Mom of Charlottesville victim speaks out, Trump takes on NFL protests

The president tweets NFL players protesting should be "suspended without pay," and wildfires continue to rage in California.
22:46 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for Mom of Charlottesville victim speaks out, Trump takes on NFL protests
Everyone welcome to ABC news live I'm Diane Messina were started things off with two states of emergency this morning first. In Virginia a year since those deadly Charlottesville protest new rallies are planned for all over the country. We have a reporter on the ground in Charlottesville. Were also watching California very closely state of emergency is underway there with a new wildfire now encroaching on neighborhoods. We'll have the latest on that but first. Here your tap headlines. New protests over the National Anthem. NFL players taking the field during pre season games and some of them taking a knee or raising a fist as the music began. The president's comments this morning in a series of tweets the NFL players are at it again taking me when they should be standing proudly for the National Anthem. Numerous players from different teams wanted to show their outrage at something that most of them are unable to define. Gimme a fortune doing what they love happy be cool. Immigration hearing in Washington taking his seventy currently has just found out that the mother and daughter involved. We're all ready on a plane back to El Salvador. Judge Emmet Sullivan called that outrageous. Ordered the plane to turn around he also threatened to hold attorney general Jeff Sessions in contempt. The horror movie slender man is opening this weekend but some theaters of Wisconsin won't show it. In 2014 a pair of girls inspired by the stories about the character. More to friend into the woods and snapped for several times. However while we're gonna start things off this morning with a state of emergency declared in Virginia as we approach that one year mark from those deadly protests in Charlottesville Virginia. New rallies are planned for all over the country with fears of more violence to come. ABC's Eva pilgrim is there in Charlottesville on the ground an evil what's the vibe there right now. There's no wait that's over this city that. Everyone remembers what happened here. Just last year and and those memories are still very vivid that pain is still very re all. And and people in this near still dealing with the memories and the trauma of what happened here we're joined. With Susan bro you are the mother of Halard Heather hire who was woman who was killed here at this intersection last year when that car came. Flying down. Your life has been dramatic things. Dramatically. This is that apparently that we heard saying. In the I would the government secretary. Of my political opinions pretty much to myself my family and friends but. Very different but that's not considered an activist now advocate outlined. And I your daughter and an honor my daughter the right thing to do you don't have to send my child happen anyway and whenever man. Long as you and I believe the same message. We do we. You come here. A lot. Why. Where idea. When we all the time I'm always aware of this is where he was taken from me. And that's where people really thought. Comment about her. Or mean that we here. I come to sort energy sometimes late in the evening. And sent earth and every thing. They're not written to me they're written to the public or other written and other hand. Eight. Two commute with the energy that's here. Another there's rallies and again this weekend. Spent one year. Him. What goes through your head thinking about all the things all the traps that are happening now the conversations that are happening again. Maybe we're in a little bit of an overkill with the the police say this here and coming maybe not I don't have. It is what it is and we will move forward inspired. Whenever that I'm moving forward. For trying to make the world a better place. And either get on board or get out the way. Last year and has had an Arab member. It's sort of force us to talk about things that we just don't talk. I mean we don't talk about race in America very often especially not publicly on the national stage. To you think that's a conversation that we still needs to be having. Absolutely. We don't have that conversation we're going to be back in this position again in that time. This is the root of the problem is that we've always acted as a people of color particularly black lives have never mattered in this country. Starting with its genocide of native American and eating right on route to slavery and beyond. And until we acknowledge that. Hands. Friday. We've got to heal the bitter safety concern at the end zone active. We tried it breasts and it Gila river and everybody just shake hands and get along that we solve nothing. How do you want people to remember this weekend and remember Heather it's I don't want them. Think about Heather and I think I want them to think about it. And here war. Even here for equality for every plant. Here nominal leader not. In the right order but. Liberty are back in the acting out a lot. Against. She was not an assassination. It was it was a random murder and hate my. But that's coming issues that hasn't gone from the place for me that's fine let's have this typical Monday. Okay. I'm going. Thank you so much for joining us and Diana they have a lot of preparations in place but here in Charlottesville and in DC and an advance of these rallies and the protesters that are expected. In DC they're actually not allowing people even with it. Concealed carry