Mississippi tattoo parlor attempts to 'erase the hate'

A Mississippi tattoo parlor is covering up old gang and racist tattoos for free.
1:35 | 08/09/17

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Transcript for Mississippi tattoo parlor attempts to 'erase the hate'
It's Obama change we need and society. Not that fits of Bob changed their hats of people easily six tips you can only Mississippi. You fully pass to Reed Johnson yes or eat to cover up his former gaining doughboy to mean. Personally is is more negative in his positive so just been. Mark on the it's a more he's carried around since the ninety's and won tattoo artist drew Darby is helping in Culver this should all be proud of what their wearers. It's our. The new design will cover the gain 10-Q that no longer serves the pastor from all of branch who. The pastor is taking port in the Reese that he campaign started by his self proclaimed former skiing hear it from Germany who Neil Coles Mississippi home. Together with intent to pour over he's helping to cover up racist thinking related eat. It doesn't matter somebody's defeated it two white racist gang are a black gang or Mexican gang it doesn't matter no one's born like that. Not everybody can change. In Johnson sees he knows the power of change adding it's free campaign is helping him transformer part of his lonely. Into something more positive. I am very Mao like. And think thank says it will continue with your race that he campaigned for as long as there's and he. But people are encouraged to call the tattoo parlor in. Make an appointment. Reporting in warmly.

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"A Mississippi tattoo parlor is covering up old gang and racist tattoos for free.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49122541","title":"Mississippi tattoo parlor attempts to 'erase the hate'","url":"/US/video/mississippi-tattoo-parlor-attempts-erase-hate-49122541"}