Measles 'patient zero' identified

The man was unaware he was infected with measles, and spread illness to 38 people.
2:00 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Measles 'patient zero' identified
New developments ended the measles outbreak a new Washington. Post report says. Health officials have now identified patient zero who traveled from New York to Michigan. And didn't know he was in fact it's I wanna go to doctor Jane Ashton she's on face time in New York. Doctor Jiang who is patient zero and what do we know from this report about how it was spread. Well. This is the good work of the disease detectives. That's what I call them at the CDC who have been literally working on that. Since that needle outbreak started what we know about this individual his identity of course has not been released really nor should it. Is that he travels in United States from Israel arrived in Brooklyn New York. It was apparently a charity fundraising trip and then travel to Detroit Michigan. And at this point is thought order confer cool to have inspected 39 other people. So this was very critical in figuring out exactly how outbreak started in because you know they're watching outbreaks in all parts of them were all for a variety infectious diseases. And on at this point there are 550. I confirmed cases of measles in twenty seats. We will expect that number to go up because we have to remind people most people have never heard of the measles. Most doctors have never seen a case of the measles. Because it was largely eradicated due to the success of the sea and affected measles vaccine. But this is the single most contagious virus in the world. And 90% of people who are not back needed. We're not immune to measles will become infected if exposed to this virus though that number 500 act cases. Absolutely is expected to go up. Wow that's incredible 'cause you always imagine in my mind and that people were vaccinated when they were children so you don't even imagine people. Contracting this at all.

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{"duration":"2:00","description":"The man was unaware he was infected with measles, and spread illness to 38 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62463221","title":"Measles 'patient zero' identified","url":"/US/video/measles-patient-identified-62463221"}