Mom, Daughter Victims of Ex-Boyfriend Cyber Attack

Soraida Hicks and her teen daughter had their lives turned upside down by Bruce Stimon.
2:27 | 02/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mom, Daughter Victims of Ex-Boyfriend Cyber Attack
So write a hit -- sixteen year old daughter hand left the garlic to the courthouse late night. Last month hoping it was finally you'll. After we won -- -- So -- I mean think that he was scoring to be clean thing. They're talking about 47 year old Bruce diamond and IT guy from New England to hicks met on a flight from Boston to DC in late 2011. Over the next three months they became friends then lovers he showered her with gifts including a new iPhone and put it on -- -- family play it. That's what he got info -- all her friends and contacts and then it started. Police then message it's of people saying that I have ST the. She figured out it was him and ended the relationship but the cyber attacks were just beginning. Suddenly her name and face appeared on escort sites directing men seeking -- to call numbers that rang at her job at a bank and her supervisor cell -- The bank fire. After he got me if I am now there's a big -- of me. Having. Into cut into -- with him. A video -- dead -- secretly taken. Which he sent to all her daughter's Arlington high school Twitter followers. And everyone -- bask in the always -- -- points are -- -- you know stock. How one -- to -- -- and next he used existing porn sites to advertise mother and daughter for six and by texting directed -- to their apartment. Some sixty times and men outside awaiting. -- outside knocking. -- started working with the Arlington police early on but since the attacks were coming from computers in Boston it was hard for Arlington officers -- get their hands on it. We were convinced -- she was. Physically endangered after started it started coming to Arlington this slash -- time. Myers Arlington police finally caught knife in hand laptops -- -- evidence in his call he was caught. Slashed -- tires again while we -- watching the house. Those -- pleaded guilty the judge threw the book seven years for extortion felony identity theft and stalking six times longer than the guidelines. It's fixes attorney and civil case against -- -- the laws -- cancer. People are becoming more creative. They they're still as diabolical as they always work. But here is just a new avenue as for the -- -- final above normal life again and -- can't really get. Despite the sensitive nature of this case -- -- hicks and her daughter wanted to go on camera to clear there remains no they are not prostitutes. They were the victims of a vicious cyber attack from a boyfriend from hell.

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{"id":18429796,"title":"Mom, Daughter Victims of Ex-Boyfriend Cyber Attack","duration":"2:27","description":"Soraida Hicks and her teen daughter had their lives turned upside down by Bruce Stimon.","url":"/US/video/mom-daughter-victims-boyfriend-cyber-attack-18429796","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}