Missing Crystal Soles: Family's 9-Year Search for Answers

South Carolina mother was 28 years old when she disappeared in 2005.
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Crystal Soles: Family's 9-Year Search for Answers
For the last nine years crystal souls has been missing in behind anguished parents -- five year old son. The 28 year old had called her father to say she was coming home but never did. ABC affiliate WP -- followed the family's search for answers in August of last year. In 2005. Crystal souls went missing and -- an eight years later she hasn't been forgotten. Crystal was 28 years old when she disappeared. Her mom -- says she was a woman who -- to help others. Ferry landing very caring she gave you harsher -- -- she tracking a favorite -- Saturday more than 100 people including officers in the community united effort center for missing persons searched a wooded area of Georgetown county by land and water hoping to find some answers they got four -- Both these different K nine pounds. A lot of resources among many here to support -- was dawn Drexel whose daughter Britney went missing in 2009. It means a lot when when family members -- come out because they're there with you and they know which are going through. They've gone through the same things. Investigators seem to search comes after they received new information that can lead to crystals whereabouts asserts that hasn't come without its challenges. The challenges are that bad rains that have been last couple days and which is making on some of the areas -- get into but we're just trying to find different locations to -- -- into those areas. And jail tells me no matter what she's never giving up hope of finding her daughter Kristen as grant unit and she -- at pitching as mom. Mom's never give up hope -- will hold onto until crystals found in Georgetown county mark Lieberman WP DE news channel fifteen.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"South Carolina mother was 28 years old when she disappeared in 2005.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22976004","title":"Missing Crystal Soles: Family's 9-Year Search for Answers","url":"/US/video/missing-crystal-soles-familys-year-search-answers-22976004"}