Michael Dunn Loud Music Trial: Awaiting Verdict on Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn's attorney discusses loud music trial while jury continues to deliberate.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michael Dunn Loud Music Trial: Awaiting Verdict on Michael Dunn
This is a special room. Hello I'm tired and -- in New York with his ABC news digital special report the jury is still out in the Michael -- trial. As the second day of deliberations are under way -- 47 year old Floridian is charged with the murder of seventeen year old Jordan Davis. Police say Davis was unarmed but -- stuck to his story when he took the stand and that he saw Davis with a shotgun in his vehicle. After he confronted him about extremely loud music coming from his car. Hilton's attorney -- stroller just give a press conference a few moments ago about the case let's listen to some of that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Television and -- the law doesn't allow new presentation. Homes for political change. -- -- -- -- Street -- Los Angeles. -- Dunn's lawyer they're saying he believes prosecution over charged his client. And now we have Jeff deal from our ABC affiliate WFTV who's been following the trial since the beginning joins us now from Jacksonville Florida with more Jeff. Well this morning the jurors requested to see the surveillance video from the gas station the night of the shooting were not sure. What they're looking for in that video if they just want to seek the sequence of the shots have listened to the sequence of those shots or if they're looking perhaps. To see where the witnesses story in the store. Where they went or win they may have left the store perhaps for some other reason but so far the jurors have not come back today with any other questions. At 9:30 this morning -- half hour earlier than scheduled jurors were back in court. I understand -- here -- -- goes well they were ready to resume deliberations in the Michael Dunn murder trial. After three hours of deliberating last night this morning they wanted to watch the -- -- -- minutes surveillance video from the Jacksonville gas station. Prosecutors say done murdered seventeen year old Jordan Davis in a dispute over loud music. What did it -- seven year old. -- there. Yesterday's closing arguments prosecutors hammered home some of their main themes in the trial that Dunn didn't like being talked back to Davis and the other teens in the car were unarmed. Dunn fired ten times then left the scene -- -- calling 911. But Dunn says he saw a shotgun was threatened and fired in self defense that issue over the shotgun could be key. His attorney told jurors yesterday the teens left the scene for three minutes before returning and calling 911 and police never searched the area the teams went for a possible weapon. And he says even -- done believed he saw the weapon and felt he was in danger the shooting was justified. If you don't reasonably believe that. You have to find Michael -- not guilty every. -- now Michael -- in the family of Jordan Davis are waiting to find out what the jurors believe. And so far the jurors have been going for more than five hours -- again we have not heard anything more from them since this morning when they wanted to watch. That video the only thing we've heard again is from the attorney Michael -- And Jeff -- -- attorney talked about the fact that he thought his client was being overcharged can you give us a sense of the range of charges this jury's considering. And what the -- What does -- care -- -- stiff penalties are. Well we know that he is being charged with first degree murder for of this shooting of Jordan Davis. The other possibility is that they could look at our second degree murder or possibly manslaughter he is also. Looking at attempted murder charges three counts of attempted murder. For the three other teens who are in that SUV when Michael Dunn fired into that SUV. Right now this is not a death penalty case if he's convicted on a first degree murder he's looking at life in prison. Right to the FTV's -- still just so much for joining us. I didn't of course get a complete recap right here on abcnews.com for now anti Hernandez in New York. As that Michael -- jury. Continues. To deliver -- This is tired and is in New York an ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Michael Dunn's attorney discusses loud music trial while jury continues to deliberate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22505005","title":"Michael Dunn Loud Music Trial: Awaiting Verdict on Michael Dunn","url":"/US/video/michael-dunn-loud-music-trial-awaiting-verdict-michael-22505005"}