It's Morning, America: Friday, Feb. 22, 2019

Ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone is placed under a gag order, Jussie Smollett denies he staged his attack and more.
27:58 | 02/22/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, Feb. 22, 2019
Good morning I'm Kenneth movement and I'm hitting army near the top I think you know this Friday number one in the case against TV actor Justin small he went to work on the set of empire a lot sign after posting bond police say he made up the story about being attacked because. He was angry about his salary he continues to deny the allegations in a statement last night his lawyers called his arrest. A police spectacle and number two the White House has modified plants the poor US troops from Syria announcing a small contingent. We'll stay to act as peacekeepers about 200 troops to make up that group he'll be there indefinitely but it's unclear where exactly they will be stationed president trump drew some heat even from Republicans after declaring victory over ices and announcing the full truth. The draw on to number three now in a stunning twist in the election fraud scandal in North Carolina GOP congressional candidate mark parents who was ahead in the vote count. Is now supporting a new locks in after his own son gave damaging testimony. Bringing him to tears at the center of the Contra controversy is a political consultant hired by Harris. They accused of tampering with absentee ballots no word if Harris poll run again he says he suffered mental health problems. Suffered health problems excuse me recently we had to New Jersey for number four in some terrifying moments on the streets. Injuries city unbelievable video police say a drunk driver lost control and went speeding down a sidewalk. Missing that man there by inches before plowing down a light pole witnesses say the neighborhood looked like a war zone after the driver was finally taken into custody meanwhile in New York City surveillance video issues I wouldn't be human piercing the driver's windshield the beam fell from elevated subway track. And really missed the driver transit officials now plan to inspect the beans whole elevated tracks. And it finally number five for the second time this week significant snowfall. Significant. Hit Las Vegas about a half an inch fell along the strip announced that go on a reasonably solid snowman. Skies will be clear today but biggest area schools will be closed its clean up. Gets under way and in Southern California wildlife is most people are making the most of bear little blast of snow but sunny and dry conditions. Are on tap for today good faith and yes it's nice that the weapons given little man out there and please don't really getting out. We got so much sort of talk about coming your way on this Friday morning America. We're talking about now but you know a big talker that we have been chatting about this morning is the NBA considering changing the rule about letting athletes. Go right to the NBA and set of having to spend the. Earn college and what I have said here is that there are pros and cons of court actually are and it's funny because we've been into this big debate about should it happen you Laura for the rules being changed her. Do I. He had only option I ate. Think there should be a buffer between. Obviously from high school and then going to that big salary or the als and all that comes with that. Think about Diana Williamson who just got hurt and the other game I mean imagine if that was a really bad injury and he could never play again whereas if he was already in the NBA he could have been making money but this could potentially end his career I write this one. We're looking at night we're looking at this isolated it. What Nike specially called isolated incident but. I mean yeah they're people who were passionate about it on all sides of it but obviously there's pros and cons to this I think the buffers good but I also communities be some reform. When it comes all these universities meet dean all this money off these college athletes and them not getting much of anything. I have big talker that celebrities that they got I don't audit audit on an art we do to get you. The big story today another one that people have been talking about for weeks now Jesse small like now gearing up to fight the charges against him. The empire star is out on bond after facing a judge saying I did not do this. Any statement overnight as legal team and assistants all let it is the victim they blamed political timing and what they described as an overzealous law enforcement. This morning Jesse small it is dealing with the growing legal and media firestorm. Ignoring that crush of cameras after his bond hearing to try to Chicago courthouse. The actor is forcefully denying any wrong doing in the alleged hate crime attack. That he's accused of orchestrating on himself after posting the 100000 dollar bond small what was seen heading to the Chicago said. Of a show empire TMZ reports the crew waited thirty minutes for an emotional smaller to arrive. Once they are you reportedly apologized and denied the allegations saying I swear to god I did not do this. Story. A small lead made its first appearance in court Chicago's police superintendent had blistering words for the actor. He detail what investigators call an elaborate lie that started weeks ago when they see smallest and this homophobic and racist letter to himself. The let attempted to gain attention by sending a false letter that relied on racial and homophobic and political language. When that didn't Wear. Let paid 3500. Dollars. To stage this attack in drag Chicago's reputation. Through demoted in the process. At the center of the case two Brothers police say were first seen in grainy surveillance video. Small what is accused of enlisting the Brothers to carry out the attack. Allegedly telling them to poured gasoline on him later changing it to bleached investigators say the star paid the Brothers 3500 dollars we have the check. That he used to pay them police say small its facial injuries were likely self inflicted for weeks the actor insisted he was the victim. Cool and make something. Like this or