Former MLB star Tommy John and Dr. Tommy John III on youth sports injuries

Former MLB pitcher Tommy John and Dr. Tommy John III discuss new book and youth sports injuries.
43:41 | 01/25/19

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Transcript for Former MLB star Tommy John and Dr. Tommy John III on youth sports injuries
Hi everyone welcome to ABC's ports radio I'm air following joined by two guests from the baseball world doctor Tommy John the third in Tommy John junior and you may have heard that name you may know it it's associated with the surgery is because this is the first person who's had the surgery Tommy John junior. Into my right doctor Tommy John to my left guys think you so much for from ABC sports radio and X ravenous thank you for having us so doctor Tommy John disappear out with a new book minimize injury maximize performance but I wanna start with a question to your father as he wrote the forward and here. He says no one who's really ever been that interest in and asking you about what it was like growing up in Indiana and playing baseball so I wanna start by asking you what it was like growing up in Indiana playing baseball. Well when you grow a bit in Indiana. It's basketball first. And everything else is second and you know I played baseball. When spring and summer. And when the leagues were over in August. Hi Dave but the baseball up again basketball out I've played basketball until March. And then April to August I played baseball and that's what it was from. The time I was eight years old. Until I graduated high school in 1961. Oca and you're known. I'd or your name I should say is associated with this surgery you talk about. Getting injured having that surgery and how you know your career bounced back what it was like and down his youth sports injuries today in general and some of the differences that you're seeing from when you are up. I I first Turk my arm when I was thirteen going from Little League pitching distance to Major League pitching does. So I didn't pitch when I was thirteen nine it was a hard hitting first baseman. And from that time on all the way through high school and into a minor league ball my arm was fine and god and a minor league ball my second year you know it was every four days every four days every four days and I was not use of throwing them. I didn't do everything in between. We didn't lift we didn't do that stuff and started get elbow problems and it kept getting worse and worse. And finally in 1963. It was importer Rico pitch in. And I hurt my elbow to the point I cannot move my arm. And then I had to tell Cleveland. Who was my parent club that I hurt my elbow they sent me to Saint Louis. The day John Kennedy was assassinated I had my first cortisone injection. And between that time in November of 63 until I hurt my elbow in. July of 74. Price had fifty injections and mail. Now that's about half and but that's a weighed. Hey you got a sore elbow will injected or you doubles or will inject or is yes indeed yes it dollars in its. I'll unheard of almost. Well back then back and there wasn't that much knowledge of it. Imaging doctor Jobe inject me I don't how many times I mean not that many but. Then I I through the fateful pitch. July 17 not 1974. And. Something and is. Very very very wrong doctor Jobe examine Maine. He said let's letter rounds are 67 weeks. And then if we're lucky it'll heal and then you start back slowly pan. You know and you'll be able to pitch the rest of the season well I did that. And I couldn't it every time I'd start to throw the ball hard to my elbow would start hurting. And I finally Tony months of this is not going to work. What's. What's planned to. Nannies in well I don't really have one he said but. I used to do a lot of. Ligament. Transplant on a legal nation. You said I think we can do that in your elbow. But he said I don't know it's ever been done before so high you know doctor Jobe was a friend first. And he was a doctor sect that to me. And had he told me to Tommy. Oh take your dog bonnies boot. And gathered up and very back of second base at Dodger Stadium and your elbow heal. I would've done because I believe Denning. And when he told me he said I really don't know what I'm doing. That's when I'd look dowdy man I said. Is human. MI eight words to him when it let's do it let's let's get it done because I wanted to catch Major League Baseball. And the surgery was done September 25. 