Martin McNeill Murder Trial

Former mistress recites love letters.
8:58 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for Martin McNeill Murder Trial
This is a special room. Hello I'm Taina Hernandez of an ABC news digital special report after two weeks of trial. The state has rested their case against -- doctor -- -- he's charged with murdering his wife Michelle in their bathtub in 2007. His defense team argues that she died from drug complications after cosmetic surgery. An initial autopsy agreed with that scenario but the medical examiner testified it is possible. That there was. Dubious intention here and that -- -- prosecutors today. Called Martin O'Neill's former mistress to the stand and made her -- love letters that McNeill wrote her while they were both in prison. She insisted their relationship is over. After that. After -- he wrote me while I was in jail yes OK so he wrote to you. Well we -- back and forth yes and you wrote to him. And you refer to each other with terms of endearment and such. Prison has -- a lonely life. So has the prosecution prove that Martin -- murdered his wife to help us. Sort through this we're joined by ABC news chief legal affairs. Correspondent an anchor Dan Abrams Dan what did you make of the state calling make meals mistress Gypsy Willis back to the Stan. Well look they're trying to basically you know begin and end with the motive. The prosecution is arguing that she was essentially the motive here. That he was having an affair with her that he's inviting her to the funeral. That that that she's brought in is that -- For that children after the mother dies. So. Prosecutors are basically saying this was all a scheme. So that Martin -- could be with her. And that's -- they wanted to sort of wrap up the case with her give the than the impression and leave these jurors with the idea. That he was going around talking about the fact that to her. That they were essentially married so very important way to sort of clipped the prosecution's case defense is presenting a very quick case. We expect the jury -- get the case tomorrow. OK let's instead take it back a bit. Into the prosecution's case we saw fellow inmate of Martin McNeal and several other development inmates because he was jailed for a time on a fraud charge. They testified. At least one of them testified that he confessed to drowning Michelle in the tablets take a listen and then get your reaction. Only he's say the gay person -- isn't sleeping -- in the end up hurting in the -- so. Did he say what he did next later own he -- say the had to help her out. And I assume what there was any -- -- -- -- here. Underwater for a little while. All right sedan that was inmate number one the state called for prison inmates total to the stand against -- -- they. Credible witnesses was -- a good move by the prosecution. -- -- most of the witnesses said he didn't actually confessed immediately basically trashing his wife to me and saying he could get away with that if he dated it said Iraq. And I think actually having a number of inmates testified he didn't. Actually confess. In -- is the credibility of some of their testimony. Because you know what they're saying is look I'm just telling you what I heard because in theory if these inmates want to implicate Martin -- as much as possible -- all would have said what you just heard on that clip there. But he's the only one who specifically said Martin McNeill confessed -- when you all of these inmates together coming forward. And giving consistent. But not identical accounts. I think that is very helpful to the prosecution and it shows you that look. And Martin -- if true is both a horrible person and incredible lady -- -- the notion that he's sitting there in prison. Trashing his wife confessing its shattering if -- if these statements are true to suggest to you that this is a guy who just didn't get it at all. And other potentially powerful series of witnesses was -- -- own daughters. Several of them testified against him how important was that testimony for the prosecution. I think they were the most important witnesses in this case -- said he what was the most important piece of evidence in this case I would say it was his daughter Alexis because. She was having conversations. With her mother before she died. Where she expressed some level of concern about the drugs that she was getting from Martin McNeal she was concerned about him having an affair -- Gypsy Willis. And it immediately afterwards Alexis start suspecting her father. On and starts taking notes -- -- -- It is a key point here which is that these administering -- he was responsible. For her getting much. More aggressive drugs and she ordinarily would have the doctor the plastic surgeon came boards of -- I would not have prescribed the kinds of drugs are prescribed here but since Martin McNeal was a doctor and he was asking for these. -- these more aggressive. Painkillers -- -- I agree to it. After Michelle dies. Martin McNeal. Apparently tells want to be his son's girlfriend to throw away. All of those drugs so look everything Morton -- did in connection with this case makes him look guilty the question is going to be. Are the jurors convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that he actually did it. The best hope the defense tasks that it's not it's not ridiculous is -- these jurors believe he might have wanted to killer he might plan to killer. But we're not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. That he actually. Killed her that she actually died at his hands and that's going to be the big question for mr. And yet the question was raised today that the state is really just arguing that feels guilty of depraved indifference. Perhaps as he said he didn't. And want to help Michelle or do enough to save Michelle but didn't actually. Commit the murder there's very little scientific evidence here. What a -- there's very little evidence that he actually sort of dumped her head into the top bright it's all sort of he wanted to he certainly could have he was talking the way someone who would have good. But the best sort of direct evidence here is that after he she is -- while she's dying. He apparently calls 911 -- numerous numerous times doesn't give a clear addresses to where he is. He doesn't take the body out of the bathtub immediately says he needs a man's help. Prosecutors argue that was all an effort to delay. It was all an effort to make sure she didn't get any help. And if the jurors aren't convinced that he's the one who actually killed there but that he actually just didn't try to helper that's very very different. And the defense is expected to present a very brief case surprise me at least why so short. Because their focusing on reasonable doubt. They don't want to have to get into the details of what a bad guy Martin -- he's a bad guy. He dirty served three years in prison for stealing his -- adopted daughter's identity. He takes her passport. From the -- -- -- -- takes her back to the Ukraine and leaves her there so he can give Gypsy Willis his girlfriend her identity. This is a bad -- But that's not what he's on trial for here he's not on -- this is not a moral court. This is a court to decide did he commit murder that's why he has no interest in taking the witness stand. They want -- pose some questions about the alibi they want to explain why he might not have been able to lift her out of the tub. Because that's an important point for the defense to make and that's basically it. Now closing arguments likely to begin tomorrow. This is so hard to handicap any idea what we can expect back from the jury in terms of time timing. The question becomes is there any dissension in that your. If if if all of them are pretty convinced either that he's guilty or that they don't believe the cases have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt we could have a verdict Friday. If there is some level of disagreement on the jury and furthermore high profile cases a lot of the times jurors want to make it clear to the public at large that they've taken the case seriously. They don't want to be seen as the OJ jury. On the other hand it's Friday. And we do get a lot of verdicts on Friday's because jurors want to go home for the weekend so. If you're asking -- handicap -- I think it's unlikely we get a verdict on Friday. I think it's much more likely that we get the song. Aaron maybe they just want to go home and hug their loved ones at a hearing such sordid Muhammad sales. ABC news chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams thank you so much for -- -- -- This has been an ABC news digital special report anti Hernandez in New York.

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