Meet the presidential turkey pardon candidates

The National Turkey Federation will present either 'Peas' or 'Carrots' to the White House as the official national turkey.
2:40 | 11/19/18

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Transcript for Meet the presidential turkey pardon candidates
We have a much more important vote to cast today people. We've got Jordan Phelps at the national Turkey federation with the details on that Jordan. I can't I'm here at the Willard coats out and watching ten. And has millions of them turned in nice accent need their fate on this Thanksgiving dinner table later this week. Thank you Turkey's behind me are going to have a very different taxi need meat peas and carrots. I had these two turkeys are vying to become beneficial Thanksgiving Turkey. Only one of them will get the official presidential pardon at the White House tomorrow but they and don't get your feathers ruffled. Found that these turkeys will be allowed to live out the rest of their natural lives. At Virginia tech university. And a facility aptly named public threat. Acted Jordan we have a duty as citizens here this is big time. Big time people are able to go online and cast their vote for whether they like to some keys. Or carrots and pick up an official pardon tomorrow and die and I like to point out that these turkeys you don't really special turkeys they get special treatment. It's a tradition that they stay here at the Willard Hotel I actually was able to visit with then yesterday in their hotel suite here at the Willard where they have free rein. I in that hotel room and I talks to be chair of the national Turkey federation. And he told me about the special operations that go into preparing a Turkey for this sort of event take a lesson. Tomorrow we'll watch cheerful but it was president. We will use big holder. Kinda helps in that that is what next year. And so you want though Turkey this good demeanor. Gets along nonaggressive. We have around kids and around animals so that they. We'll be called. And flow. And hopefully. He called Rome president in the Rose Garden. Thought it. So of course while these turkeys are specially trained for this event things don't always go as planned to. One Turkey tried to turn the tables on George W question almost. Took a bite out of him. Item in some funny I cases like that but that's how wide this event is dealt a lot average presidents since it George H. W. Bush. Highs given the official pardon to a Turkey and it's that one of those great events where we try to seventy pundits and possibly gag. I in Q8 eight life. Hard and White House. He's got a lot of teasing parents in their hotel room with their feathers getting baby battered. That is alive all right Jordan bounds thanks Jordan for the update.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"The National Turkey Federation will present either 'Peas' or 'Carrots' to the White House as the official national turkey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59295647","title":"Meet the presidential turkey pardon candidates","url":"/US/video/meet-presidential-turkey-pardon-candidates-59295647"}