It’s Morning, America: Friday, Dec. 13, 2019

Vote on articles of impeachment expected after last-minute delay, UK election opens door for Brexit and more.
23:30 | 12/13/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Dec. 13, 2019
To one count votes and I'm Jane or any of the top I think since Friday number one the impeachment drama and Washington over the House Judiciary Committee abruptly ended a marathon hearing without voting on two articles of impeachment against president Bob. That anger Republicans who accuse Democrats for delaying the vote there can be taken at this morning while more people. We watching on TV. Number tickets for election across the art British prime minister Boris Johnson says Thursday's vote across UK is a powerful new mandate to get breakfast that got. Voters appear to have given Johnson's Conservative Party a landslide win thanks Britain could be out of the European Union potentially by the end of next month. Aren't and number three new antitrust concerns could be a major new concern for FaceBook the company is working on integrating its very platforms including in this program and what's out. Both plants could be halted by the Federal Trade Commission which is investigating Facebook's dominance in the industry the FTC is now considering an injunction to stop its books. Integration and that could complete the company. Could leave the company more vulnerable to a possible break out number four now history was made in about last night ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Broke the single season rushing record for a quarterback. A record previously held by Michael that Jackson also thrown five touchdowns he's the favorite to win the MVP award the ravens beat the jets and 42 to toe the line and finally number five the beauty. We making history Anthony nineteen the four major beauty pageants have awarded the top prize to a black woman they include Miss America miss USA miss USA. In this universe while black women have more each of the crowd before it has that Bombay and in that same year. Issuers winners sat down with our own Cleveland see date it. Miss America miss USA miss teen USA and miss universe all black everything. I don't feel to be a part of this history making moment here. The but the main thing I think it's such a great move forward as as the world and as a society to say look. Women who Wear in the costs. Never had opportunities to do things like this. Are now here I think there are times where I'm disappointed because people walk sometimes common are social media in the state. While I'm talking about your race like you guys are just four amazing women like Kessler for an amazing women there was a time when he literally could not win. Now we literally had not given up a patent for the first. Thirty years black women were not even allowed to compete. And Miss America pageant so and credible history made here step. All right Good Friday morning let's get right to the big story the debate on the articles of impeachment get Kent. As a front the vote by a house committee is expected this morning after a last second delay by Democrats overnight the delay followed fourteen hours of bitter debate. Meanwhile there's no information about what. The expected trial of president troubled look like in the senate ABC street Marshall has been on the story all night and most of the week's 3 good morning. And did a good morning to vote than you and well that health committee bill was delayed is now scheduled for 10 AM this morning the majority leader says when he comes over to the senate there's no chance the president will be removed from office. After more than fourteen hours committee is in recess House Judiciary Committee breaking for the night without a vote on impeachment. A gap doubled months of investigations weeks of hearings and two days of bitter partisan debate. Democrats argued president trump abused his office to gain an advantage in the two point one election. And they say how do it again. This is a constitutional crime spree as Republicans challenged Democrats Roberts playing politics. Walt the committee chair abruptly ending the marathon debate postponement historic vote on the two articles against the president. And what the members on both sides of the out to think about what has happened over these last two days. And to search they consciences before we cast a final vote. As members cleared out Republicans arguing the decision. More political leader. Because they're simply get back on the camera because after 11 o'clock and they don't think enough people with lots. But representative Ted Deutch tweeting in response a vote on articles of impeachment is one of the most consequential and historic votes any member will cast. It should only take place in the light of day. Not at 1130 at night. When they reconvene this morning Republicans could continue to offer amendments turning it into another long day. If they don't and they suggested last night they were done with amendments. They could hold the vote sending it to the senate the majority leader's. There's zero chance the president obvious there would be removed from office. The president said he wants an aggressive trial and how include live witnesses that a lot of top Republicans in the senate are pushing back against that idea saying. That would simply prolong the trial we're now being told the president warming up to the shorter trial Kenneth Jennings. Meanwhile congressional negotiators have Reese to deal that would avoid another government shutdown. They tentatively agreed. To one point three trillion dollars in spending to fund the government through next September some final details for us will be worked out. Democratic leaders expect a vote in the house early next week followed by passage in the senate ahead of next Friday's deadline. A sexual harassment investigations led to the resignation of a top pentagon official die Roberts was an assistant secretary of