1974. I pitched in my first. Competitive game. September 261975. And I started seven games in 28 days every four days I was out on the mound from time well the Dodgers wanted to they had a general manager by the name about campaign analysts who is known for other things. He wanted to see if I was a viable. Pitcher. And the only way you do it is Romanian to the mix or in let's go and anyone in me to go to the Dominican. And pinched down there. Now next time you see me. Will be in spring train. Now 76 spring training. Owners locked us out. There's no spring drinking. So I need these starts to get back on them on the groove. My first start and went three innings second start anyone 53 start and went seven while on the second start was against Hughes and at Vero Beach. I pitched five innings he struck out ten guys I mean I had a good curve ball go on that day. And I've you pretty. And you know most and go on to the gone to the clubhouse ice my arm down and do all the stuff that we were doing. And one of the coaches comes out of the stands a guy named Dixie walker. And Dixie said. You. I said what. It's all it's and a better get a better fastball. When humane. As in 1975 about campaign and fastball right Oregon. Mistake number one. Because it gave. Al cam pan us the ability to say oh he can pitch oh he can't. By determining aid. I said how fast was I thrown needs it if you don't demolish them many a mom now. And I said OK I said you go tell. That Griese SOB. If he can tell me how hard I was growing before I hurt my elbow. I'll throw it again my next. Are you looked at me and actually guarded laughs what needs and damned if we know and I said that's exactly right so you'll have to take what happens. You know now -- embarrassed and think 8780 miles an hour was a good fast. But I was getting batters out and that determines a good pitcher. Not your whip not your war or not you're all this. You win ball games if you win ball games you're good if you don't win ball games you're not in and you had a lot of wins. And seventh most I believe for any left and yes I had 200 and a 288 I had 700 starts. And I think I had. Sixty or seventy. Things out of the bullpen. Let my job was to pitch if they need to me I'll global benefits of the bullpen if I mean I would rather start. But. Tommy LaSorda would run out of pitchers and a heart. He had that Italian new you know. And Diana and all of a sudden in the eight inning you're down to one pitcher in the bullpen. There because in the National League bullpen. Every time he comes to bat penchant for come to bat penchant for wall Tommy's. I'd started. The day before. Went nine innings the next night I'm in the bullpen in the thirteenth or fourteenth inning getting ready to go win the ballgame and yet because we were out of pitchers and people said that's crazy now that's my job my job was to. I'm glad we had all that back story which leads us into where we're going with this conversation next rated talk about injuries on the broader scale after Tommy John your book I'm an -- -- -- hear from the camera minimize injuries maximized performance sports parent survival guide so before you into the weeds of this book I want to ask you. One what inspired you to write it right it's O in two if you go a little bit into your medical practice how you help out. So what inspired me I've been in. Practice after just 120 years and Iowa's doing performance training for athletes I was doing rehab all sorts injuries. I was also doing private baseball lessons having been previous baseball player and I'm really good with kids like I'd parlayed it into a really nice day what I started to see. Was a trend in this is about 1011 years ago there was a trend coming in where I was dealing. With injuries in 5060 and seven year old clients. The degenerative Wear and tear that comes from life I was seeing in these kids a 101112 years old. I was also working with youth athletes. Across the spectrum so all sports I was seeing injuries and then as well as something wasn't right and made it definitely changed there was a there was an age turn around my week we're not organ work something's something's wrong. Realize that was kind of a part of the problem with doing lessons in an offseason capitalizing on baseball when baseball shouldn't be on mention. I. That sounds like okay I'm part of the problem shut down at baseball's rule went to chiropractic school had. To my skill set of what I was already doing because I realized they needed to go upstream figure out some other method or some intervention that I could be because anyone to be a part of the problem. I'm obsessed. With. Source of cause of injury I hate people being in pain and every single person is different every single injury is different diagnosis there an individual and I respected and honored that. And it's kind of a puzzle from its Connell riddle you know every single person comes as a riddle. And sell. Then I put together this act this way of chiropractic we have performance of rehab we have nutritionally and emotional meditation we have all these things together for the human athlete whether you're six years old and any sixers elements doesn't matter you wanna perform in life. You're going to need to adapt to whatever life throws at you if we don't adapt we don't survive that's the body's job. So that's what I do now on the book. Literally who was coming through my office dollars. The principals I'm practicing I don't heal anybody I don't fix anybody I I don't I don't you can't. He'll person. Their principles involved the principles that they are implementing are coming from