Meet the Famed Comic Book Artist Behind Madaya Mom

A profile of the war survivor and Marvel artist, Dalibor Talajic.
10:49 | 10/03/16

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Transcript for Meet the Famed Comic Book Artist Behind Madaya Mom
And considered. Not even live childish maybe you. But I Richard. God. Personally I believe that's Carmen artists. Should really never grow. Up all the rules are yours Twomey. The world was shorts viewers to prove that the people the creatures everything is up to you. My name is the liberal college I'm professional comic book artists. I wouldn't crucial. New view of concrete. And. As matter of fact we're in Zagreb. But since the couples who you crucial. Yeah. I always drew. Since I was a kid since since remember was sure those trolling here. My parents went to keep them peaceful big piece of paper pencils patrol. It was just natural that was what was. But the problem was votes I always true comic books or comic book characters. This is something that was notes met with encouragement. Comic books were considered and that's serious like low pulp it became slower sort of a sad hall. Some I was doing it myself. I wasn't showing it to and when it was notes. Supposed to been. Careers. I was instructed through the room. Grow out of its I was schooled and trained to be musician and eventually became a musician whose parent teacher and music high school war. Ten years before I start working in comic industry. It. It was early nineties wearing Yugoslavia for what part and there ratio opened up to the west then suddenly old. All sorts of comic books flooded. On this new markets. Suddenly it became possible. Suddenly it was not a childish dream suddenly it was possible reality. And that's Lewis said Tuesday. Two with overtakes. And this is career that one. Two who raised its equipment jump school and wrote to Marco. Answered instantly. There were happy without we've what I showed. The hard me. Marvel was no it was Top of the Pops it was nowhere to go after that sold their guests to. Which was huge I couldn't believe those yelling about all day long. Marmol replied yeah I would like you we where have you gonna do death pool. So whose death pool and never heard. As a as it goes well my biggest successes mart was exactly got killed or rivers that's who this group. Comic books in general can harbor. Any sector traditionally comic books was considerate. As something fun for children. Time has shown us. Comics. Can explain anything anymore. They can have. Great importance. Social matters. Social Coleman's political moments really anything. Madame I'm was. Let her secret project. I didn't get in the crap info. Agricole from marvel with the offer business. Draw of this comic book about. The woman apparently truck and to your. This particular woman. Was booked can be sure home. Like into the tree because. Would. Want to endanger her. Specific about was covered there's no real script. There are only. Messages that. My mom sent out from the scene and based upon that through the streets. The life of this of this of this woman and terror from. Knowing that my my own country went through the war. Felt like there's a connection there. That I would know what was. Drawing you know I would and so would interest randomly meant to war with. Endless explosions and everything but really tried to capture it. Some. The depression of it. For the first time since World War II Durbin air raids and a major European city Sandra. Yugoslavia broke up. And threw 91. I was in teams that time. And he'd felt like. You know world falling apart. You know when you go to sleep at night you would hear the explosions from the 44. And it was Colson and Colson alarms. You know forward to your strengths and everything. It was really pointless way of living. The worst thing about the war it's did you finally. Except this new reality is this just surviving. Bases the thing I could relate to want to story. Was this. Powerless and pointless existence was struck me most is the way that she describes as the severed the horror of of as I've said of pointless existence. There's a read the message is. As I decide what drove look at the Stewart B. I start composing its messages into pictures. Does this catch that. Really rough. While parents Linda deciding my head where. Where the shadows blacks. And then finally. It's. So. And a way to some of comic. But I'm on comic. It's who worked on so far. Nine pages to be exact with. Plants total. Eleven pages I wanted to show with this as something that's really distant from us as we really do experienced these people that are somewhere out there. Within our TV sets so far world and we don't belong to. You see that there are very very few panels where we're up close them. We smoking from afar we are very distant from their situation and tried to have the reader. Move this that. We are distance that we don't care I was hoping to to help people realist that is we really don't care. This might. May be. To care. It is important that the stories. Visualize because no reports are coming though no coverage. Religious and obstructs. War somewhere far where no one knows anything about it. You think you'll understand war because you basically asking what clothes and you realize it's it's not been close to this. Should carefully read through her messages it's fiercely. McKinnon poetry. And it's. It's really devastate me at some other. It's a mother. With children and swear her words used in that. The world doesn't exist the horror doesn't exist the hope for the west entering. Is an important thing. It's just that the at this point. She just mother. And that's probably the most notable things in that moment superheroes. Are. Not defy invited there powers border. She. Superhero it's. And heart. Mother I'm fits within this killer Pincus. She finds. Strength to be. Human. And to be. On curtains. Her as solicitous. Pure. It's. Real superheroes. To exist.

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{"duration":"10:49","description":"A profile of the war survivor and Marvel artist, Dalibor Talajic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"42522544","title":"Meet the Famed Comic Book Artist Behind Madaya Mom","url":"/US/video/meet-famed-comic-book-artist-madaya-mom-42522544"}