Messy Winter Weather Snags Commuters on Busy Travel Day

Various locales around U.S. experience heavy snow as residents begin holiday travel plans.
3:00 | 12/20/13

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Transcript for Messy Winter Weather Snags Commuters on Busy Travel Day
This is a special room. -- neighbors in New York with ABC news digital special report on the winter weather moving across the nation. In the days leading up to Christmas. Already so many travelers are in trouble take a look here at these long lines at the Salt Lake City airport. Several delays as crews worked tirelessly. ABC's Devin Dwyer tells us travel is off to a heart start on some of the nation's roadways as well. A deadly start to the holiday travel weekend to tour buses loaded with passengers overturned on the -- -- -- California highway. Passengers on board had a -- -- -- -- -- -- the roof but the bus ticket out and it weed out front which straight. This crash in corona left thirty people injured at almost the same time fifty miles away another bus skidded out of control and rolled over. Our guys got here and they found one fatality sixty immediate or serious and thirteen. Delayed or minor injuries. Both accidents are under investigation but authorities say wet winter weather it was likely a factor. New storm fronts are sweeping across the country just in time for Christmas the -- snow and ice into the Pacific northwest. Then pushed east making a cold messy weekend in the middle of the country. Labor Day I'm so happy that yes it is smelling it is beautiful. Good news for snow lovers but bad news for travelers and those last minute deliveries the storm socked in the Salt Lake City airport. In Wyoming blizzard conditions on the roads. Shippers UPS and FedEx have been preparing for the storm since last week recruiting thousands of packages and adding deicing yours for planes. We have all 330000. Team members out. Delivering and picking up -- this week an army of Santa's helpers to make sure millions of gifts arrive on time. If you're hoping for a white Christmas your best -- is in the midwest cities like Saint Louis Chicago Detroit all -- see snow this week. In the northeast record warm temperatures on -- most of that snow will melt. DeVon it sounds pretty nasty out there any of this weather going to be impacting -- -- travel plans. -- -- -- I think they've -- its tropical down here in DC almost -- we have to seventies today not gonna affect my plans to get out of here but I have to say unfortunately and headed. Minnesota it is very cold there in the minus digits and now -- -- -- want to work well good luck that it stay warm. Watching for more airport delays let's go live one of the nation's busiest airports Chicago's O'Hare where Delhi -- us reporter Jason all of -- standing by. Jason rain snow and ice there what does this mean for so many trying to escape the windy city on the busy Friday before Chris. But. -- -- actually we don't have any weather delays right now no major delays here every today it will be. The busiest day of the holiday travel period an -- look right now you can see with this security line looks like look at this what a breeze this is I love. Would love to keep going through this security line. Right now it looks like people are just zipping on through and let's pan. The camera over he could see not a lot of people leaving yet here at the ticketing -- some of the American Airlines gates but as we go. Through the airport you could see more and more people coming through we have talked to a lot of different families of course going home for the holidays airport spokespeople say that between today in January 6 about four million people pass -- Chicago's airports. There'll be 209000. People going through O'Hare today making it the busiest day. Overall here -- holiday travel is up 2% from last year as we said we talked to so many people going home for the holidays this is not. Busiest day other people are actually going to be heading to the beach that sounds nice right about now though it's not. Really too cold here in Chicago we have some rain that rate could potentially. -- of freezing -- so that is the fear that people do have -- there is another storm rolling in. Potentially on Sunday no one tip that we do want to tell people if you are going through security at any airport. Obviously do not. Make sure you did not wrap those -- -- -- -- bringing your gifts through security. What will happen is those guess we'll get torn up but in most cases you can go to the security line and -- 83 spot where they will wrap the gifts for you. We're live in a -- -- signals for ABC. Jason you mentioned that Chicago is bracing for yet another possible storm you -- have a record amount of snow already this year. Are you tired. All I'm -- -- record of it and it's not even -- -- you know of course. I'm it specially tired of it because I'm