to sit down and mental on the talk though about their family's finances. Whatever area that they need to talk about concerns and issues that they have this Monica and seeing the impact the long run and Long Island and come in earnings. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you our newest. United States very. These new Arenas. Are stepping into one national need to dialogue about how women are. Hollywood to Capitol Hill even preparing I have. We do all the same saying that the Nelson and being with all my sisters we all got their they are all. Did it together there's no reason why. Gender based difference it doesn't and that's the experience general Walters says green pork is all about. We need to be a team that we don't have digging you're expected. For every member of the team that we will not be successful. In combat or in life I think that's a lesson country. Mr. digging a respect for Paul. We're around you is the best. Society. For us because it is a repeat. Stephanie promise ABC news Paris side.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"ABC News traveled to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island, one of two boot camps for the Marine Corps, but the only one where women train alongside men.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52943633","title":"Marine Corps boot camp in the #MeToo era","url":"/US/video/marine-corps-boot-camp-metoo-era-52943633"}