McDonald's workers allege widespread sexual misconduct

McDonald's employees in nine cities have filed sexual-misconduct complaints.
3:12 | 05/22/18

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Transcript for McDonald's workers allege widespread sexual misconduct
Anything yeah great. Yeah. I do coming I don't I had been in hiding now for almost eight years now. And today different Christina put the credit I'm the legal defense fund is launching an average to confront widespread sexual crap. They finally got on workers. On the job. You did not move the amendment. The complaint filed eyewitness color revealed instances I've got me lose my friends. Yeah this is your sex attendants exposed. And much more. Hello my name is Kimberly last. And I work at McDonald. I am here to tell you that this company has the sexual harassment problem. Working and we got this part in the Bahraini calling me Sydney eleven hour making up course they will have. I hope we're me and my daughter is a daily challenge. Passion that have feet of rock solid and then he says the bachelorette. No love this. Okay. Yeah okay. Ago. Secular activists ranking number. Directed Howard Dean and know me. Hundreds of college we take very facial direct it. May god will a multi billion dollar company. Does not seem to care. I hope that I coming together doesn't tell us or if we get bored bids again. I didn't mean yeah respect our right to be free from sexual Laurent. You know the story. This new threat may. Thought I bit her repeatedly made excellent this quarter we'll be talking about my back. Include Intel and he added he's so yeah. Batting an aging but it telling me to leave my boyfriend. Because he was admitted yeah I felt trapped. I felt like I had. His nickname is F politely yes I could take over and over again begged her sixth game. The only way I could avoid it wasn't a factor everything my. CN at all. Six other. From a coworker he say that he spent uncomfortably close to me rest is that gitmo Texas Matt let me give me kids. What's making have been Arab why didn't he hey into the general manager but yeah. No one mission has experienced what I experienced biggest part of the reason why. So many other women are fighting words you'll get reds. We that we know we know we are stronger together. With the union we have the streets of the same way than they. And demanded justice from beyond the tag. Okay.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"McDonald's employees in nine cities have filed sexual-misconduct complaints.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55356522","title":"McDonald's workers allege widespread sexual misconduct","url":"/US/video/mcdonalds-workers-allege-widespread-sexual-misconduct-55356522"}