defense. And always stepped down last April and inspector general report says Roberts engaged in a pattern of misconduct that included. And welcome to physical contact with women on its staff. Roberts told investigators it wasn't his intent to sexually harassed women and he acknowledged making some and appropriate chip. Sargent new Burke already faced eleven counts stemming from body cam footage from an arrest in June when he wrestled a bystander to the ground at the scene of an arrest. Brutal murder is sending shockwaves through college campus freshman. Was stabbed near the campus here in new York and no arrests have been reported questions are now being raised about security as students Florida shocking loss. This morning a college campus is on edge after a student who brutal killing thousands. Really shaken up to ten minute when people gathered in Manhattan overnight to remember Barnard College freshman has some majors he teen year old was stabbed Wednesday night in a park just one block from Columbia University. It's very heartbroken that. Think I genuinely my thoughts and news guns have been. Police say majors was attacked by one to three suspects demanding money. More orderly wounded she managed to stagger up these stairs to a security Booth before collapsing just shocking. Very sad that. Some member of like our community like this police found her uncharged cell phone and a knife at the scene. As police dive team search a pond in the park for more evidence. The idea that a college freshman at Barnard's. Was murdered in cold blood it is absolutely not only painful to me as a parent it's terrifying to think that that could happen anywhere. Majors this family telling ABC news tests shone brightly in this world and our hearts will never be the same majors had expressed excitement about her future on a pod cast before the start of the school year. It. Oh all Eric. Her killing has raise new questions about security near the school's campus Columbia University says there is always someone in that security Booth near the park. But students have their doubts. There should be its money where 76 shady guy brazenly. When I go through the pipe. I almost never see a security guys. Investigators are looking into whether the murder is related to a recent string of local robberies. Police detained several juveniles for questioning and the case but later released. What this miles away from the murder in Manhattan investigators have labeled Tuesday's deadly shoot out in Jersey City a potential case of domestic terrorism. New Jersey's attorney general says the killings of police detective in three people and a Kosher market point toward acts of hate possibly connected to a fringe branch. Of the black Hebrew Israel lights. We believe that the suspects held views that reflected hatred of the Jewish people. As well as a patriot law enforcement. Prosecutors believe the killers acted on their own. But haven't established firm links between them and -- group including the black Israel lights if guys asking the public for help gathering more images of the shoot out. Six bodies have been recovered after the deadly volcanic eruption in New Zealand military units wearing breathing mask the comb the island despite the risk. Of another eruption and the risk of inhaling toxic gas which could be fatal after a one brat. A search for two other victims will resume tomorrow two boys from Chicago and their parents. Are a bones of victims. Our regulators are setting up a dedicated three digit number to reach a suicide prevention hotline. Hideous make it easier for anyone experiencing mental health crisis to get help quickly similar to calling 9114 fire or criminal emergency. The new three digit number will be 988 which will likely take about eighteen months of course up and running. Right now the national suicide prevention lifeline uses a ten digit number that's on your screen there 180273. Talk. Or 1802738255. And a baby in northern California the pre Christmas miracle for surviving a crash without a scratch six we co. Ezra was thrown from his family's SUV efforts by out of control. As his father a boarded another vehicle. You Lisa youth. Benitez Hanik when he looked back and saw his son was gone he found him a short distance away so strapped into his car seat. Not where it's mr. I lost control and spun out on the freeway and it is remembered my being Whitman's. Analysts think you know my kids my wives don't think so many things went through my head just thinking. Where is he was my deal is wet and hope he was in the water somewhere in I don't know if he was on the road. As whose father says he still wasn't sure everything was okay and to have little boy started crying definitely hear them. Well coming up the growing controversy over the accuracy of Clint eastwood's we'll be Richard Jewell plant stars of film is now speaking out but first the big election across the pond what it means for Brecht sit and the US. After this. Welcome back out without breaking news overnight the results of Britain's national election are and and the Conservative Party has secured a majority clearing away from Rex it to happen within weeks up across the. The ponds or foreign correspondent Maggie rule in the London bureau for the latest. Hey Maggie North American. Yeah. I'm doesn't want her earnest. You can't yeah yeah and that exam historic lion out like this Maggie does this mean we might actually. Actually finally see brags it. By the January 31 up by. Gadget as we've been talking about her exit for years now on I know everyone here in the UK the limited pregnant freer to turns out. Human actually finally get we'll finish this is sort of dubbed the Briggs it election in the you know after that historic landslide last night we saw Boris Johnson the Conservative Party. Just getting kind of insane numbers a majority now he in parliament here in. Adam Johnson came out overnight even saying that he sees this as kind of mandate from