Missing California Hikers Found

15 Group Members Airlifted to Safety
5:10 | 11/10/14

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Transcript for Missing California Hikers Found
I'm forcing you live I'm members did get out minor in three. And what they dissent since it was becoming late but they decided to do this and state and night and eight prepares sheltered. And they did well we're grateful inside he says he was with them all this time. Lost and found in the fort Sterger for Parker's missing in the canyons north of Los Angeles and airlifted to safety one by one. Look when I'm down Cutler and New York those hikers have been missing. Since yesterday ABC's out stars in Los Angeles fun story for us out thanks for being with us so what happened. Well Dan it looks like now that the hikers were never in any real danger that there was one minor injury in the group they decided they were going to stick with that person who was injured they built a shelter overnight and thought they would that climb out today. But because they didn't return the sheriff's department began searching for them but all of the hikers are doing relatively fine there is the one minor injury. They were rescued today by the sheriff's department helicopter here in LA and as of right now it looks like they're don't know cat so there are bringing airlifted back one by one there but this approach particularly dangerous section or mountains correct. Yet there are areas that have been closed off to the public where they were not supposed to be hiking and this is an experienced group they had gear with them. They had been hiking before they had food they had water they say it it wasn't really a big deal to add to spend the night they had the gear with them. But they had made that decision to stay because. That one injured hiker they are all now how they have been rescued. They are reuniting with family numbers right now and some emotion as they're coming back down night easily imagine that a lot of relief as well that they don't have cell phones with them doing now. We building had at least one cell phone and they tried calling for help they got a scratchy call out tonight on one dispatchers last night saying that. It's something was wrong but that sheriff's department could really tell what was wrong. But that was the only cell communication they had we understand pass that they couldn't get any calls out so they're cell phones are pretty much useless. That's why that the rescue effort was launched they did know what had happened to all fifteen hikers a feared the worst they launched everything to make sure they were okay. In the end they're doing relatively sign what's the temperature like then outside and and his mounts at this time of the year. You don't really not all that bad at. Normal elevation if they weren't real high. Overnight it never got below fifty degrees cell it's being in the eighty's and ninety's around Los Angeles last couple of days it's beginning to cool off right now but. Overall it wasn't day down near freezing at all it's be in pretty warm in the LA area. And doing a certain way at this intersection at these hikers rat was this one of the section that was closed off. You know we don't know I specifically where they were if it was closed or not the sheriff's department says are trying to figure out if it is in that area now if they were in an area that was prohibited from any hiking or camping. Then they could potentially be looking at charges but. At this point nobody is going down that road the sheriff's department says they're not thinking about that they're just happy to get them back and how in fact did they find this group. By helicopter it was helicopter search as they were out looking over the area the problem is. Overnight. It cooled down quite a bit. And a marine layer or fog came in it was cloudy this morning. Eyes that they had a problem getting choppers out last night and early this morning once assigned came up that began to burn off they were able to get helicopters out. They were able to begin that really searching forum and they spotted them and then they immediately put a medic down. To begin looking over all fifteen hikers a new almost right away. That most were okay except for the one minor injury at that point they began hoisting opt. Each of the hikers one by one and then bringing them to a landing zone they were checked out again and it was found that they were a look at. And so that's he admits that his or experienced hikers through the ages of any of them. Yeah between and there's been some discrepancy there between fourteen and 36 although that the latest age group we got was fifteen to thirty. They were all with me a church group in the LA area a church group the goes hiking quite a bit and they do have a lot of training and again they have a lot of deer. This is not the first time they've gone hiking and they do plan for oh what if something goes wrong. Now we know in this case what went wrong was not all that serious a minor injury they said okay instead of trying to hike out tonight last night. That they would that go ahead and build shelter and then hike out in the morning. But they they do you have the gear in the food in the water in case something more serious were to happen. At a relatively younger fifteen hikers making their way out of Los Angeles forest ABC's out don't on the latest on this outs thank you so much appreciated. You gotta thank stick and you can keep up the latest in the story by downloading their ABC news happening in real time. And start a story for exclusive updates on the go for now. I'm Dan Cutler anymore.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"15 Group Members Airlifted to Safety","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"26817109","title":"Missing California Hikers Found","url":"/US/video/missing-california-hikers-found-26817109"}