Mental health impact of George Floyd’s death

A look at the reaction from Black communities nearly a year after George Floyd’s death and the impact following the trial of Derek Chauvin.
4:12 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for Mental health impact of George Floyd’s death
And for nearly a year George Floyd's death and the outcry after a sparked anxiety and stress in communities regularly traumatized by racism. Joining me now for more on the health impacts on that as a director of the university of Connecticut's health disparities institute. Doctor wisdom Powell good morning doctor Powell what do you think. Well what do you see is their reaction from black communities today hearing not only that dared show then was found guilty but also now that. The federal government will be investigating the Minneapolis to police department for things like discriminatory practices if they find it. So good morning Diane its failure to be back. And I really appreciate the question. I think that the emotional fallout that we been bearing witness to over these months both. Fallout related to the pandemic and the fallout related to racism. Hence taught us that we have a lot of work to do to repair the emotional and psychological injuries that these events had produced. Particularly and especially among black indigenous people of color. Plus. I will head that I believe that many of us. We're absolutely emotionally relieved at the the outcome. A verdict. And I think many communities will experience some degree. You don't just restore it sends a whole. And also restored a sense of me. As a result of that verdict. But we have to be vigilant a long term implications. Because the one mistake we can make in this moment is in believing that we have cross. This bridge and that we there's no more work to do we have she'll injustice work to do restorative. Just as work to do and that will take some time. And at war. Throughout the course of this trial going into this trial ray most of us the video of what essentially was George Floyd's death what was his murder. Over the course of the trial within sub that video and so many others of this event over and over and over again. And that of course takes Emmental tolls on now that at least that part of the trial is over. How do we go forward and take care of our mental health and make sure we all process and particularly those in the black community processed. What we all just saw and how to properly move forward from that without just ignoring it. Absolutely. Life that we all have to be willing to come reached out and see the kinds of supports that we know we need. To shield so it is really important that we zionist someone's on route some some supportive system. That we can lean into in this moment it's going to be really important for instance it takes stock of Howell and the aftermath of this. These events are showing up in our emotional lot as paying attention to our sleep past. At Ernst. How weather network eating the ways we used to he went and her enjoying. Some of the things they used to bring us joy because the way to try operates. Is that it can really not only Fisher memories. But it also can fragment dozen ways and leave us disconnected from the sings it used to make us happy. And we have all in a holding pattern for so long that it's really important that we take the time to take stock. Of our interior lives and all the ways that this. Tragic set of events has re happy. Here's the rub it's not just the emotional. You know impact because we know that there's a clear association between regional trauma. Hands depression anxiety and also behavioral health risks taken but we also know that racism gets to meet the and in ways it can affect our health long term so the most critical thing we can do is to make sure that we are connected to health systems. That we have a routine. Way of connecting with our. Primary care physicians that we don't have what we need to get one. And more importantly we need to be stopped paying attention to the emotional signs and symptoms. All right doctor isn't Powell is great to have you thank you thank you Japan.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"A look at the reaction from Black communities nearly a year after George Floyd’s death and the impact following the trial of Derek Chauvin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77220637","title":"Mental health impact of George Floyd’s death","url":"/US/video/mental-health-impact-george-floyds-death-77220637"}