Miami-Dade fire chief discusses Surfside building collapse

Chief Danny Cardeso talks about the ongoing search-and-rescue operations in the Surfside, Florida, building’s collapse.
2:46 | 06/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miami-Dade fire chief discusses Surfside building collapse
Let's bring in Miami Dade fire chief Danny Cardozo. Chiefs thank you so much for joining us if he can give us the latest information you have regarding a possible cause for the collapse. What this time we don't have a cause of the collapse I would imagine after a lengthy investigation that is determined. At this time would have. And at this point it it was still remains a recovery. And rescue. In the it's written rescue mission right now at what point does a become recovery. Yeah I hear here correct we're still Frederick rescue effort and we will create up for several days. We will base our decision to switch to recovery based on the the findings on the progress that we make. As we move along. Are you concerned about any of the surrounding structures. Other surrounding structures. Immediately adjacent to the building have been evacuated our structural engineers on scene don't have concerns were secondary collapse are those. Building the concern its focus on the original vote. And how did gold Anderson there was a fire at 1 point early this morning or overnight. How difficult was it to put that fire out injured we know what caused the fire. Ought to fire was dubbed. Very challenging to extinguish. You could imagine we have building. The engineers portion of that art doubting us that could still collapse. And the fire happened to be in that area were conducting their rescue effort so. I took us awhile and now the effort. Quite a few fire companies but you're able to get in there and but the fired control. Just give us a sense of that whole that this is all taking on on the the first responders who are out there. Still it's an extremely challenging now and sit and and certainly devastating to the community. But via Miami Dade fire rescue but only up to that. And now where work early engaged in rescue efforts and we also. I'm requested several urban search and rescue task forces to be equally. Do. Eight us in that effort. And we have that incredible video of your firefighters working through the basement parking garage tell us a bit about. In that search and what was found. Well unfortunately that's searched. It continues as we speak and there has not. Follow any victim yet but that they're there are. There were some indications of a possible live victims the area searching it and therefore are good date. Parent that's good to know that there that possibility a remains. We thank you so much for your time really appreciate you you joining us tonight chief. All you very welcome thank you.

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{"duration":"2:46","description":"Chief Danny Cardeso talks about the ongoing search-and-rescue operations in the Surfside, Florida, building’s collapse.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78478505","title":"Miami-Dade fire chief discusses Surfside building collapse","url":"/US/video/miami-dade-fire-chief-discusses-surfside-building-collapse-78478505"}