Mega Millions jackpot climbs over $500M

The jackpot has risen to $548 million after no one won Tuesday.
0:45 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for Mega Millions jackpot climbs over $500M
Well there was no winner and the Mega Millions Jumbo jackpot overnight that means. We all have another shot at joining the millionaire's club on Friday actually the half a billionaires club the Jack but pot is expected to swell to 548. Million dollars that's the third largest after. And police in northern California are trying to nail down suspects in a big hikes this is what was taken. It's a twenty foot long six hi 1000 pound hammer a police in fuels burger which is north of San Francisco say it's. Went missing last weekend it was part of an art display and it's worth 151000 dollars but. 1000 pound. Hammer just disappeared. Some of slung it over their shoulder you have got to going exactly.

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{"duration":"0:45","description":"The jackpot has risen to $548 million after no one won Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58401924","title":"Mega Millions jackpot climbs over $500M","url":"/US/video/mega-millions-jackpot-climbs-500m-58401924"}