Mental Health Awareness Month: Say goodbye to fear

Alena Chapman, a "soul nurturer," shares tips for conquering fear.
4:48 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Mental Health Awareness Month: Say goodbye to fear
And Natalie know guys may is mental health awareness month but the truth is your mental helmet and your mental wellness is important all year long. For ever digging into your happiness your insecurities. Your fears so. I am joined by Alina Chapman you are a mother and author in a wellness coach in the founder. Unsold manifesto. I can now yeah now yes so you call yourself so literature. Yes which I love you do good but it's I. So. When I'm talking about is you're all about discovering your souls purpose but once you do you say sometimes it's very scary experience why is that. You know that fear does hot then it's because you're changing things. And are critical mind which has all those old believes I can't do that or oh my gosh I've never done that before I should stay where it's safe. It'll come yen and it's not trying to her husband's trying to keep us in that comfort zone. So when ever you are trying to step out may be. You want to write a book may be you want to open a business maybe you want to just kick a habit or maybe you wanna get out of that toxic relationship. Yes but when you try to do that. Homey spots will come in all I can't support myself I can't do this I can't do that. And it stops you. But there are ways that you can stop it. And that once it that's assume that everyone and I know this impacting every single person that I does yes everything. So so I have to Lisa have worked really well with clients insulin thought I'd bring him to you. The first one is. You would use them together. And the first thing as we have this incredible imagination. When do you know that you want to kick the habit of step out of that conference start before I start 200 action. What's it gonna feel like who am I going to be when I step business. When I stop smoking when I leave that toxic relationship or when I start writing that book who MI how does it feel. How do I feel and one of the first few steps I'm gonna take that's important yes. And you start visualizing and keep it going because that's gonna beat you have to be coming in here. Before you can become an out here absolutely so Yuma have to get in and you have to look inside yourself. And built that confidence and that strength. Then when you go to step out. Fear is gonna come on it's it's one little last ditch effort to Spock you and it's gonna come into say no you can't do that. And then you have that confidence from all that visualization. So then you just say wait a minute I need a break from us and this is what you say you say worry doubt and fear. You don't enter here. And you take your hand and again Maureen doubt and fear it doesn't and you're here like that yes and then you take your canned because you're pushing managing away. Push the way down through the air up on a shelf. And say I will be back in the half an hour a ten minute just in China mine yes. And then that gives you enough time to get back into that confidence and walk. But the thing is as people have to actually make that space to be by themselves as well all right so you can actually put this into practice lake. Get rid of only a fraction if it. And have some time buyers nothing you can actually dissidents. To what's coming up for a. You do you need to have the space I call the sacred space I love the sacred space because that's the space decorate it. You know you can make it fun you have that sacred space that is your space. Again happy how things and not have the jams have been nature have jewelry have blamed what ever you want to put in candles I loved candles yes. And that's my sacred space and that's where I can sit and I can. Listen to things that are gonna help me grow into the meditations. Or just kick quiet from then. To to start to Hughes those things develop but being the sole mention that's what I do I help you tap into the path I teach him the tools how to. Really bring forth the gifts of this loan consultant. Credible beautiful and energy inside you excellently and when you bring it out to you find that the stressed the fear. It actually turns to Eads. You don't happen anxiety again and the bulls all that struggle and strife my cash. He's instead start finding a missing for necessities. You start having more flown in abundance come sooner. It's a no in the wants a no brainer really us. I like it when I also like is your voice I think that. I think that's absolutely seeing the light suddenly add up yes. As I really appreciate you being aryan for everyone watching if you want more information on Alina and her upcoming workshops. You can always go to Seoul manifesto. Dot com.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Alena Chapman, a \"soul nurturer,\" shares tips for conquering fear. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63257552","title":"Mental Health Awareness Month: Say goodbye to fear ","url":"/US/video/mental-health-awareness-month-goodbye-fear-63257552"}