MLS Commissioner on the league’s return to play

MLS Commissioner Don Garber discusses how the league is approaching its July 8 return with the MLS is Back Tournament and possible changes to U.S.
4:18 | 06/11/20

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Transcript for MLS Commissioner on the league’s return to play
Major League soccer has formally announced today it will resume play this summer with the MLS is backed ornament. Police twice sixteens will descend upon Disney's wide world of sports complex with players reporting for training camp. On June 24 and match is expected to begin on July 8 analysts commissioner Don Garber is joining us now commissioner thanks for being here. To be here but here here virtually any way we appreciate it. I'm did tell me how do you come to a decision on resuming play and how do you go about ensuring that your players stay safe. Point you know the decision growers are one collectively made its. Our ownership or Clarence are various partners. To return in an environment that would be safe by keeping everybody. You know on neutral location 26 teams only. Staff in and around better. Allows us to do to be very focused on their health and safety regular testing. Ensuring that we have a sanitized area so this really was the most effective. Most efficient way for us to ball get back to get back at a Safeway. What are the earlier accounts of -- nineteen here in the US was back in March when two members of the Utah Jazz tested positive. Before in game what happens if one of your players test positive during this tournament. Well it's a player tests positive they'd be removed from the tournament they going to quarantine and then. And with contact tracing we wouldn't test everybody that's been around that particular player in May get tested. Very very regularly and at it and test positive data are removed to. The tournament as well that's an. And it we also know you're not gonna have Disney World completely to yourself this summer the NBA is also planning to be there when it resumes play. And of course tourists we'll start to come back to so what procedures. Have you discussed with the NBA and with Disney in terms of sharing the complex. Most really more that we've discussed without whipped his speech to MBA you'll have their hotels and they'll be playing their games and cannot in their location will be army. All those fields the it's his closest tortillas in one. Pass and there's so many of them in those games we'll take place three times a day every single day. We'll begin our own hotel on the Disney property at all. The various staff will be in those hotels as well disease or marsh property and they're really good it. Operational excellence that we're really come and an Alitalia and manage all the NBA and does a hundred total theater together. And then after or at the tournament you plan on continuing MLS season that in the team's home market so. I know it's early but what precautions you envision for returning to those homes stadiums and when can fans finally get involved. I don't need to precautions will be varied much dictated by. How local state or provincial authorities we have teams in Canada and local authorities. We'll begin to open. Zoe. Sorting. Locations in and any other basis we have a large crowds. And will follow those guidelines will be testing our players will be. Paris screening for any stands alone when we're able to have fans. Into our city ends it will start with us waiting to see. Oh when in fact. Only permitted to go back into a local markets but I'm optimistic that we'll be able to do that song on the ends of the year. I know a lot of fans are to an on a bit of a different note you also sit on the US soccer board of directors which is now discussing again. The National Anthem policy Megan repeat no is one players already said that she would Neil during the anthem the MLS supports players kneeling during the anthem do you hope that. US soccer will change its policy have you see that playing out. Still I do hope they change that policy you know there's been lots of discussions about that and the board which I sit on has man. And die and I know that did you gonna happen. Come out with a statement as it relates to where the board is coming out of where US aren't coming out. Eyes toward an athlete's right to be able to express our producer international. MLS commissioner Don Garber we appreciate your time thank you. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"MLS Commissioner Don Garber discusses how the league is approaching its July 8 return with the MLS is Back Tournament and possible changes to U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71184241","title":"MLS Commissioner on the league’s return to play","url":"/US/video/mls-commissioner-leagues-return-play-71184241"}