A Look at the Militia Stronghold in Oregon

Ranchers have occupied the national wildlife refuge.
1:15 | 01/04/16

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Transcript for A Look at the Militia Stronghold in Oregon
We have. Basically take it over the value national wildlife rescue. If they understand this is taking place. Thirty miles outside the nearest town about the small town. This is a very very remote wildlife refuge this refuge. You rightfully owned by the people. Yes your pet and guests can write the statute. The law I didn't look at that here is not accountable to forget contrary to that statue. There's a BLM federal rent through the god. And he can reinforced this whole that the federal. So all three branches of power are combined into ahead parents and future. Self styled militiamen. Have taken over this refuge essentially wallet was. And they're holding their ground but but no one is pushing back. We're. Here for several years. It's about. The ride as people here have access. The end game very very difficult to see here on horsemen will have to take some action of some kind at some point or perhaps not been and just wait them out. When government steps outside its. People did. That it is his duty of the people to put that government documents play.

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{"id":36082557,"title":"A Look at the Militia Stronghold in Oregon","duration":"1:15","description":"Ranchers have occupied the national wildlife refuge.","url":"/US/video/militia-stronghold-oregon-36082557","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}