always outside in the snow reporting on all of this and I know it's been an issue in this city and they necessarily. Have been even budgeted for all of this -- so you know lots of snow fall lots of storms and then we do have this other threats of an ice storm. Later on of course another snowstorm. On Sunday. Back to you. Thanks Jason and I want to bring an -- -- -- Margie Martinez for more on the winter storm. -- it's warming up a bit on the East Coast which areas are gonna get the worst of this storm. This next storm that we have more -- starting if he takes shape right now in -- southwest I would say. At that there will be severe weather on the southern end of the storm on the northern and we're looking at some heavy rainfall and in some spots and heavy snow as well now today as you mentioned there aren't too many delays -- Chicago they did have a little disturbance move that cost the Great Lakes and it's ushering in a very cold air mass and that's gonna set the stage. -- -- dangerous storm this week and we do have -- another storm to keep an eye on in this one is actually moving into the northwest. Today Seattle had its first substantial snowfall in approximately two years. Now this storm is gonna continue to spread further south and east. And act as -- dad it's going to and accept a storm that's currently in the southwest a right handed -- south central and -- that means there's going to be trouble right I concede this now right around the Puget Sound later today that's gonna turn over to an icy mix. And that later turn over to rain now Seattle's only gonna get about one to three inches this mixed precipitation however profit cascade you really do have to watch out driving himself Kwame stevens' wife passed -- -- yet but -- -- overnight. And that can be very dangerous out there while also -- some heavy snow across the bitter with the might help and I did mention a systemic in that southwest now this is our troublemaker. This system right now it's producing some showers along I forty further north -- cold prayers and place we're seeing some. Ice and sleet out on the roadways seeing you have to be very careful these spots as one -- and -- is gonna continue to shift east toward Al paso -- it. Now the -- is right now it's kind of moisture start. But average -- into -- south central on Saturday. Stream of -- is gonna -- and from the golf and that's got to act -- it sits down to produce and how heavy rainfall as well as severe weather so let me give you an idea of what we're dealing -- on Saturday starting early in the -- -- -- and could be dealing with hail torrential downpours gusty winds and even the -- -- -- isolated tornado that goes from Little -- as well -- you can see this -- -- this threat for severe weather -- -- later in the -- to -- -- -- over -- Nashville and in Saint -- they're just north of this severe weather although they will be impacted with this storm as well. Now another flat with this storm its collateral rainfall. We -- have this storm and pushing through the Ohio valley. On Saturday. A late Saturday night it'll be making its way into the Ohio valley it'll make its -- to the north -- on Sunday -- -- -- -- -- heavy rain from Little -- -- Saint -- over towards Pittsburg and Detroit and some -- -- -- -- -- had a few inches of -- A which could cause major problems out on the -- -- I know there millions of people traveling this weekend trying to get home for the holidays and cited faded going to be difficult. A class he's area now in the northern and when we -- this Arctic air mass in place through the midwest. Back into the northern plains we are expecting some snow out quite a bit -- in fact some spots could be looking at a flooded -- how -- that's going to be a little more isolated in general awareness C about the Regis six inches of snow. Chicago you can see just north of the in the northern suburbs of Chicago. They can be looking at six inches of -- holiday in this city were only expecting about one -- three and that starts Saturday we're starting. Saturday afternoon a check to see some slowly eat some. I just nasty conditions out there and battle continue through Sunday battle a pass over the Great Lakes and into the north east. On Sunday now early next week as Arctic air mass is in place it's just going to be friends -- although they'll be recovering across the south -- -- as well. At the south last. Marta thank you so much for that report this has been an ABC news digital report I'm Mary Bruce in New York.

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{"id":21292624,"title":"Messy Winter Weather Snags Commuters on Busy Travel Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Various locales around U.S. experience heavy snow as residents begin holiday travel plans.","url":"/US/video/messy-winter-weather-snags-commuters-busy-travel-day-21292624","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}