Miami residents start cleaning up after Irma

ABC News' Rachel Scott reports from Florida in the aftermath of the storm.
13:43 | 09/11/17

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Transcript for Miami residents start cleaning up after Irma
Hey there reach us back here for ABC news in downtown Miami you've been volatile eyewitness you know that we were here last night hunkered down as her camera approached. And it is the following day and right now we are surveyed some of the damage. That happened on the streets here in downtown Miami as you can see behind me this is an uprooted tree here. And in a lot of the residents are out this morning trying to clean up some of the debris some of the class a move aside some of the street signs that. Fell over last thing from the winds from hurricane Irma I'm gonna put the camera around you guys are able to see more damage here. And again that here is that uprooted tree I was talking about will be the roots here. And it is it's of huge trees takes up. Goes right into the street rate their believe it or not that is actually street that a blocking. The bicycling. Is the right ribat street sign is actually I and it's hard to even imagine that this was a street before today this. Filled and filled. With damage and debris and uprooted trees as the residents here many of them are waking up coming outside to check the damage. Some of Anita returning home. I'm maybe even for the first time to see what their homes looked like. I'm gonna introduce you to some of the with the residents that are here in the building next single but again I'm gonna be happy can't receive as we see you can see all of this. All of the leaves and the damage that are coming many of those many of the branches here that you see on the ground are being moved out. By the residents in this household right here. I gotta lock Danny. And injured easy to these residents that are still cleaning up hey guys how's it going you are live on is right now. So tell me about how you guys woke up this morning came outside and check out the damage. Yeah. He doesn't learn a lot and I don't mind 1990. To 1999. When we won't fail. We have adequate. That when we came. As shocking as we have a lot of street need. Sound the damage was even the most if you look fat like still my that it does not only that she's really going links to preside. There. But it has been adequate not but once it locked out it. Totally given up outlook and turning them. And and this was an evacuation zone but you all decided to stay here and hunkered down. What was it like yesterday when the winds swept through 100 miles per hour outside of Iraq. It was really couldn't hear you but I needed better than me both I mean my sister my family we came. You know from people have been unfairly there was an intensely is the word god that are mainly they will top us here and we're able to spend it together with our loved ones. I didn't Marsalis. You all are cousins and that you came up here because you were evacuated from Naples into the theory although it's been evacuations and you felt that it was safe. When are you planning to return home to check out the damage on your own potential damage our are calling. Finley here in Miami's that we're gonna go check up on their houses and hopefully we came back either tomorrow or the next day. Hopefully everything's been able through little wary we have just gotten to contact with the mark and the evils though Brenda have them on fire house. And what are they saying at they are seeing the damage themselves. Good thing I mean he just much easier on the lower and like piles everywhere they had no health service think I'd self service that let rates have yet to come back at it I know that our next door neighbors like. Huntsville to stoutly. The weight Smart clubhouse like there's apparently tree out there and not just east street. Through our clubhouse and other community around mostly it's like a river everywhere water everywhere so we're looking at that you go to Florida gulf could. Universities though I can't even imagine how it isn't. And I know we are showing some of those areas of the theory is right now if you are watching on FaceBook and online on ABC news fit in other areas that were impacted by this. So what were you shocked to walking outside were you surprised you did you expect this much the Amex. I honestly didn't I mean I think since we heard so loudly he didn't really get much to thank notwithstanding here but it was just pretty. God but only locked up I didn't like one event but one of our doors got to complete our I mean. Windows currently. Day. Yes so why don't we sickle walk down there and see some of more damage I know you all are moving the debris and believes in everything that. How that all over and the wind here. Let me ask. Now allowed even your grandmother hand cleaning. And of wow so just a lot of hot here for a moment this. This branch actually broke off from their oak tree that is what it what everybody take a look at how big that is and it broke off from the street right here you're saying. How it. Very strong tree. Let it take another step over here if that's even on the imagery here at the pilot but fell off of this building up his home here. During the queen first last night again your thing that's what hundred miles per hour here. Kind of argued he let's break yeah. Against the severely. And so where were you all hunkered down last night at the swarm of coming up Ayers. Here. There recently for. Having me then I'm really glad I'm thinking. And apparently walked with the and that had been really scary that gave me here with these windows I'm gonna show you let us again these windows are glass windows here that they could be everything that was coming their way. Will be relaxing brought about people if I'm for parts of our coverage we could feel those wind thing can also see a lot of the debris. And even at your. Literally like sideways I thought there like him being in the same kind. Did you all lose power here yeah. I'm I know and a note Saturday night our. Even out of Harrison wow so certainly a lot of help I think a lot of relatives behind you guys think you are preparing and so. Yeah out what is your message to other people as they're checking out there are other areas and maybe some of the year follow residence in Naples. We just have to be anything on that let you can ovulate I mean that's that's for us he's innocent and he's I'm just thankful about like it. People are okay could you can rebuild our homes let me camera built on him. Thank and that's the most important. How but think