Mississippi Governor: ‘Absolutely’ believe SEC football can go forward

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves discusses if college football should be played in the fall, how his state is reducing coronavirus cases and what economic aid the state needs.
5:53 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for Mississippi Governor: ‘Absolutely’ believe SEC football can go forward
College football season and the battle against over the nineteen lets a Republican governor. Tate Reeves of Mississippi home to both of course Mississippi State and Ole miss thanks so much for joining us tonight governor. Neil so when you announced a state wide mass mandate last week to try to get Kobe case is under control you cited wanting to see college football this fall as a reason. For the Big Ten raise concerns about medical risks for student athletes for postponing their season so do you believe the FCC should still try to play this fall. And if so do you feel they can do it safely. Yes I absolutely think he knew exactly obviously. Come immediately student athletes have been all our college campuses last month's. They've been doing testing they don't do more Alton the door. And and where we have a look I'd be really is the number of people and we can. Who all the honored at the stay home in on. One's hands. We certainly do it under our current limit of 20%. As Theres something along those lines. At a Big Ten says it hopes to play in the spring. Is there an economic argument for waiting to play until then I'm in a fans are able to actually attend games if we have a successful vaccine by then possibly. Games bring of course millions of dollars and economic activity so why is it better to play this fall with few if any fans in the stands. But we know we've got and mitigate risk but we're never going to eliminate risk is art scene and if we're successful. Beating. A vaccine and where equities are very soon. There's still go on cigarettes is arches are is common flu and other cities there. And news Leno and these are we getting. Gotta give us some normalcy once. At all. One of the most important thing is us at least. Com or are so important laws important Helmand and immediate sees as a reason to. And I'm word dusty and. And let's turn now to the state of pandemic in Mississippi this seven day average of cases is down in your state as our hospitalizations from recent highs in July. What needs to happen at this point to keep in those cases declining and does that include extending your statewide mass mandate. Beyond its current expiration next week. Well these are happening Mississippi is no ma bell on Mississippi's need to continue to statement. We need to recognize our enemy does not want another but are in needs person what we've seen. He's in our state over the last year or weeks we truly and his art this is an upbeat. We ask your social decency we're saying is it's the art. We're producing a number of social gatherings you're doing it will continue courts will continue to see a senior and I'm two weeks ago. We had thirteen 142 cases today we are less than half. And they allow the media is declining and we just got to keep working hard. We give ourselves an opportunity to be desires and continues. In a more normal way. And not as far as a debate in Washington over economic stimulus to what is your state need most right now in order to help with both the economic recovery as well as the fight against the virus. Well we we obviously need the Democrats in the house. Taxi show opened and negotiated a 3.4. Trillion dollar plan. Is just not realistic went bankrupt our country under the Republicans and senate at all or truly. A much more realistic now probably didn't. Beastly and in any example. The Democrats in the house won't not a 150. Billion dollar state and local governments. In Mississippi what are you are or cigarettes and 1%. Are total listen to country. Dowdy and a half billion dollars new Mississippi. Our entire general fund budget for two years is approximately that amount that's the numbers and talking about and that's is totally unrealistic. Another president husband's of course proposed executive action extending those expired unemployment benefits of 400 dollars a week in Beijing now. He's called for states to chip in a hundred dollars a week per recipient as part of that your state is already spending 22 million dollars a week on unemployment benefits so. Can Mississippi even afford to add to pick up this extra cost. What we're doing the analysis on the right now so yeah the man president strong I'm desperately seeks an accident. On wall while Democrats and sit down and negotiate a presidency soon gave us an option we are trying to determine if it's something that we'd ordered. We're not we do anything to our taxpayers at risk of future a 100000 Mississippi and you know American Boyd in the Internet beating all those additional been. We're working hard and it's an air not ready I'm yeah we don't BO decent. Of course some big news today with former Bob vice president Joseph Biden selecting. His running mate of senator Connell a Harris your reaction to the nation's. Former attorney general current United States senator from state of California. If you are serious as soon where joke and take match. RD are you do is look into whose record obviously. A liberal California. And I don't think this country needs not certain this Waltz and so it's it's uninteresting. Choice. It most certainly want to these shows work. The vice president form and also. Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi we thank you so much for your time appreciate it comes on the show. And.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves discusses if college football should be played in the fall, how his state is reducing coronavirus cases and what economic aid the state needs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72316140","title":"Mississippi Governor: ‘Absolutely’ believe SEC football can go forward","url":"/US/video/mississippi-governor-absolutely-sec-football-forward-72316140"}