Members of Congress Honor Sept. 11 Victims

House Speaker Boehner, Rep. Nancy Pelosi offer words of condolence, remembrance on 12th anniversary of 9/11.
3:00 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for Members of Congress Honor Sept. 11 Victims
People like Richard won't like the. We gather here today it. In the name of the American people. On the steps of their capital. On there patriot day. And we begin with the singing of the National Anthem we'll be loved by master sergeant Antonio Giuliano. -- -- -- -- -- Well -- arms. The what so Rockwell avenue me. The must modernize. -- the the whose broad stripes and their IX. It's not ruled out. And a implants and. Real. -- so now. Identities. Ortiz. -- okay. Yeah throw all of the room. And honest manner. -- Moon was OK god knows that's. Has and know them. -- -- -- -- -- It's. Good. OK. And. Yeah. Let us -- God of heaven and earth we give you thanks for giving us another day. Today we remember -- -- begun in terror and violence. And ended in heroic effort and courage. We -- those whose lives were snatched from them. Give peace and healing to those. Who mourn the loss. Of their loved ones. We thank you again for the almost universal. International response to a great American tragedy. All your children of goodwill. Could see the horror. Of actions by men. Who would presume to act in your name. Causing so much death and destruction. May your spirit of peace and justice. Continue to fill the hearts. Of people of all faiths races and nations. Help us to recognize your creative love in the lives of all who share this beautiful planet. Be present with us this day as we gather again. On our capitals steps. Bless the men and women who serve this great nation in the senate and House of Representatives. United then and united today. In our shared citizenship. Today have been given great responsibility. By their fellow Americans. Made a -- -- -- their show. Of unity. Portend a hopeful future. Concerted effort to do what is best. -- the United States. May they be confident in the knowledge that all Americans stand behind them. In their common effort to forge legislation that will reflect. The resilient greatness of our nation. In building a vibrant economy into a safe and secure future. All that is done this day and in the many days to -- be for -- -- greater honor and glory. -- and. Twelve years ago. Our nation was shaken. Our hearts were broken. And our country came together. All of us remember where we where and -- ourselves. In the Pentagon was struck. -- 93 was brought down in Pennsylvania. All of us remember that horrific images. Of that tomorrow morning. The destruction and devastation it's a tragedy. And here. The unimaginable. -- off. All of us still mourn the men and women. Mothers and fathers family members and friends office workers. And complete strangers. Who lost their lives. And that great moment of side. I don't the sadness of that day. We can never forget and we must never forget what came next. No one could ever forget the courage of the firefighters and first responders who -- to the carnage to save other. And search for survivors without the died -- their own -- No one could ever forget the nine elevenths family. -- turned their grief into action to make America safe. To protect the health of -- first responders. And to cherish the memories of loved. One forever and. As we gather on the steps as we did twelve years ago. No member of congress who served that it could ever forget actually are sent to her. As saying -- word. Americans Revere our flag. The greatest reverence the flag that flew about -- -- As we carry the service and sacrifice. Of our men and women in you know. Cost of them because the act the millions of American. We found hope in the -- there. Strength in the wake of the year unity in the shadow of law. And that unity must whatever -- the enduring legacy. A September 11. 2000. This story at that -- always inspire us to think. Character of -- country. And valued at the marriage. Make time and prayer diminish the pain and reach. Out but those who lost their loved ones. Even as time will never dim the memory of those who perished. We -- -- -- and let me -- always pray that god will always continue. To bless the united states of the man. It's hard to believe that twelve years. Horrible today -- gathered here remember. Well here's that many of us -- -- time killers they solidarity. And are resolved. Clear September morning. We have public others under attack old enemy. Wielding a new and powerful weapon. Carrier. In it had been converted. Into weapon. Of war. Everything trained on the status of mornings. And yet so much remain -- -- I'm -- Right shoulder and for the rest march. -- -- -- -- They're fathers -- -- power -- event cracked. Ribs. And they -- Because of the -- off the ball. Overseas we. Tonight fair and I'm very. Long program. Marshall. That your home -- -- -- well all of our hearts we show. We came together freedom Bernard Russell Oakland -- Three. We do not fall through it so -- Or invading. And we persevered go and -- resolve. And our remaining -- Over. -- -- good news. For -- throw it. Won't. We look back today with arsenal. And -- -- -- before. They go after -- morning. It's true -- Powell. -- we'll never -- For his -- Quote. It's. -- -- strength and perseverance. Venues and we. I'm totally -- solidarity. And this thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're worked. Years ago. -- -- Democratic -- can't. Right direction. But we thought it was. He was turned -- its starters. 219. Always small -- People want. -- -- -- It's time. Paid for something I'm. This is news -- -- -- This war. -- -- -- People -- Proceeds -- Place. -- -- Speeches. -- here. -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The lord -- -- from a whole. He's not Range -- -- young man's brains grow older. Political or. There. -- -- -- -- Over -- you reviews. If you look. -- agreement about the management and we -- of this horror fear. That they hand over capped off. Below. This week if you remember. -- -- experience the lock arms and -- -- person. The great careers. Lose their -- and -- yeah. Reuters. The left -- photographers. Yeah. -- games were. Look all the and from all of us our -- -- relief. -- -- -- We didn't take heart that powers the -- office and over -- -- -- below are. There. After all. Mirror. This -- written for the families -- risk and review our friends. And workers. So it'll be better yeah. Through it very. And Walt. For the Bruins. Were. You know our founders grant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's why we won't -- Basically. Hope you join us. -- This problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- Create programs distributor -- reviews. -- this twelve. Anniversary. Of a tragedy. That you -- -- this nation. Except. -- Thanksgiving. For your sustaining. Providence. Lord we're grateful. -- -- evil. Seems to prosper. -- -- how helpful Providence. Prevails. Forty fuel remained behind the -- -- no. Standing. In the shadows. To protect. And -- study. Your children. We -- -- -- guard. -- what the enemy but chip do it treats -- for evil. You try and spend it -- -- -- Motivate -- so -- To strive for greater unity. And to become more aware. Of the fragile nature. Although. It's. Couldn't -- you took comfort poles who more. -- scars. Are imprinted. With the shocking images. Of September 11. Lord inclined. Hearts. To -- urinary. So that righteousness. -- so this land -- -- As you keep us from -- Which is -- reproach. To any people. We pray. In your song -- -- committee. All -- -- -- And it won't. There -- a. He is a movie you know. News me. I'm OK. Look -- okay. -- -- --

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{"id":20224818,"title":"Members of Congress Honor Sept. 11 Victims","duration":"3:00","description":"House Speaker Boehner, Rep. Nancy Pelosi offer words of condolence, remembrance on 12th anniversary of 9/11. ","url":"/US/video/members-congress-honor-sept-11-victims-20224818","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}