Minneapolis mayor addresses riots

Mayor Jacob Frey acknowledged the violence that emerged in reaction to the killing of George Floyd.
4:34 | 05/28/20

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Transcript for Minneapolis mayor addresses riots
Last night. Is the result. Of so much built up anger and sadness. Anger. And sadness. That has been ingrained in our black community not. Just because of five minutes of horror. The 400 years. If you're feeling that sadness. Net anger. It's not only understandable. It's right. It's a reflection. Of the truth that our black community has lived. While not from lived experience that's sadness must also be understood. By our non black communities. To ignore it. Toss it out. Would be to ignore the values we all claim to half. They're all the more important during a time of crisis. I believe in Minneapolis. I love Minneapolis. At him believing in our city we must believe. That we can be better than we have been. We must confront our shortcomings with both humility as well as hope. We must restore the peace. So that we can do this hard work together. I won an awkward. George's girlfriend Courtney said about George. He was all about love. In all about peace. He did not receive that love and that piece from our officers. On the night of may 25. But we can still honor him by practicing those values during a time of great strife. That is the task ahead of us. Had this time when one. Crisis. Is sandwiched against another. This could be the marker. This could be. Points. In time. When several years from now. We can look back to know that we rose to right the wrongs of the past. Not just with words but with action. We will be working with community. We need to be working with community to sort through. Those set of action steps. Time when we're kicked up the rubble. A time where we picked up the rubble. At the glass. And found peace in our hearts. Not an ignorant piece. But in awakened one where we can truly. Make change possible. And so in the coming days we will have. An all out effort to restore peace and security in our city. Of authorized unified command structure that allows our chief aren't done though to utilize resources. Personnel. From other jurisdictions. We've requested assistance from the state and we are thankful to be governor for the support. As wells from the state patrol. This work is about protecting. Community. This work is about protecting infrastructure needed to get through this pandemic together. Our communities need these assets. Especially during a pandemic. Our communities need gross restorers for food. Many banks for cash. We pharmacies for needed medication. Let's hold these communities deer by doing right by them and by safeguarding them. And east community assets that we know they need especially. During a pandemic. We need to offer radical love and compassion that we all have in us. I believe in this city. And I know that you do to.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Mayor Jacob Frey acknowledged the violence that emerged in reaction to the killing of George Floyd. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70931927","title":"Minneapolis mayor addresses riots","url":"/US/video/minneapolis-mayor-addresses-riots-70931927"}