Missing Malaysia Flight May Have Veered West

Conflicting reports from Malaysian government about search area.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for Missing Malaysia Flight May Have Veered West
This is a special room. I'm Michelle Franzen and this is an ABC news digital special report. More than three days now and still no signal no -- no plane no sign of Malaysia air flight 370. Which disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur -- Beijing today new questions about what the plane did. After it disappeared from air traffic control site. Malaysian military now says the airliner made -- several hundred miles made at several hundred miles from its last reported position. The military says the plane flew to Malacca strait ABC's Gloria Riviera is while poor with the latest. The disappearance of Malaysian airlines flight 370 remains a frustrating mystery. Today authorities appeared to rule out one. The end genocide both impostors as a running it's one posing as an Italian the other as an Austrian his mother told police he was Seeking Asylum in Germany the interest seems to be dying down because. They might just be people. We're being smuggled. The scramble for new -- has now intensified. Police say they're looking at the possibility of hijacking. Sabotage or psychological problems with the passengers or crew. Investigators haven't ruled out catastrophic mechanical failure or an accident. But after four days still no sign of the plane or any wreckage before -- -- of them -- good fit to rescue operations. A massive search effort now expanding north into the jungles of the -- -- And to the Straits of Malacca 640 miles in the opposite direction. Malaysian officials have told the US they now believe the plane may have veered west from its last known location. But giving no explanation of why. Why not up to the east what aren't they telling us what did they see. I just don't see the coordination that's required meanwhile US satellite imaging company is -- listing the public's help. Asking people to pore over a high resolution images pixel by pixel to look for clues. Family members are getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of information. Many had been coming here to -- -- -- to seek answers. Gloria Riviera ABC news -- and poor at Malaysia. And -- good now to Washington DC to talk with ABC's David -- David thank you for joining us the new report this hour from the Malaysian military. Scene of the missing plane actually turn turned west well out of its fight flight path before disappearing. What if anything could be read into this and the how should we take this information as reliable from the Malaysian authority. I -- think we have to say that the Malaysians have deepened this mystery significantly. By the way they've reported this so. Originally we heard Saturday into Sunday from the military that they have a radar different from the civilian radar that showed this turn. But then there was the next day Sunday into Monday that they finally asked people to go search and any other area which means. That including American resources and assets spent two days looking in the gulf of -- and instead of off the West Coast of Malaysia so a very confusing picture. Coming from Malaysia which says they want -- staying controlled they're the lead. And there are a lot of folks who want to help in this not just the search but also the investigation the Chinese and Europeans. And the American. As well and a lot of other areas that might have more expertise in this field David CIA chief John Brennan we heard from him a short time ago on Capitol Hill. He says he's not ruling out terrorism. And -- it at that terrorism could be plain in this case is -- covering his basis or do you think there's legitimate concern coming out of Washington. No I don't think we can rule out -- thing was so little information that we have on this crash. I think that we've seen that this passport issue and it seems to be that this was a smuggling -- looking for asylum or whatever. -- diminishes the terrorism idea but you can't dismiss it into we have some additional information. Still we're looking at the aircraft and the cockpit crew. And anybody on board who may have done something and we just don't have enough to go on I mean this is why it's so baffling and why it's -- a mystery such a mystery. And why would be nice that the Malaysians would actually be a little bit more open with us about what they do know show us the plotting of the radar shows everything that's going -- -- better clue what's happening. And it -- talk a little bit more about the two men who boarded the plane with those stolen passports what. Has the Iranian government Toronto commented on the case about if they have it -- and what do we know about these two people. -- -- we know that there was an Iranian businessman who bought their tickets he wanted the lowest priced ticket he could find it was an interest in on getting a specific flight necessarily. And so there would that there is the assumption that this was a smuggling. Effort to get these are audience out. -- -- it came out of Iran now other in Malaysia get him. Out of Malaysia and there was some talk about trying to get asylum in Germany. I I think this has diminished all this discussion about terrorism you kind of feel this story have momentum. Sunday into Monday and I think it's diminishing but once again as I said. We still can't rule it out yet. And is it unusual for men or women to take this route to gain asylum. Yeah I don't have a lot of information about the smuggling trade but we do know a lot of it comes out of southeast Asia. That there are efforts not only just for people looking for asylum but. A lot of sex slaves are smuggled through that area so it's not surprising that it might happen there. So David and all the years that you've covered stories like this give me an idea -- where does this go next with all these. Movie and missing parts. You don't I think we're gonna find this aircraft. We didn't find debris from Air France. Eight days in it was in the middle of the Atlantic this is really a tighter than a lot more ships and you would think -- we would have found something by now. But without the real information from the Malaysians as to the radar track and whatnot. Now we're hearing that the altitude it actually change that the last recording they had. There's still a lot of questions here but I think at some point this their cross going to be covered by the black boxes and we're gonna have a lot of answers about what happen -- this aircraft. And and and why disappeared off. Our screens. And suffer from Malaysian authorities is there any way for other agencies countries to have this sort of information are they tracking. This as well. And English literature and ask are they able to track the plane before hand and do we have to rely on just a Malaysian authorities what they have -- well it's old. The radars you know in this day in Asia GPS there are some aircraft to who sent -- GPS signal it's not mandated. Not all aircraft have it not all satellites to get up so. In southeast Asia if you think of concentric circles there or there are a lot of them around with gaps in between. In fact when this plane was going north from. Malaysia toward Vietnam there's a big gap in between the Vietnamese radar and the Malaysian -- so. It's a question of where those radars are and what kind of information you get from them and there are a lot of gaps in -- so. Yes a lot of that those radar hits are fed into systems that we can see in fact if you go online you find plenty of radars and flight tracking. Services it. Plug into those radars and that's where we get those -- shots of you know -- grandma coming as far as -- plane and one on. But there are these -- and it's quite -- possible that this aircraft went down and one of those gaps. With a lot of fuel. It is 67 hours it's hard to say words. Very good ABC's David -- in Washington thank you for join -- us. And you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story. For exclusive updates on the go stay with abcnews.com for your latest headlines also for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York. But as ABC news digital special report.

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