permit to have gun near the rallies. Just an attempt to make sure people are indeed safe and that there they are able to keep the peace. And Eva what they are you starting to see signs of that security going up already. He's we can already see some barricades in some places that are set up for events. I'm here in silence though they haven't blocked off roads completely yet. They have. Put out a map so the public knows what roads will be blocked off and there's a list of things here that you just cannot have it is very different. And last year simple things like even for us we can't carrier try pat. Tripod for our cameras or have boom microphones. Once these events start to happen so they're really making sure that. There aren't sticks or anything that can be used as a weapon. To her. People they're clearly trying to view more careful in the last year with good reason. In the pilgrim Eva thanks so much and great interview with Heather's mom New Hampshire to painful weekend for her. But a big weekend in Charlottesville and all over the country and we're glad you're there fourth nineteen. A moving on now to the White House where the woman once called the Manhattan Adam known for running an escort service will actually be testifying today. Before special counsel Robert dollars grand jury. David Wright isn't Edmondson majors where the president is on vacation and at David what is Mahler hoping to get this testimony. Russia is an unusual witness for this Muller grand jury that's for sure but Kristin Davis is close with trump. Advisor Roger Stone he's got father to her two year old son. She is as you say somebody who became famous as the Manhattan madam. Running an escort service that service lots of high profile clients. And became a household name at the time that Eliot Spitzer was caught up in a prostitution scandal and had to resign. As New York governor. Mueller has been asking her about possible connections between Roger Stone and WikiLeaks which was the conduit. For a lot of those democratic emails hacked by the Russians still admits that he's close to her but says she knows nothing about WikiLeaks or the Russians and insists that. He did nothing wrong and etiquette. And how much do you know about her at this point in what she might say. Well she had a meeting last week with the Muller team. We know that and we know that they've been questioning her about WikiLeaks. What she will say when she's expected to appear at this grand jury we don't know all of that takes place behind closed doors and at the prosecutors discretion. Many people here wishing to be a full. And that wall David but I want to move on the NFL pre season is under way and again players we see we're seeing them protest during the National Anthem. And the president's not too happy about what's the latest. Port. Well this is a bugbear for president trump and today he wasted no time lashing out. At the players who took a knee during the National Anthem in their first pre season games he said that those players have no business protesting. When they make a fortune doing what they love and he said quote. Be happy be cool a football game where people are paid so much money to watch and enjoy is not a place for a protest. The NFL as you know has a policy now in place in part because of this scandal that says. NFL players on the field. Have to stand during the National Anthem they're allowed to stay in the locker room if they want. Trump is now calling for the NFL to sanction those players saying that they should be suspended without pay. Yet based on increasing and it doesn't look like those policies are gonna do much to stop these players who want to protest in that we'll be of the actual season. It's underway David Wright about mr. New Jersey thanks David. On now to be prosecution of former campaign chairman Paul man thwart the prosecution in his fraud case is expected to rest. Their case today cap and folded in Alexandria Virginia keeping an eye and that case for us. And Catherine. What are some of yesterday's big takeaways and what are we looking that. Yes so yes they we learned more about it the bank fraud side of this that big takeaways from yesterday with that. We learned in the import of client in obtained a 3.4 million dollar loan. From the bank he did that by declaring one of his property for the second home and not aware until we had a mortgage loan assistant testified yesterday that she in fact. Found that I'm listed four rent online and that in fact that was not they case we also. Learned. More about the falsified insurance plan does that mean a fourth sent to banks in the other element of this that. You've been following the judge than just this judge TS Alice in this case he's quite a character is had the room and lounge multiple times but. He's also been named his far with the prosecutors with the prosecution so. Yesterday he actually. A rare he issued a rare apology to prosecutors he said that he was wrong when he had admonished them the day before for allowing. One of their witnesses to stay in the courtroom. During other witness testimonies of those and a big takeaways from yesterday Diane reassessing fireworks in the court not usually from the judge that Katherine insisting that he apologized. And then we're hearing the prosecution has four witnesses left so what are we expecting. Yes so they're expected to rest their case they they have four witnesses left but just a couple minutes ago I got word from the court that they work. Had they had some sort of deliberation with the giants this morning around 1015 and they went into. Brief recess the judge said he would be gone for fifteen minutes