the patient. So I had the idea Mike. If it does get the principals out into their hands they can do this on their own and everybody knows irregulars businessman ever Liza. Because you like honesty you tell us who you don't need you. You don't like we're in a society we need all these things and I believe that's part of the problem you know we're looking for some it affects make us better make as wealthy as how. On and sold the book is is just an extension of what goes on in my office. Literally wanted to. A big trend I have in my office is impoundment. One of the biggest things in and indicators in healing let's somebody believes they can you believe in doctor Joseph the rest is history also believed in himself he's like doctor Jobe. Sargent Doug as and 1% chance 1% is a commodity got it that's all I need gimme gimme above the zero mark and I'm gonna do the rest so. His faith in himself. Is what cattle as somebody asked me what's the best treatment option when you believe if you do not believe what we're doing it's not working or somewhere else you gotta go with what their and it could be anything. So that's it the book is a way to an hour people outside of myself outside in my office. Themselves in the position to be the best at whatever they're going to Foreman in life and be their healthiest option we don't have to have performance in healing be a divorce. If they're very symbiotic. But in this country it's we have to sacrifice self for increased reform you don't really they're they're kind of link you know it's more work. Well that's another story you know so the book is literally just he did it into their hands that they are this on her own real as they of the arts and this is a sports aren't survival guide for athletes and parents young athlete and. You're not just even though. Tommy John is so you know an injury and surgery injury Tommy John. Is you see that across or to see with quarterbacks in and in different areas where near they do have that surgery but. This isn't just for baseball this is for any athlete so when your training different athletes com. He do you try to establish those same principles and I you know why how do you kind of break that connection between Tommy John is not. As baseball players this is for every young athlete let's goodness the good questions so. It is his for all sports all sports are suffering. We're seeing epidemics in all sports is not a baseball problem. And when you look at injury if we think about this the basic concept every injury that anybody's ever going to sustain. It comes down to this body's inability to absorb force. Horse comes into a body if we fall off a three story building we get hurt because we can absorb the force from three shortfall. If we step off occurred and we can observe force an Achilles. Or weakened handle a lot more but it's the body's ability to absorb force what tissue is damaged varies person to person could be a UCL and a thrower could be a rotator the could be needed this be any sealed it. It's where ever force decides to go the weakest change in the in the body's gonna break apart that's where it's going to be pain. The causes elsewhere that's where the sentiments so if I have a tennis player a soccer player and docile there and 86 Joann Manson osteoporosis. On the same room and all human beings all of belly buttons I think that's what they have in common. But there movers. You know as soon as they were out a womb they removed and they were learning how to move to then interact with life on the road. All I'm trying to do was get him in a better position to be able to absorb force body does its job with nervous system immune system and insert military digestive and everything in between two Ando healing and leveling up your level of performance. So what people and a breeding figuring out when he read this book. We had the title it because that's. It's it's targeting okay marketing was a sports parent when they get inside I mean I had a 48 year old gentleman he message me on mr. Graham. Hey I your book I don't have kids. He was perusing somebody else's copy and he's ready he's like this I'm applying this thing -- must start the workouts and changed my nutrition and got recovery methods is forty year old who just really loves fission insertion and and that's that he found truth in the principles of the book and that's what we've when you read through it it literally is a life manual for anybody on that spectrum again of development and moments earlier at six years older nine sutures that is pretty interesting and it feels like he can even. Yelled. It's focused on you know how you utilize your body but it does seem like mental emotional. And other sorts of principals are in their that it can relate to performance network or just you know social interaction and things like at a kind of framed your body and mind in the right lane it seems a little I'm reluctant to use the term holistic yet but by a nicer because I don't I think there's lot of meaning behind that but it you know it's it's