Missing Hollywood Exec Was Murdered, Cops Say

Los Angeles police located the car of Gavin Smith, a man who went missing in May 2012.
1:40 | 03/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Hollywood Exec Was Murdered, Cops Say
A major break in the case of fox film executive Gavin Smith who vanished last may. Based on a tip investigators found -- Mercedes in -- Simi Valley storage locker. I can't say anything about what what what we found the cardinals. -- No I'm not gonna talk about the exact evidence but -- -- just say that the condition of the vehicle. Leads us to the conclusion. In conjunction with some witness statements that Gavin was most likely -- Investigators say the walker was in the name of someone very close to a man named John creeks who's already in jail on an unrelated drug conviction. Deputies say only that Gavin Smith had a relationship with -- wife we don't -- get into his personal life but there was a relationship with his wife -- -- -- Men rehab the search for Smith has been a rigorous -- in January deputies impounded and searched creatures Hummer. And in June they also search creatures connote a park home. Boeing's -- disappearance missing wife talked to Eyewitness News as the family wants to their own search every miserable you know -- every day feels like. 72 hours now more bad news they're heartbroken. Tom. But he had I mean I think the parents who embraced and the possibility that they might not see him again. Deputies have served several other search warrants in the San Fernando -- since findings this car we have found evidence -- did numerous locations we have a lot of evidence and a lot of evidence that still needs being. Analyzed at this point they have not found Smith's body and are not calling -- a suspect but rather a person of interest. We believe that there are -- other people involved in the aftermath. -- movement of the car and -- and of the body.

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{"id":18736061,"title":"Missing Hollywood Exec Was Murdered, Cops Say","duration":"1:40","description":"Los Angeles police located the car of Gavin Smith, a man who went missing in May 2012.","url":"/US/video/missing-hollywood-exec-gavin-smith-murdered-cops-say-18736061","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}