while it's after eleven and he's still not back yet we don't. Know what's going on but it could potentially influence. On the prosecution's ability to rest their case that they've if they've just lost about an hour and air but. That said we do still expect them to rest their case today they have four witnesses who of those witnesses testifying today. Our witnesses with government immunity either mortgage bankers who loaned me in the form money Diane and when he sixteen. And so what happens next the prosecution rests their case is the defense expected to call witnesses and their. They are we expect the defense to call witnesses coming Condit released their witness listen of course that big question is. Will their client will mommy and four in fact take this and I asked. On the lead attorney Kevin downing map this morning and he didn't answer the question ignored me when I asked that but that's what we expect we expect the defense will call. There witnesses it will be short and we we expect maybe about. Two days or so but again they are going to make this all about the prosecution star witness where gates you remember from. Opening statements they made this all about the if they said that man with alleged crimes were in fact. Rick gates this fall and he was actually really the man behind them so. Even though he's not testifying here and he's still going to be very much a topic of conversation going in the next week. And that man where's that big question looming up. There will pulled on fort take the stand. We will wait and see Katherine folded up their announce into Virginia for a straight job Catherine thank you. Now are gonna go over California where state of emergency is under way the holy fire one of the newer fires out there. As now scorching thousands of acres actually closing in on neighborhoods and forcing 20000 evacuations. ABC's will car is there. Good morning Diane the holy fire is still burning out of control this is a very intense situation views flames still bearing down. On thousands of homes in this community now we have been on the front lines firefighters have been working around the clock doing everything they can to try to get. A hold and jump on top of these flames of the last twelve hours we it seemed aspire. Make a serious run throughout this community fire crews have been doing a great job making air drops you concede are coming up here. A hand crew they're gonna try to put some of these flames out. There are more than 141000. Firefighters on the front lines across California right now the residents in this community tell me. They are grateful to the men and women who continue to put their lives on the line and jet that you can spin around I want to show you just how close these flames are burning. To homes in this area you can see a fire engine there they've been sitting out all night they're doing structure protection in case these planes once again. Decide to pick up and make a rotten so if you come back around. You concede these flames have burned down this threads throughout the course of the night. This is still a very volatile at very fluid situation residents are under mandatory evacuation they're hoping that when they come back into this community. They're homes will still be standing. I had. Back to you. Certainly hope their homes are preserved real thing will look to close this glendening will look and get data are making us all nervous over here. Though other west is dealing with those wildfires in the extreme heat making them harder to fight the east. Is bracing for major washout we had in Jersey here now with a full forecast forced enter. Thank you let's go ahead and start with a Friday weather headlines still have to talk about wildfire and they'll. Horrible conditions happening out west at that that the holy fire images from that still stunning to see it moving into the neighborhood the state of emergency declared there also be very hot this weekend. But most of the red flag warnings and fire watches have pushed to the north and as a reason behind that at this big ridge it's gonna allow that humidity levels are relative humidity. To be solo. From 78%. There and parts of the northern Rockies looking Great Falls 8%. At a wind gusts of 25 to 35 miles per hour and you just created this powder K. That's ready to create wildfires are at least to amp them up. Now you see that ridge that's the one responsible that's backed up and up to the north and why it would be even hotter in grateful that it is perhaps a close to as high as Las Vegas. Definitely with the EU leaders on the same temperature 108 Boise hot starts the weekend as we go to the northern Rockies. Either the East Coast it's completely opposite we've got the rain showers that are going to be moving through forces. Doesn't rain all day but it's going to be pretty pretty ugly weekend. You see the rain in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Heather wettest July on record and you go for up to three inches in some of the pockets this week so watch for that. And then I'll only be with one last look at what Hector left behind her impact of that moved south of Hawaii the big island. Big big waves have a pre tax. Right engine is not the bearer of good news Lester surfer this weekend but hopefully guys enjoy it we still up. Have a little more news to get to though first an investigation is underwear at under way rather at O'Hare airport. After a flight missed the runway touching down on the grass instead and then nearly hitting another plane. Our own Jeff cook is monitoring that for us and Jeff the FAA says this is so rare they don't even have numbers to say how often it happens