Medical Marijuana Center Preps for Recreational Business

3D Cannabis Center in Colorado expects a line of customers when law goes into effect Jan. 1.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Transcript for Medical Marijuana Center Preps for Recreational Business
Dan -- new -- -- ABC news digital special report just a few hours now until recreational marijuana is officially legal in the state of Colorado. Is a rocky mountain high and no one. Is feeling that like the people who stand to make a real profits from that -- change among them Tony fox from the 3-D Canada Centre in Denver. Joining us on the phone now Tony thanks -- with us happy new year to you. -- Well this is a tussle that about 3-D who who have you been selling -- until this point. Well. He's spent -- -- medical marijuana center for over three years we've been open in Denver and our patient -- it is. Medical marijuana Bret -- license holders in Colorado which there's currently about a -- -- 121000 total for the state. -- he's about a 1121000 for the entire state. How big of a market expansion are you expecting out of the laws gonna change. -- -- weren't really sure what to expect so. Later we we know that he. Inquiry has been huge everybody's looking we've had several people. -- their right to camp out overnight. We have people. Are starting to get ready get out there and wait in line. Wrong call bringing up we received hundreds of local daily. It's it's -- right now. Delaware and take a -- -- of the video from inside that treaties garden -- on how long have you guys been preparing for tomorrow. I mean people open medically it was how we Michael and I Alex at division. Opening up and recreational. Marijuana and -- engineering expert 2014 inch for everything. It is in preparation for tomorrow. And what kind of a spike in sales -- -- you forecast any kind of -- It can't believe that we -- able to forecast revenue and basically what -- -- cultivate I know that I can sell everything that I can grow. So it's kinda and being the norm for three years for -- -- Last year we spent increasing our -- capacity. Just -- another acre of land and we're constructing large commercial greed helped the -- oh. How about what I can produce I know that the numbers that I basement revenues -- -- I sit up and as you grow all of your products on site. Do you currently I have an 181000 square foot facility and 141000. -- that is cultivation. Okay so do most of the dispensaries in the area do they grow their own pot. Or. It Bob we have two as a medical facility we accompanied at least 70% of the -- that we -- The other 30% can be purchased whole -- from another light said. -- Okay are. No wolf for the for those that they don't matter that 30% -- -- expecting those expenses to go down or just dissipate altogether. I don't think that they'll be available -- and on the retail side of this this market there. -- left and it not -- that open in January on January 1 and -- -- a few more that open up but mr. try it going to be so great that there's not going to be available. Until. Basically -- out what we have -- great I'm be able to sell everything we. And because obviously it's an indoor facility there is no growing season is basically a year round operation. Yeah absolutely we continual harvest. Out approximately ten rooms and wearing continual harvest mode at every we're taking Al plant and pretty in New -- So how long has it taken from seed to says sale. -- Okay. In art are you -- advertised. Didn't meet its its very limit that there is that advertising ban and in -- -- -- and medium here in Denver Danvers -- restricted. Get our ability advertise so. I'm I'm completely at many interviews that they can't. Okay -- -- which are seen as as a as a business person that that pose a challenge to reaching potential new customers. -- -- levels but this industry and a challenge to it Kitna operator at a small business previously and it prepared me but even close there -- there is still so many variables with this. This commodity because it currently illegal at a federal level but we don't -- standard deduction to write -- that other business that would get. Real interest. What what about a limit on a purchase is can you buy as much as you want. Noticed -- -- states visitors can purchase up to seven grams of marijuana -- At any given time and and -- there is no cap currently on edible but we have edible Manila bulletin can also be purchased -- well. -- -- -- -- Well certainly tomorrow's going to be a new -- for business where -- -- -- we obviously wish you the best of luck and very happy news to you we know -- you're gonna need. All the rest that you can possibly Muster to handle -- business. Thank you so much. But bring -- back east now to Washington -- shot of Walsh is in -- DC bureau there was some of the sobering facts about this should shopping -- to you -- and having here I listen we say some of this with tongue in cheek but the fact the matter is and it is big business out there so we know what people can do. But what is still illegal even in Colorado where the restriction. -- it it -- won't be a free for all you still can't smoke pot out on the street you'll be able to smoke pot in clubs or bars you can only really do in the privacy of your own home and another big important thing -- to mention is that you have to over the age of 21 just like alcohol. And you can't smoke pot and -- -- just that alcohol -- well. It's so that though the local government in Denver -- as a warning as well right. Right and you're gonna see that especially in the Denver airport you can't take on your -- you can't cross state lines went with pot and so. It it's simple there's going to be your -- where you're not really see tomorrow which -- calling green Wednesday it sloppy police presence on the street outside of these open shot. To make sure people are just buying it going outside -- lane which is still going to be illegal. -- it. What is what where where does the DEA where's the Justice Department wears the White House fall on all of this. So it's important to note that is still illegal under federal law to smoke pot even in Colorado. But the Justice Department has said that they're gonna take more -- pragmatic approach to it and that they're gonna focus on other things like making sure that. That marijuana it -- distributed to. People under the age of 21 making sure that's not crossing state lines. And making sure that these funds aren't going to criminal activity that criminal cartels and criminal game break and I want to ask you about that other answers that the fact that -- on the drug trade. Well what they're hoping is that it will. Eliminate because now we don't -- -- it legal outlet for your honesty I think not all of the -- that will be able to -- Greek and I pot will be open tomorrow but a lot of them will and what they're hoping is that this will. -- totally eliminate it from the drug treatment criminal aspect -- it. Because you'll be able to go. And to buy it -- of course -- be taxed just like alcohol and cigarettes. -- -- A big change the state of Colorado -- -- -- the Washington DC US over the impact mattress thank you of course happy new year to you. Thanks -- you Tim thank you. And of course -- complete recap right here at on this new laws that take effect in just a couple of hours from now on -- Cutler in New York with the CBC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"3D Cannabis Center in Colorado expects a line of customers when law goes into effect Jan. 1.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"21384734","title":"Medical Marijuana Center Preps for Recreational Business","url":"/US/video/medical-marijuana-center-preps-recreational-business-21384734"}