you guys so much I really appreciated it into the camera Bacharach. And I'm gonna take another walk outside. Here so you can see some of the damage excuse me I looked down and when it make sure that I'm not stepping on. Are tripping over any of the fallen debris or branches that are here. Again we're in downtown Miami rang out just. What are two blocks we cram. Naples and we just talked to a family that hunkered down here this actually was an evacuation Erie and so a lot of these people were ordered to leave but they felt safe. Here in downtown Miami so they decided this day. And they came out last night an early this morning to survey the damage. On their home like so many people I know are doing across the state of Florida this morning I'm gonna put the camera back around. And again you could see the fallen debris you can see the falling trees here. From all of that damage. Left over by hurricane Irma if you don't bear with me I'm gonna take another walk right down the street because. This street was particularly hit pretty hard here and it won't downtown Miami and it is as. A probably about. For five different trees that won't pop over this is that this is the first one that starts off the street here as you can be and this is the next. I don't know if you also get an idea how big. That tree actually is but it just topple over top back concrete and where I'm standing right now this actually is street. The park across the street from us right now but this not apart. This is actually up slightly right here were all of the U degrees and and the Knisley on these leaves are. I'm barely yet nothing over the UVs. Branches and I just give you all a closer look. This house race here again this is a concrete. Concrete. Batch was keeping up with the truth and other side of fifth and the wind came it just completely knocked over this tree. And it fell. It felt right there into. History. And so I just went. But the camera back around again. Though. We were actually talking to the resident of this home earlier today. We were here early this morning act she'll Benitez ABC's issue when he has the filing for Good Morning America. Just that had just around here and this residential hope he actually is a doctor and he had been working 36 hours and the hospital. And he came home to find his home like this. His family evacuated this area of the she says that they are safe and sound in a different state actually but he came home to see this damage and see this. Falling tree outside of this place and he. Just got really emotional and started crying and seeing all of this damage here in Florida and at his home I'm gonna for the camera back. Around. You can see and I have him. I'm thinking too little bit the trees and the fall and damage there are actually high or from that roof up there that now. Dallas inside an under the deal that you were able to see those as well. We took a walk with him inside of its humble little bit earlier and they are you can see those high old builder from the rule of the wind forces were strong enough. To move those tiles and knock that down I'm going to do now. And they were also strong enough to completely knock over this concrete. Post that was. Guarding this tree right Daryn as you can see it's completely uprooted the branches. Completely broke off here and now again it is laying in the bike lanes. On this street along with some of the street signs. That work that we're. Here in this corner. You may feel a lot of people that are out rate now. There are some residents better checking on their homes they're also is important here yes maybe even some other curious visitors but just wanna see the impact. Hurricane Irma last on this area. I'm gonna keep walking against right we'll show you a little bit more of the damage here. That same doctor that we were talking about this is the same tree that we just mentioned. This is another tree that fell on the opposite side of his house here and as you can see very much this means the world to damage to things Noory here. Again I'm not going to miss this is concrete. Here very hard and sturdy concrete and those when fortune just came and knocked history over. And it is now weighing on the side of the line and blocking the sidewalk. We're so get a little bit of waiting here but definitely not as heavy as we were getting last yesterday. And here is another tree that was uprooted began. This month actually next to a power line and so. If anything you know we are very thankful that that power lines and knocked over but so many people. Lost power in this area and you could just see the destruction and the damage again. I'm sorry to get all the jumping Curome walking on twigs. But I'm giving you a closer look at just how massive street is that was completely uprooted and knocked over. Into the piper will into the street. And you can even beat the street signed right there that's street sign actually says that it was the bike lane and it was completely. Knocked over there is also. We're gonna -- a little walk a little bit closer there's also a falling grain trade fair in Philly Phil very dangerous here for any wind gusts come that grants could potentially fall. So I'm gonna put the camera back around. This is the damaged that's left over here and I could tell you. That it's not just on this block if you walk over towards Burkle street which is the next block down BC you that you see even more damage and more uprooted trees more debris. I'm even on the sidewalks you could see shattered glass this morning we walked outside. It was almost like they were diamonds across the floor the way that the class with glittering as you can see it and that was from some of the windows in this area that we'll be worked hurricane resistant. For impact resistant. And so listen of those 100 miles per hour winds came their way they just completely shattered. I'm onto the ground below it. So again I Rachel Scott here in downtown Miami. Stick with ABC news for all of your hurricane Irma updates we do have ABC news app. Download that we will have a hurricane Irma updates on there and we're gonna continue followed. We're gonna continue to fall of the damage and the aftermath of the storm but now we got. For easing to a town and we'll.

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{"id":49768664,"title":"Miami residents start cleaning up after Irma","duration":"13:43","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott reports from Florida in the aftermath of the storm.","url":"/US/video/miami-residents-start-cleaning-irma-49768664","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}