Megan Rapinoe gives passionate speech at World Cup parade in New York City

The soccer star played a key role in helping the U.S. women win their fourth World Cup.
7:08 | 07/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Megan Rapinoe gives passionate speech at World Cup parade in New York City
Steve and so we hear from Megan were you know. And. Sun. I was doing the mile and CNN. Easy I am. And I as everyone this is. OK yeah. This crazy didn't have. In Spain. Sun settle us I mean outline the ring but. Ridiculous. First and foremost. 1980s. Do sat out since June this. Yeah. This group. It is so resilient is so tough. Has such a sense a humor. This is so bad actress Blake thing. Thank you phases through it still in get teased it then we get celebration. Bit pink hair verbally hair. And that's news debt up but. Now Mike. And its mean. State can't get you. I did indeed not proud to be a co captain. With Carly and Alex at the scene. It's my honor to lead this team out on the fields. There's no other place that I would. Rather be even in the presidential race. I'm busy down side. News that you toed consent the technicals. The medical staff to the support snaps in the size their witness that video auto workers. It is. Yeah and well O. Thank you so much you make I'm not so easy don't focus on anything. Other then what we have to do on the field thank you for that. Did federation. Are let us thank you. Your incredible this and you'd get a stick we knew he. Come on CNN. Exit at my buddy get there. Isn't back yet. I'm just stick my neck out and little bit. Menendez trial. I think you hit that he's on the right side think that these are making right. Every day since he's been up this dress. Then he's with us use what does every single day of the World Cup. Not only from just a personal standpoint. How much that means sue us. But just from an outlook stamp when all eyes that he and then this man was there he was in the tunnel every single game he was celebrating interesting game. We appreciate back thanking. We are building those he died. It may not as bad isn't a second time around if you live. Thank you for hosting us. An assistant governor clown and you pronouncing it may. Thank you so much for hosting us. NYPD. Inspired harmony here everyone who made this happen. Thank you so let's not talk about Agilent. We really do breezy day. All the and it takes this down the big is this city in the world. They're getting it now. He gave an. Thank you that that means let us. I think and this. This is my starts everyone. We have to be better. Got love mark it lives. Missing art and talk less we got to know that this is everybody's responsibility. Every single person here. Everything rivers and he's not here every single person who doesn't want to be here. Every single person who agrees and doesn't agree it's our responsibility to make this world a better place. I think this team does. An incredible job of taking not on our sellers. An understanding the positions that we have a platform that we have in this yes he plays like yes they soccer. Yes or female athletes. Are so much more than that. You're so much good. Does someone just supports arts in what is someone who tunes in every four years is someone who walked these streets every single day. You interact with your community every single day. How do you make your community better how do you make the people around you better your family. It closest friends but ten closes the Nazis when it goes you could see you the most. Hundred close it lets you. It every single person's responsibility. There's been so much contention is last years. I've been a victim of that avenue perpetrators that. I did better isn't. Sorry for some of the things I've said. Not things but this time to come together this conversation is that the next step. We have to collaborate it takes everybody. I does everybody. Do what you can't. Doing you have to do step outside yourself even more be better be bigger than you ever been before at this scene. Any of their presentation. What you can be. When you do that please take this as an example this group is incredibly tips so much on our shoulders. To be here today to celebrate with you today. And we did it with asthma. So do the same for us. These plants. Okay.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"The soccer star played a key role in helping the U.S. women win their fourth World Cup.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64246808","title":"Megan Rapinoe gives passionate speech at World Cup parade in New York City","url":"/US/video/megan-rapinoe-passionate-speech-world-cup-parade-york-64246808"}