a broader approach served if we think of if we think of everything being kind of dynamic and quantum so to speak so if I'd draw all. And many years Ada a BC DE NB is damaged we take it out because they only affects BB only affects CC only affects the B is damaged take it out replaced. That's how the body works its inner circle it's a BCD and all of them affect all of them so holistic just whole person don't we can't separate you know an elbow is attached to a shoulder as a nationalist ones that actually it's his touch on the feed a pet. Central nervous system dictates everything so it is one of those things that. Anybody comes element what's your goals what what's in your life and I try to tap into something that does bring a motion because if we have. Keep it simple if we're under physical chemical and emotional stress there's those are three categories of structures that we've we ex experienced throughout the day. Emotional. Is a hundred times stronger than physical and because I got a ton of people come in like trainer got this this I got the best nutrition plan live in chef I don't understand why and and he talks on their miserable at their job. From what marriages is on the they don't have a good relations they don't get any sleep stance of the protocol so to speak later what's the rehab protocol gave it to me why didn't work. And it's not. It's when. You dividing into four arts and in the four part three think replenish their two more ours and there can you just junta I delighted you're getting the book company or replenish recover rebelled you know dump. So it's rethink replenish recover and rebuild. So what it is we had to start with three think. Because that's the first thing I get people to admit when they walk in in my office regardless what they got they love telling me the list of things they're doing. But. They have pain or they've had surgery they've got dysfunction but they love this list of all these people involved all the things they do and I need them to admit that that's not working. Because everything I'm about to see over here might be coming from left field pun intended but it's literally might be the opposite of what's gonna happen until you admit that I hasn't been working this isn't gonna. So we need to rethink this whole process of how we're going to value sports everything we've basically been doing if we just simplified in just did the opposite. We see a major shift culturally we would see a huge shift and everything that's very hard to take on faith and we back it was science science is there. So we got to rethink the whole model. Replenish comes next that's that's the nutrients there's. Here I mean everybody here but kids are just not getting the meat cereal that helps is is actually the building material for remodeling and growth let alone in sports when your broken down just life need that good nourishment from real food. Water and these kids are just now and arsenal if that is what I say. The rebuilding. Section is it's humans are movers. Every sport. Is just a combination of a sequence of movements. If there's an injury it's a breakdown in your movement by your mechanics are mechanics are a result of movement. Seoul will this. Plan is literally. Back to the way if you watch a baby a baby comes out of mom shaped like a C lays on its stomach always on his back first and answers of which itself across with this reflects an antley is honest on the lifting its humongous head to try to shape it's fine. And it's getting it's back muscles very strong so we can start to sit out. And then it starts crawling and then it stands in teeters and minute marches because it doesn't on a walk yet and then it dead lifts and squat and picks things up in its consulate. These things are supposed to continue on about thirteen years old and then we can get more advanced in training and specifics and all that from womb to thirteen. Movement field and that's what this is getting back to because the zero to thirteen year old. Population or anybody who's. Twenty to thirty to forty didn't get what they were supposed to from zero to thirteen so this is kind of based on principles of what a baby when and if we look at rev schemes. Three sets a twelfth you know the typical traditional. A baby would laugh at. 30000 attempts to take three success. While and that's why they can't talk because of the baby could express its frustration. B tests yet and act. And and I don't know. I asked how can I don't have to all those did you the only word it knows it does. I don't know when I give those threats schemes. I I I for an eagle on their clients they have the adult educated for brain will hold on all I'd read an article on and I am an expert on because I Google in my previous. It's all these blocks. Beckett in front of again rethink in the oval. So that's what the rebuild is based on. Mounted is that they term as long term athletic development you know on other countries. Are successfully doing it on the everybody's on board. Because again we won its peak in