add something to it or. Or whatever it may be. You do such a disservice when you lie about things like this but police say that's exactly what he did the stunt was orchestrated last moonlit. Because he was dissatisfied of this Allard. That salary while not public is reportedly in the ballpark of 100000 dollars per episode according to a source familiar with this deal. I'm left. Hang in my head and asking why. Why would anyone especially an African American man used the symbolism. Of a noose. To make false accusations. So I'm offended. Now what's happened and I'm also angry. Overnight smallest legal team criticize Chicago police writing. Today we witness an organized law enforcement spectacle that has no place in the American legal system the resumption of innocence a bed rock in the search for justice. Was trampled upon at the expense of mr. small lap and notably on the eve of a me oral election. Mrs. small let fiercely and solemnly maintains his and a sense. And kills for free by a system that apparently wants to skipped due process and proceed directly to sentencing. Now. Variety Magazine is reporting fox has not made it this isn't. Whether to keep small ad on empire studio or network network executives. Are said to be considering their. Options this has just spent a mind boggling stories special because justice well it is still saying. He is the victim telling. It's being reported that he told those on the set of empire look I did not do this. But Chicago police insist that this was a hoax that he orchestrated from the beginning so just leaves you I think really wondering what happened how did this happen why. And what will happen next absolutely will be watching. Which are not a president comes longtime friend and advisor Roger Stone silenced by a federal judge. The judge rejected stone's apology for what appears to be a threatening and sir Graham posts she slapped a broader gag order on and then bowed to thrown in jail. If he doesn't comply ABC's. Politicos are oddity is in Washington this morning and a moto what happens if stolen breaks this gag order. Well his bail gets revoked but. This is going to be a tough one over Roger Stone who we know to be very animated very boisterous he is trumps a long time friend he is a former advisor to the president. And eyes he seem to actually get. Some excitement out of being thrown and a look limelight when he was charged. Under the Mueller investigation. But it seems that he may have crossed the line when he posted at that instant and picture with the judges faced. And what appeared to be cross hairs next to her head and so she went down on Lamberty RG slap him. With a gag order and she said that there ours there's going to be no second chances she is pretty stern about that that she's not messing around. And he seemed very apologetic he apologized he called that a Steven mishap so we will see what happens there if you will actually comply. And to remain on house arrest but at the same time the president's. A long time and by excuse me longtime lawyer. And fixer Michael cone when it was on Capitol Hill next week he's expected to testify publicly. Two a did the house oversight committee at about his role. As Trump's attorney and also those hush money payments that would have also been the subject of a lot of conversation. Animal investigation as well and Laura lots to look forward to. It next week you know definitely with co and the houses stood mute watching from the developments that happened yesterday. Was closed door army saves lesson sold at some soreness in his shoulder met surgery. Did he expect her to come back as well on Capitol Hill to testify again. As now he's expected next week to come back on the Capitol Hill and testify about his role. With the president and explain that relationship of course within the limitations that. On the Muller investigations showed that is going to be highly anticipated hearing as welts it kind of get the inner workings of which he did for trump regarding the the hotel and Russia and also. On this hush money payments. So what you're seeing him on as we're gonna have a busy week as well also waiting after Robert Mueller report and processed out thank you so March Madness become morally. All right turning out to the chaos in Venice where we're where the opposition leader won wideout has organized the first attempt to bring much needed humanitarian aid into the country. The military has been blocking truckloads of food and medicine setting the stage for dramatic showdown ABC's Brett milky has the details. And that's right you might think the power struggle is playing out in the capital but the real tension in Venezuela will be at the border tomorrow where food and supplies are just sitting there. C Nicholas would Euro has said we don't want American aid we've got enough from Russia and Cuba. But opposition leader won quite dough he's asked volunteers to go across that border. And get food and medicine practically daring Majerus troops to shoot them. ABC's chief national correspondent Tommy honest is in Venezuela right now and he says people all over the country are worried about potential violence it's what. Possible scenarios right we just don't know there have been times in the past Rubin is willing women dressed in white have crossed over to bring in humanitarian aid would situations like this have happened before. It's never happen to this level where the world is watching. You gotta remember there are groups its call it equally you'll essentially groups of impoverished neighborhoods that would do row has allegedly or to make sure he has the military support but he also support of some of the people. Here essentially a militia police pull these people to get ready so we don't know what's gonna happen. Out later today the billionaire Richard Branson wants to hold sort of live aid concert right near the border of Venezuela and Colombia on Monday. Vice president Mike Pence stopped by that border town as well we'll have a lot more on the latest in Venezuela on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts will be favorite podcasting app today Kenneth. Our thanks to Bradley could also catch this art here pod cast sunny