Meth found in child's Halloween candy

The child got the candy at a community trick-or-treating event on Sunday.
1:32 | 10/31/17

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Transcript for Meth found in child's Halloween candy
We are asking parents to. This although. All the candy that was acquired yesterday during those loans. Police do not know if the accident was intentional or accidental but see eating or keeping the candy is dangerous for kids and adults. A person he's o'clock a eastern open up we don't know if there's more out there right now. This is an isolated incident but if there was more out there but it doesn't get to visit a lot of babies and kids are cuts in this handy I can be very dangerous for them. Even to the pair. Tomorrow Christina veterans park and the Neil pet fire station will be collecting all the candy children received yesterday from eight until 5 in the evening. Cured of Hamas was up the event last night with his two young girls he calls this incident eye opening. Actually letter he can be before I checked it. Because this is such a tight knit community everyone cares that youth are right. You know we think we've made great sacrifices for youth and so much as put forth and that's what hurts every one of us so much. My nominee tribal police say Matthews on the reservation is increasing. Police are hoping to sense that prop somewhat and the community to come forward. We're putting the information out there hopefully this angers. The community enough where they don't comport with information. And help law enforcement combat these issues. The college of the comedy nation will holy trick or treat event tomorrow on campus for children who have to forfeit all their candy from yesterday the event is from five to 7 in the evening and Conchita shared agenda action two news.

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{"id":50835417,"title":"Meth found in child's Halloween candy","duration":"1:32","description":"The child got the candy at a community trick-or-treating event on Sunday.","url":"/US/video/meth-found-childs-halloween-candy-50835417","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}