so what did happen here. That's right federal investigators want to know why an air China cargo flight in June when edit at one of the busiest airports in the world in Chicago. But it went off the runway actually wind in the grass before going around and knocked over some equipment. Before going around and taking off and coming around again it did land safely twenty minutes later but this is a potentially disastrous situation when it especially at a busy airport you can see that there's clean standing by weeny wanna runways themselves. If if a 747 a massive clean air China flight. Comes down strikes what is planes can spell disaster so the FAA wants to know why this happened what they can do you prevent it from happening. I mean just looking at the video makes you nervous thinking about what could have. Gone wrong so much already did but it could have been so much worse do they have any inclination. After what happened he utters is still a big question mark. Now that it's a question mark at this moment investigators usually take months to find out exactly what happened here -- everybody involved one thing that stands out here is that. The controllers were trying to find out immediately after the situation what happened in when trying to make contact with the pilot in the plane. They're having trouble actually getting an answer what happens now that's actually against FDA regulations you have to answer the controllers in Chicago police actually did this pacts and investigators themselves to meet the air China cargo flight after it landed. To talk to the pilot about what happened. He said that he deviated from the runway and he regained control the aircraft in wind around but there want more answers and their don't know why he wasn't open first place. We will stand by to get and Jeff cook forest monitoring that plane situation and O'Hare airport thanks so much. Pakistan finally to a flight of a different kind of drug administration is unveiling new plans for that space force that they want to incorporate into the military there even now asking the public to vote. On the logo ABC's Martha Raddatz is here with the latest on that and Martha Anderson it's the campaign that's actually creating this love. It it is the campaign it as soon as vice president might pants. Finish speaking yesterday at the Pentagon in laying out their plan their plans for this space forced the truck pants campaign. Shortly after that. Put out these logos and had their supporters vote on which one they like best. And they will be selling merchandise based on that a world. Away for in this space sports they are taking steps that the Pentagon. Because this is what their president of the United States wants the commander in chief he wants this separate. Military ranch to the Pentagon is looking at bat but it would be an act of congress it would take an act of congress. Before anything like that could happen but there are other steps the Pentagon can take without congress and and there are something. And this is an important differentiation I think it's lost a lot of people. They want a space command combatant commands that separate we have Central Command we have Indo Pacific Command. And the Pentagon is trying by the end of the year two you have a four star general in charge of space command very different. And having a sixth military branch that is what would take. An act of congress got and so Martha given all these you know turn intricacies of how you make this happen how feasible. Is this plan and is there any feedback from the military at this point. Well I you know originally. Jim Mattis had said he was against any kind of space force but now that the commander in chief. Wants one he has to really get on board and they are coming up for instance if that would work but again. That's gonna go through very divided congress before that can happen. But you can see is sort of something in between I think it you know clearly space. In his. A potential war fighting domain and we're not talking about. You know guys in space and threatening ran that light sabers. Our satellites are up there are commercial satellites or military satellites are intelligent satellites. And those drive everything from tracking missiles to our own. GPS honor phones and and China and Russia have made advances in anti satellite technology. Vice president Pitts pointed that out. Yesterday. But it's also important remember we already have space command that's under the air force there are 30000. People. Who work on trying to protect our assets in space right. I'm definitely a lot up there to protect the Martha the Lifesavers would be pretty cool when his. Death. You know everybody has ideas about a different logos that what about those you know that they would be based. And I'm sure they and it's pretty. Martha routed there from DC keeping track of the space followers or at an average I think that might not just look let's. Space correspondent. Meaning to promote unit that it. Martha Raddatz our eighth cars it banks and and that does it for us today at ABC news live but don't forget you can get the day's headlines all day long Or at the ABC news for ABC news I'm Diane peseta. And a great weekend.

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{"duration":"22:46","description":"The president tweets NFL players protesting should be \"suspended without pay,\" and wildfires continue to rage in California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57134375","title":"Mom of Charlottesville victim speaks out, Trump takes on NFL protests","url":"/US/video/mom-charlottesville-victim-speaks-trump-takes-nfl-protests-57134375"}