skill in athletics but we also want long term health and and we of these kids in this country who. Train the wizard went over training and their. Having a negative connection a physical activity. And we need to be more physically competent just as a culture the last pardon this is kind of where the magic lies it was say the magic the music is in between the note you know one note sounds very awful but when it resonates and allowed to go out beautiful of the music is in between each of those notes the music the music in the body is after the session until people on the leave my office that more susceptible to injury now than ever. Life as we just broken down and now you're gonna go home and you're gonna level up tonight you're gonna go and meditated raiders need you're gonna do this agree relationship dynamics. And Smart you're gonna come back and your next level now we got to push that level and we keep going keep going keep calling and you compound that over the course of months years. All you just raised your base level to something you do anything was possible. And that's where there's recovered net adds in the book. That are very long standing simple to do and again I'm trying to give people this there's no doctor therapists trainers facility wearable Knology sting outside yourself that going to provide you with what you need a aside from essentials like food and suffered but it's literally in new and it's just again implementing that starting from the top down you know and then building from the bottom up. Regardless of where your out on your athletic realm because all all athletes are human. Some squad down to picked up wait some squad down to submit. The difference in us now ended their innings and you embodied in Dalia president F so. Now we've got into the buckled and I want new. Take a step back and talk about summing. You you had mentioned. Rate beginning you know your name both their names are Tommy John and a lot of people the first thing and think of when they think of Tommy John injury in people talk about how you want to remove that labels I wanna get an answer both of you but OnStar with Tommy John junior. You know why why in you know are or how do you feel about your name being associated with this surgery and how are you working to get away from the. Well I'm not working to get get get away from it because. I'm really you feel honored and proud. The doctor Jobe would have. Named the surgery. After many. And he used to go you know after you do a surgery the first time he would go out and give. Hawks. Two other surgeons. On what he did on Tommy John. And he said I just got tired of saying. The roller collateral ligament replacement surgery with the Paul Maris longest Camden. That's the surgery. Each sit and he said you know the surgery I did on Tommy John and other doctors only. Now yeah. And then he just shortened it to you know Tommy John surgery and that wasn't me it was doctor Jobe that debit and dumped. I feel honored but the thing about it is. If it was only for. Professional ballplayers. That bee 50. And it's not thank Tommy told me he. Was study about 23 years ago 57%. Of all Tommy John surgeries. Are done between the ages of ten and they thing I'm. That's represents or. That shouldn't be and and that's the part that I don't like my name is the young kids shouldn't they did they should. It should be healthy at least until they get them to you know and to minor league ball herb ugly baseball and then you or your arm and that's yet it can happen but not a kid 101112. Years all. Doctor Tommy net. Actually happened the air out of you didn't have UCL terribly due you suffered injuries when your plane miserly bolivars or independent all on a dead is after my freshman year had an amazing freshman year for me universe as on track everything was coming from the fruits -- really it was it was unbelievable invited a colleague everything else had a leaky shoulder in my summer icky. To be proactive going to MRI and inject it would die in on the grand gets into in my shoulder and I others. Infection into the capsule my shoulder MRI results in back and it was just tired shoulder I mean images like training its hardness there's nothing there so I had this life threatening infection in the capsule my shoulder and had to come back from the most painful thing I've ever experienced to be physical pain of ever I've ever experienced. Com and that's when I kind of became obsessed with with. With the rehab process and being part of it wiser lately and that there is hated me because as so many questions why the question. They couldn't answer it and our didn't I was and saddest I was an answer that just shot him in and hold on and I wanted mourn the levels and I technically never had. On any injury per say during my playing years that was that was due to him degeneration. When he went to Furman. You went there as an art major. They asked me ask me I don't ask Maggie. OK so you have to declare something prior. Like what interest and I did like. English