the people to go ahead. And now the K Briggs it done he feels like he has the support of the people the numbers that came out last night to support the Conservative Party he really feels like. Hundreds of people telling them to go ahead with brags that the deadline is approaching the new deadline for breast in January 31 but. That's just the deadline Mexico if it happening even before then. And the casual poll I did of you know my fellow British friends here in the London bureaus has pretty much with this election and it's all but guaranteed now that we will see. Greg's it happened the huge huge. Yeah that we've been waiting locked in to see if it will actually happen. The same got Maggie were seeing headlines at Scotland could vote to leave the UK and remain in the EU so what are you hearing. His name hasn't really interesting too because yes the Conservative Party hat I gained huge numbers last night but enough party. And the gains in living in numbers as well as a Scottish National Party in. One of their main tenants is. Is stay with the European Union now that means if the UK leaves the European Union they would want to remain. This could ultimately break up the United Kingdom which is something that sings. Insane it seems unprecedented that's because it is there is a possibility although. Publisher Conde by saying discuss Daschle's party if they wanted to do is back to get the approval. A parliament here in the UK will that happen we don't know but the sheer fact that. The numbers. The S&P actually grew in this election could give them the men to absorb right now it's just sort of skeptical to potential but it is something that people are talking about. And ruling there are some striking parallels for what might be to come in the 20/20 US election when it comes to misinformation on what can we learn from Britain. Elizabeth Anderson Kennedy was why people should really. Pay attention to what happened here overnight because we've been saying for quite some time there are so many parallels between the US election in this UK election some of them like. Misinformation misinformation has been characterized here as a driving force from both political parties in the UK election obviously. You know a bit about that back in the United States as well another thing that's been happening here accusations of for interference of a foreign interference in this election from outside governments that hasn't been confirmed but. It's definitely a concern definitely caution something we also know quite a bit about in the states as well. So as we're looking towards our own twenties when he election there are a lot of concerns or what can we learn from the UK how they handled misinformation how they handled. Outside interference is overly important things and on top of that we're also looking at. The outcomes of who got elected you know we heard biting even coming out a last night comparing Boris Johnson to president Donald Trump. Donald Trump came out congratulating Boris Johnson so we don't want to be. As saying that this is an exact parallel but it definitely is something that Americans should being paying attention to as we approached 120 which Kaiser is rapidly approaching. Wait used. That's a serious all that stuff with serious that you talked about but I'll I want to bring up the point that you just that our election opponent. I'd say don't we he that they I think you'll lap it up so I can't left us. Hey guys I would never leave you okay I'm but I am. I like we did a good quarter Brit now living there isn't one thing there is one thing that I feel like we need. You adopt from British culture okay this is the greatest thing I side of the UK election last night. Hash tag dogs that polling stations this. Is illegitimate saying I'm not just making the sudden need dispute photos apparent this happened for years here in the UK and is to trends. It's actually quite. Literally what it says if it's dogs at polling stations the people bring their dogs. And and they take photos of them. And then they pose for a photo underdog. At the polling station and keep explaining it just a beacon show more photos but. Nearly. Get back. It's nothing we want to go Obama more than no link. You could see beyond their dogs in Santa hats they were dogs dressed up there are dogs and all sorts of gear at the bulls is currently is a Boris Johnson walked into the market. Literally just like Winston Churchill as well the queen well. I'll like gay and do you imagine this communal brought a little I think you're getting the job that you learned about it wanted to hear James long amendment lessons because those videos are life lessons they're very I can't wait for the next one. You caught that my cat at the when he start asking efforts question he called you rule Lee. Everything that you want to call and can end our money and you don't want her last name Redskins now. Have been unrelenting that yet definitely gotten early bird hit any action in any candidate and I like that we're like that. You know what we're friends were best of friends were out that in our siblings. Three best friends and and Larry in. We've got an icy together so this is a very Sweden which I hear it. Maggie is talking politics again I knew exactly when I went down entity where Rene de news outlets regarding my guys are all grown up. I got that fire star of the new Clint Eastwood movie Richard tool that film is about the 1996 Olympics bombing in Atlanta. But there are questions being raised about the movie's portrayal of a real life character played by actor syllable Olivia Wilde and now. While this responding to the outrage. This morning a battle of truth or vs fiction. Reports that fact you've ruined his hands. Surrounding the new movie Richard Jewell. The film directed by Clint Eastwood is about the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in 1996. With a Libya while portraying real life journalist Kathy Scruggs. Her efforts to find the