Michigan family strives for waste-free life

The Augustines have spent years practicing habits to lower their carbon footprint, including the use of fuel efficient cars and eliminating single-use plastics.
3:06 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for Michigan family strives for waste-free life
Weekends and I have my. By simplifying things we bring and the honesty gambling has only an environmentally conscience if we use up all the resources. Or has it that will eventually. For mom earring and it started when she was the little girl. Someone if that mean a book fifty simple things kids can do to save the earth or the world and I read it. But the whole think that if back. Her passion for the planet has carried out her life in marriage we were doing environmental fund raising. The summer it. And she and husband Robby got two daughters and to the world they want to make sure they pomp and how to take care when you've seen your life repeated in your children or that your words repeated in your children. Every immigrant and in effect for thirty years at the only practiced habits to lower their carbon but we've. Always looked for fuel efficient cars that we've always minimized her driving but last year he decided to take things a step further. With that hey who had tried Ed believe we train ordinarily eighth eliminating thing that you. Just him least three is a lifestyle indyk treating the least amount of wiest as possible absolutely early on it for me in the mindset is recognizing. That everything I bring into my life will eventually be wait. With products like reusable lunch boxes clothing shopping bags and containers if you can reuse. An item for longer and not by new. You've reduced the resource this. And then also minimized the waste that's going into. As well as larger scale things like vegetable gardens. And salute him by Meeks we don't drive. We have one car like one of our things that we've chosen not to need its two cars with bike we lock design life while Agustin said most changes are easy and simple. There is one area that took some more what was really different with scriptures it's all the pac. The food it felt. It generally not a problem the family looks for need to produce like oranges and apples that can be sold outside of plastic bag. Fruit and vegetables are actually relatively easy. If you shop farmer's market shop at a farm stand. The perfect and has found simple substitutions for packaged Lilly trees Kim who is a big one. Deodorant act swapped out to a bar deodorant as well toothpaste. Though where in the middle of switching to two cats again but you can make your and could face as well offer items difficult to find naked in the Stewart she's teamed up with local businesses will allow her to purchase items directly into her containers we're building community. While we're going. So I have significantly better relationship now with my cheese shop and acutely EUS. Supporting local business spending last and passing lessons of earth stewardship on to the next generation to punish them your compost. You have a beautiful life I don't feel like I'm lacking any I firmly believe in progress. Perfection it's a small famed every day and eventually we'll end up exactly where it.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"The Augustines have spent years practicing habits to lower their carbon footprint, including the use of fuel efficient cars and eliminating single-use plastics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66911813","title":"Michigan family strives for waste-free life","url":"/US/video/michigan-family-strives-waste-free-life-66911813"}