because I like writing. So it's art and English double major and my coach you instantly let. I like you do those things went and I mean it's any good but then they now. As needed to enter Japan. Did the painting. Would anyway. Be. After the second operation. It was downward by doctor Andrews. That blocks to shoulder even worse than what was first time. He changes major. The health and exercise science so into injuries he had the first one. With the septic shoulder and then doctor Andrews doing annual faded. Caps you'll shrinkage. Got him on track to what he's doing now seen a lot of times when things happen to the ego why did it happen. The big pallid and in the sky has some been in store for it. You know who calendar and it's now that's fuhrman's maps. Out so I just that yeah tonight's the night. Old. Miners it. Yeah yeah yet the Cape Cod league is American. Lee widener no I think government orient played there Andrew Miller is at best college in the current idea yet. So you're obviously. I and a top level from what I was seeing up to that point that. Getting invited Cape Cod Wii was the pinnacle that I'm in when I was twelve or thirteen caddy for a minute and there we saw game but they were rose as a reason wooden bats that that's out as a nation in my head at that moment on the one for these. And getting invited. And I was the first time I was invited I was in the hospital bed with tubes in my shoulder and I couldn't move my arm hurts of that I got invited to Cape Cod league bowling and flipping hospital. Bath house like okay. And I was getting niche because among element alana come back. Talk to the coach they needed a replacement for that summer goes now we have a slot just come out next summit to carry yourself like in what happened which was amazing for the where I'm game and never forget who's so very kind and stick to yours okay rate compact will go had a roster spot and that's when doctor Andrews. And that Rooney member's remain from the LSU and I watched on TV. I'm coming from. Little town firm and in Greenville, South Carolina 3000 students claim with best in the country that was gonna be amazing I was so ready for that challenge and then that surgery came never. Ever felt the way I did prior to while I competed please year's -- ball. I can do but it wasn't it was in the same and I was doing everything I could you know out and that was my fault or that. Because. Andrews was amber Birmingham Alabama Furman using Greenville, South Carolina it's six hour drive him. I should have gotten him on a plane we go out to see doctor Jobe and doctor Jobe didn't do this shoulder surgery that he needed. He didn't do it with capture or shrinkage. But Andrews did because it was new in all of and they don't do that anymore by the way he he scuttled it out burn me burn a capsule to shrink it. And it didn't have positive you're damaging. All that issue to shrink it in tighten it and bodies just back from the damage caused from mr. Jennifer's yes I. And on this day athletes still go to Birmingham Alabama. Answers yeah nom. You think you're seen doctor handers out yet and I've actually you don't see MBA yeah he used a very busy man yeah. It and he's been doing it for a long time obviously. So. As far as. So we talked about yours your association with the axle actual surgery. Tommy John junior I want to know a little bit more about your childhood in how. It what. In comparison you'd today where I mean I grew up in an age I played baseball when I was younger and ot that was the armies or at play until pitching and locating us. And I didn't get nearly as far as either via com by doubt was this or I focus on an army and I think my family you know it felt like comfortable decision I felt like something you needed to do some wanna get an answer from boldly but it wants are with you since you played in a different era what was your childhood by growing up playing one sport to sport priest or. Baseball my dad some would say. We only had one game a week that was Saturday game of the week with Dizzy Dean and buddy boy Laettner. I want the game. Watch the good pitchers pinch. And tried to do what they do and they were adolescent. I never had a lesson I never went to a hitting school and everyone took. Ditching school and never went to India those things until my dad took me up. There was a kid that went to our high school. And he signed with the Phillies. He took me up and had this guy show me the proper technique to throw a curve. And I was maybe four pain. And he showed me and I said oh that's. And it would just home and the balls and the guy said I don't have to do any thing that's perfect man. And that was the only less than I ever had was a guy showed me how to throw curve ball and the rest of what was just go out and play to matter what age you learn that herb Walker's I've heard a lot today you'd it is you know. Throwing a curve ball improperly. Nurture are throwing a curve ball properly does not hurt your arm anymore than thrown a fast bowler or all our slider whatever. But