bomber critics say the movie inaccurately suggest that Scruggs who died in 2001 traded sex for tips about the investigation. Looking at rich mutual. In the movie Scruggs sparks relationship with an FBI agent betrayed by actor John him in an apparent attempt to obtain information about Richard Jewell. Was once considered a suspect but was later cleared. Q&A journal constitution the newspaper were Scruggs worked says grunt is being unfairly depicted. And their ask you Warner Bros. to include a disclaimer in the movie this morning wild now speaking out tweeting. Contrary to us walk the recent headlines I do not believe that Kathy treated sex for tips. Nothing in my research suggests that she did so and it was never my intention to suggest she had. That would be an appalling a misogynist Dick dismissal of the difficult work it's what is also defending the research behind the film. There's only so much recently you do you can't live inside that people because they no longer exist she did did finally get answered to myself how she didn't. Nobody probably. Rubino. And a statement Warner Bros. have the film is based on a wild range of highly credible source material. Richard Jewell hits theaters today. All right if you check right notification started Santa's slay it appealed different Getty picks take you right in this and look how cute this happened in Montreal. It is or above the snow and are looking for gift for the breed obsessed person in your life he Simpson candle are from could no Bob Dylan and Ali ran up. This very cheesy candle. The chips should not be. You give this to dip into the wax. But you will I want to dip in to this the museum vice. Yeah it's here maybe not a scoop. Or even ten notes groups the museum of ice cream found a permanent home right here in New York City the sweet story had been making rounds a different cities is tempered pop ups. This new museum what will be the flagship store in the SoHo neighborhood will feature thirteen different. Relations I got three stories line and a pool of sprinkles. Its when he 5000 square feet museum. Opens tomorrow I'm sold or you definitely. About it are about some physics at the physics professor at a community college of Virginia was going viral for the experiments he conducts and if class. So seizures Alex we had we are forced to take physics. Today's the last day of the semester at Tidewater community college in Virginia Beach but that's not what has the campus but if this. Veteran professor David Wright sharing his love of physics with his students. This video of the demonstrations of the fall semester is hitting a nerve with millions of people. After 45 years at the school he's as enthusiastic. As ever setting a fire to teach about convection the lying on a bed of nails don't job. Jumping out a pogo stick. Using a skate board in the whole. And to teach students about one of Newton's laws of motion he rolls a sixteen pound bowling ball did show that an object in motion stays in motion. Best friend Eric a church in care brother seen here with professor right. Took the videos church and never expected her post to go viral she tells GMA it Jose if you love what you do it'll radiate to other people. About his new found fame the 69 year old father of four and grandfather of seven has a similar message he says quote. You should be really passionate and what you're doing and I hope I serve as an example of that. However finishing up a busy week in Washington we'll tell you what's watch out for on this Friday the thirteenth. Plus police in Ohio are pulling over drivers. But giving them something other than I've ticket. Better watch out for today the House Judiciary Committee will meet again after spring when a fourteen hours debating amendments to the articles. Impeachment yesterday. The committee is expected to hold a series of procedural votes spent the final votes one for each article of impeachment. Student for live coverage beginning at 10 AM eastern right earnings news five. Meanwhile president profits that to what the president Paraguay to the White House for a bilateral meeting then in the evening the president will join firstly you Gilani at trump for Christmas perception. And the man whose battle with ALS helps spread the world famous ice bucket challenge will be laid to rest today. Pete Brady's died Monday after an eight year battle with AO last also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Brady's was a leading advocate for a Ellis research and help raise millions of dollars his funeral mass is set for today at a church near Boston College. Where he was a star baseball players an incredible man incredible life and I have to have big big legacy also left. Behind the front express is wearing police in eastern Ohio have had a residence in tears this holiday season. By pinnacle way. Officer then Salem recently turned into secret Santa. They've been stopping people on the roads and in store than handing out. 100 dollar bills on woman burst into tears during a traffic stop because she thought she was in trouble. I thank crying because I was honestly shocked and an officer pulled up behind me. I was pulled over for a burnout headlight and hints that a give me a ticket I got secrecy and my Salem police department. Sheriff's police chief says the money came from a secret donor with instructions to give the bills to whomever looked like it could use that money. Well the police know with a secret donors because what it goes like someone who. Was like Robin Hood. I'm upset that I have Robin now I'm saying it makes you finding a way to grinch up a good Christmas story aren't just. And I mean a modest minutes. So. But that's their Robin Hood who method from Robin. It may have been right eminently and Italy and letter Friday that there is. I mean we're gonna work our way there but still have a great weekend but Robin who he stole have been he gave it right. I can't.

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