Mom Goes From Launching Missiles to Restoring Order

Former Air Force major on quest to restore order in the civilian world.
3:47 | 06/06/13

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Transcript for Mom Goes From Launching Missiles to Restoring Order
I Amy Angela co editors -- I was in major in the united states air force and now I'm that business owner mom and -- Major mom started because. As I exit -- the military. I needed to find a link to bring an income from my handling. And when -- my husband said now. Level organizing he loved her shows he should consider doing -- for a living and I thought well that's a varied strains they anticipate. We were trying to figure out what name to call the company. And a nickname my husband gave me when I was in major in the air force I come home from DD. And very good run to the front door with the baby Leon in -- came -- taking your mom is home. And sent back to see my the most logical name for our country needs your mom we started and anti spam and we were just to -- practitioners. Just me and now he had seventeen employees. We -- we train the major mom employees and -- -- once a month that are training center. And we get together for four hours and we talk about -- here. Says the -- have organized seen. Solutions. We talk about all kinds of things that you could imagine her room full of her professional organizers would talk about. So when we walk through these homes DC where all at the deficiencies -- In terms of storage solutions. And in terms. Do they have to my staff just are these all this see the thing that all -- -- -- that he said yes. And for those -- things that she actually never pictured myself in the military. Never saw coming. Lo and behold I spent ten years on active duty had an amazing time. I have learned a lot as initially years in the space command in Afghanistan -- control officers. At the time. But I decided that military life and motherhood were completely compatible for the kind of mom that I wanted to be. I exceeded a very long career and most of my family who I won't mention -- -- I was crazy things I've lost my mind I was making a very bad decision. They say you have a lot of years invested staying in the five months of -- away from all of that secure money. My husband's business started to really take a downturn in real -- And before unit -- had gone probably six months without income so. We. Gloucester house. Till I actually to -- -- the -- -- waited tables. When I had to two young -- Tests to make sure we could have or should we really gave struggle for six years as -- -- -- this from happening. And in my heart was always with a professional organizing -- -- I can grow this business because that's natural. Skill -- he's organizing -- meeting people motivating him to have. You know -- 51 half. When they -- like to tell that -- for sure. If that you have some skill sets that translate into the civilian world. But -- organizations that are there to support you in your business for example women veterans aren't for -- core count me in. There are probably -- amazing organizations to sign -- to help factions keep their business after the making money don't do it alone.

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{"id":19341711,"title":"Mom Goes From Launching Missiles to Restoring Order","duration":"3:47","description":"Former Air Force major on quest to restore order in the civilian world. ","url":"/US/video/mom-launching-missiles-restoring-order-19341711","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}