it's new kids don't have the strength to get in and do this to throw. And it just takes a little strength. And doctor Tommy down what do you think of that with wade and youth sports I'm so focus. So narrowly. On once or words where's the line to mean dedication and over analyzing over. So there is a formula there is a way to build let. Other air other pockets of the world do this when we try. To make he take that formula and make it our own. Making it our own we've turned into a seventeen billion dollar A year industry billions with a B so they created. Earlier is better focus on one you'll become a master of it within 101000 that whole thing that we miss interpreted okay. Wait a second wait a second and now makes everybody an expert because we've got enix and showcases adolescents and teens year round trips and all of these things. That are cleverly marketing in a way that you will be left behind you will not be as good and it couldn't be further from the truth if it doesn't it's not leave in. Scientifically. Backing. But they have all these old tricks that you can measure objectively initially you're improving. We improvement in something doesn't necessarily mean crossover it's. Because used. Threw a ball with Morse and doesn't mean you're going to be a better pitcher you know it doesn't it doesn't Corley all right. There is the way meaning from zero on and keep saying this from zero to thirteen. We need to its needs to be Fuller movement. It needs to be very little organization. Needs to be picked up and randomness. Easy creativity imagination on kids what does that mean exploring other sports in a noncompetitive environment meaning not with a coach just. Going and throwing a football with your dad he does not throw one is growing and run passes in just. Just get into the various movements that comprise sport. You also will find during that period of time. Kids mature at different rates that's by design. When you were good at something it ten you might not be so ideal thirteen but you limited yourself a ten because somebody found Jew who may 2000 dollars a few on a weekend and they said you're the best this that the other right. He has somebody who's pinned to baseball. But they're better soccer player Carl Lewis amazing soccer player I talk to him amazing soccer player. Had he grown up today they would have forced him into a soccer regiment in America. And he ended up being one of the most decorated you know Olympian athletes in the world right like that. So there is a way to do it we just have it if it's building and shape of the pyramid. Zero to thirteen everything involved is the bottom. Portion it's humongous. Thirteen on it's that middle portion with performance enhancement of your enhancing the movement so to speak and the very top there is skill and competition. We have an inverted in this country where we do skill competition. Training the American training which is bigger faster stronger the expense of durability just just load up and go. On a very poor foundation we've inverted pyramid from zero to thirteen if you haven't gotten injured up to that point it's common and if you get through the system. And you get to the next level that's why can't last. Now guys are getting in the big leagues are mightily while they last a month well it's been compiling data survived the system didn't thrive in in the system the system isn't set up to do that. So again think use this for some of the best coaches in the world this formula. It's not exact because everybody's different. Up until ten or eleven years old. And ten or eleven means that your functioning and a ten and eleven year old to identify evaluate and eleven year old now they're functioning eight year old state he can't say 11110. Okay but let's just assume you're for the sake when you get to ten or eleven. Up to that point you'll or. Week of sports. Is 90s10. As I mean 90% of your times and transport is general physical preparedness it's just move in around playing pickup games pickle running basis. Small army hockey like all those little games that aren't big game to within the game. 10% a skill learning how to throw curve ball during out of baseball learn how to run off for first ace pitching motion. Eleven years old 9010. In this country it might be inverted to ninety where you go to practice everybody's learned that the road to all of this. And there's some warm up things in the beginning and it's only three days a week it is weaken and when to go on the ups. Dips Joseph enemies and and then now by the time they're 1213. All your 1213. You're you're biologically. Going through puberty you're mature old I'm your neural motor Lee immature or malnourished your immune systems depressed because you're tech abuse and now you're gonna throw that thirteen year old and you're really gonna hit. So if we could in this country there's nothing wrong with wanting to d.s have the desire to be the best at something some pick in the sport. But again from womb to thirteen. There's a way to do it if it's