ABC news live right after we finish up. All right so anyway. Speaking of breaking into a great grandmother's house in Georgia at least that's when you probably should think again and wonder when a guard at. Seven or nine years old lives alone but she's more they capable of taking care of herself when a burglar broke into her home. She wasted no time calling island wind. She also pulled out her gun fired it at issued a strongly worded warning. Gambling related they'll burn fat and panic hear me OU fun again mrs. convicted discouraging cunanan's home. Brilliant thing brain. From there you go at it option did not hit the intruder but he was so scared apparently hid inside a closet and until police arrive. To save him and sure in his mind miles. Got a gun and well Israel is set to make history with the latest space acts like they're looking to become the first country to land avenue. The falcon nine rocket lifted off last night from Cape Canaveral Florida carrying up privately funded normally under its scheduled to reach the moon. And a few weeks in early April. Cool site down there and Brevard County. Harold allowing ground parents act covers some launches there is typical incredible to see him. Before that that space program retires. And for the folks thank Kennedy Space Center good group of folk. Are women on the NBA has opened negotiations here is talking about this. With its players' union about Laurie and his aides and from nineteen years. Old to eighteen that would mean many high school seniors could go straight. Into the MBA from spending when you're in college. The NBA's commissioner says the current nineteen year old limit doesn't work for the lead or for colleges. The hope is to have the lower age limit in place in three years. And so that's will return up earlier and the timing of the NBA's proposal as we mentioned coincidental. Coming just after the knee injury to college basketball's highest profile player duke says freshman star signed Williamson has a mild right knee sprain in his return to the court is a day to day issue. Williamson went down properly when is an act against North Carolina after his. Nike sneaker or ripped apart the company is looking into what happened calling it an isolated incidents. Nike stock took a head on Wall Street yesterday losing 89 cents per share is still up though more than 13%. For the year. I was pretty crazy idea is that in Africa this action is probably handmade because it's beaters so big yeah I mean they're looking into it and may need to bring about pretty sure they his wraps family. I'm not happy listening coaches are earnings you're not. And how happy and all it would happen if you were in the NBA and. We're the champs and I don't know I don't know it had been getting paid so there's there's just a different or month. We're a couple of months. There's just this hour. That would president aren't about this you Xu broke. I'm Maria all of his Schumer who cut the leash dog that's my Obama is is also group. No. You're try to open candidate. Can eat it like this like what a mistake. Yeah I definitely can't do that you that right now on this that I believe at bill's old needs is still Lewis. I looked back your bag. Find out why I have that is. Welcome back let's go across the times of hopeful. Paul ABC news's London bureau our friend Jennifer hagel says keep you know and the biggest international news Jennifer happy Friday good morning what you watch him. Happy Friday good morning to you well today spoke this is on the bad it can end on accountability. Making sure church leaders are working with their congregations to actively protect children from any abuse. Of any kind. Pope Frances started the meetings with a prayer as usual for openness but warns bishops. And other senior church figures that Catholics are not simply seeking condemnation. But could increase effective measures last sighted beast victims also held a vigil outside the Vatican demanding zero tolerance. For abusive priests and the culture of silence within the Catholic Church. Wound. And obviously that varies tough. Topic to talk about discussion that is really needed and that's needed to have. But switching. To something much much much lighter cars hard turn here from two break dancing. Yeah pretty cool. The Twitty 24 Olympic gays in Paris wants to be more now are being hip. City organizing committee it's proposing that break dancing become an Olympic sport. Break dancing there was a huge hit at the youth Olympics in Argentina so they figure why not that the major leagues. Paris organizers also want the inclusion on speed boarding surfing. And climbing. They make their debut for years earlier carrying the head of gates now I'm pretty cool how about you guys he thinks we had a plan. I got this hip urban and extend me. You can I've been. Our urban and hip some would say that our morning shows and ABC became an urban and had a. Are about. Jennifer yes and then also you're watching as the heart warming memorial taking place about it. I had this is a really lovely story so here ending UK thousands turned out. To watch a US and to British air force joy flyover and Sheffield England. And that's to honor the sacrifice of an American air force crew during world war to. Now in this meddling gentlemen Tony folds heat is just a kid running around a park with friends. On February 22 in 1944. When the crew of a damaged American B seventeen flying fortress. Suffering engine failure there. And rather than making an emergency landing near the boys and hidden them. They went down in the woods just be on the park all ten Americans on board that plane died. For decades folds has dreamed of honoring the crew and today at 82 years old he got his wish. With his poignant salute from the skies. And guys they really do you recommend having a look at the full report on this heart warming story on AB he's dot com later on. That's incredible. Credible aren't you Jennifer Jennifer thought I see you have a great weekend and happy Friday. UTU coding to break dancing. Idaho the Internet as a loving this Warner Bros. has set a release date for space jam to ask Joseph lie of 20/20. One. The lion coming sequel to the 1996. Live action