done ideally. Now when you hit thirteen fourteen it turns to a 5050 ratio and then when your sixteenths at. Now it's it's more advanced and that person you can coach at sea breeze when you have somebody that's functioning at that you can teach him any skill you want it's so easy and it's also easy for them. Which means they'll on the way up you might miss making a team. There's some people local he's not running the team into a result. And that could be the greatest thing you've ever received because if he misses the team he's got the whole time to either play in on this board learn his body or her body come back and trial next season but they're told if you miss that you're gonna be left out that doesn't make any sense it makes sense to those who stand to lose. Profit and and that's what we're seeing and you can teach you ought to be rejected because at that age a lot of kids on no deal reject chat is what we're trying to prevent you know might like he can't let them fail. But in fail is learning it's nature's way of strengthening right leg and an I don't know if there's any others work that's more failing. In baseball. I'll yeah you know best in the world are 30%. Successful cancel imagine that feed them but again the positively if it's in a good environment like I went over you've never had he never asked me how I won't hit today ally I'd be frustrated because I'd like Gloucester whatever and they never asked what it would go for will lecture which ERA which are tightly and not argue on there was none of that huge UN known -- fund wins next game are cool action. Until Minnesota. It's a story one winter wanted to hit. I was eleven and I did it all myself I wasn't a good hitter because a wasn't strong. And I was frustrated because it wasn't from a lack of trying I tried more than us captain try he. And so this winter I in my head Michael I practice Moore McGinn better dad can we buy tee balls in the net. For the garage in New Jersey own hit all winner. You could tell immediately wasn't down for that idea and just jotted down with a look you know Mike. While I was basketball players well and then pick a full blown Elizabeth thinks alive but at home I wanted to hit he's like all right he comes home one day he's got a makeshift net that he made out of PVC pipe. I think he took baseballs from Yankee Stadium. Big database files from Yankee Stadium and they stole traffic cone from that trust you'll lose. Police department it was this huge traffic on that was ninety because he wasn't gonna spend mine on a on because of an idea for Alitalia well here's here's that there has as a tiny tiny. Slowly developing eleven year old that he was very high on me. So was an ideal because I wanted it down and when it hits strong and I'm like that it's on its high ball and you think it won't be meaning into some years when I grow it's not going to be a high we have that TI hit it so much the top was all awards related retailer did so on Savannah via the the first swing nights I hit and it's winner and then my like one Z likes bill where Mike my way to putting an eleven yes sorry but it was like stressed and it was like a good side on the stairs in that because Lego at a wrestling it's eight. I just took a swing turned around to see if he was watching as the wanted to sell is gone over said he is inside watching and mineral it like me on Tommy got on me was junior senior high school because that's one mind body was timed it matured into something that was 10 you might actually be our right up until that point. There's no reason to press me on to Tommy Jones on yeah. Learning from over immediately your million best yeah yeah pounding he very easily what I can tell you I 1200 Canadian border and I didn't learn a lot. And those wins. To 231. Losses let's tally up better. I played those games over in my mind played a mortar in my mind so that I didn't make the same mistake the second time sometimes a dead and it takes them I'm hard headed and it may take me two or three or four times a figure out what was this is wrong. And I'd lose a game that. You learn from your your mistakes not from John Wooden I was rehabbing my elbow used come and dodger locker room all the time it came up to me he said. When you get back on the mound and he looked Demi decent and you will be back out on the mound you'll be a better pitcher you will be a better person. And I said why and he said assists wanted to tell -- voices UCL AU gained strength through adversity. Great piece of advice are all athlete deaths across all sport yes. As the book called minimize injury maximize performance of its ports parents got survival guide authors tock doctored Tommy John the third his father Tommy John junior you may have heard from before in the first Tommy John surgery and a very accomplished Majorly injured thank you both for coming in thank you thanks for evidence we appreciate it and make you have run for watching freebies for ABC Sports Radio I'm air Allah.

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