cartoon hybrid starring Michael Jordan and a host to follow NBA all stars and loony toon characters. This time will be led by a beach below the wrong. Opera space jam to which will be James its first lead role and a feature film. By comparison soon. Michael Jordan and the broad. Here and will continue openings you'll see who's acting chops. About it. Law last Eddie Mair went on an unforgettable journey. Home mood. If the cute one there are low guy left is Teddy bears and house al-Qaeda that her body can't I don't park at the incredible home state of Kenneth mouton I refer to myself from third vs Joe Cannon when he came up to New York he'd left this hair back home. I did not but a little boy he left this I think there's Thompson's forgive me if I'm wrong but he left this Teddy bear. And the raiders found it took a bunch of pictures to commute to work with them and got the bear the bear back and he says thank you for TB my bare. For a few day few days at fox and I got right Thompson. I can agree that those last couple hours to see out of work on that. Could've skipped. Right but it's gotten so. Hey you yeah. Getting they are great I love you you got your bare back to Fred you're all right. Well we're fellow south Carolinians for you as Rangers sparkling layers of amazing. The game trying to get battered the top Nintendo says he's leveling up to spend more time with family yes red Kia. But the Bosnian v.'s out today. Me doubt it be that may he announced he's stepping down at CE OO we fact that. And eight overall it is thirteen years of the topic included the introduction of the way you. And more than we this what's video game console he's been replaced by senior VP of cell that market are. Eight bowels are there are. Doug thousand. We're showing you about the right there were gathered today in. Sounds familiar to the browser is the last thing on the giant turtle like creature in the Mario franchise yet doesn't give up on the fifth rapper ice cube. Head down and Nintendo just hand over the reins basically hand over the him over the key Emily Keyes about there are after all those years of its. Fighting Ballard's isn't there yet about now I don't may have committed this earlier I'm out world news now but what. Games have you beat for Nintendo. Myself actually asked this question because I am so proud to tell you I beat Donkey Kong. One where's the proof. I'd still got that is super Nintendo I still Idaho I still have Donkey Kong it's been a long cousins I did it but I'm sure I could do it again I don't believe you. What game have you beat ten beaten. Clinton. I a man. In the meantime you know America has carried out will go through all you need to know before you watch it now eight. Stick it out of our Oscars coverage on Sunday yeah that's right. That I'm sure that fly they're taking it. Announce later today on ABC news live house Democrats 400 his resolution to terminate president comes. National emergency at the southern border but can they get enough Republicans on board. And those. Rival concerts in Venezuela playing on opposite sides of the Colombian border investment bureau's counter to Richard Branson's Venezuela save lives has reportedly rejected letting ate into Venezuela. Calling it a political show and cover for a US invasion. Plus don't forget to tune into the deep Freeport they are all our top stories. In the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. And it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it our friend will Ganz watch all eight best picture nominees in less than a week. So here in this crash course on where you can see them two or if you just want to pretend like you did. We've got you cover what what to say so you can still sounds kinda cool at the Oscar party this weekend. Let's get things rock and rolling the bohemian rhapsody which is available on demand among other places. It's frontman Ronnie Malick. A big favorite to win best actor he's RD picked up that title Lopes the Baptist and sag awards. So he's the Hollywood favorite he's the biggest favorite with the highest odds of winning. And he doesn't advance favorites. My hand yeah Seton at least for this LA couple who'd seen the movie. When he four times but if you prefer a bigger screen and the one in your living room many theaters are still screening the favorite. A the dark comedy about a demented clean and played impeccably by Olivia Coleman. If you wanna sound cool and are to get your Oscars party. Ask people what they thought of that last seen with the Ravitz. If they ask your opinion you can make a literally anything up and it's probably correct also still in theaters and vice. A totally transformed Christian Bale plays Vice President Dick Cheney. The vice presidency is mostly AM. Symbolic. Yeah that's the same man who climbed out of that hole in the Dark Knight rises. I couldn't believe it either. Back at home on the couch you can Netflix and chill your way through Roma which is the first Netflix released ever pick up a nomination for best picture. The black and white film could win big on Sunday night for best director and possibly best picture. And some trivia for your Oscars party chitchat and this was the first time at the film's lead elites but he still has ever acted. She was a schoolteacher who auditioned on a whim. From robots or god god and his Star Wars. Okay. It's still in many theaters on dvd and Blu-ray and streaming on several platforms. If you want to make any wagers at the start of your watch party this weekend that that guy got will win best original song for Dallas. He's also performing ends on the ready to rely on your cell. And I'll be performing live alone in their living. Yeah. Okay. Speaking of living rooms you can watch green book at home on Amazon prime. It's also on demand and on both streaming services and green books my Herschel Ali. Is the front runner for best supporting actor that's like cleaning in Cumberland in the capital so. That's good. If you somehow haven't seen black panther yet it's streaming now on Netflix the news yeah. They came out over a year ago. And it's the first superhero movie ever be nominated for best picture and out of all the nominees this year its ranks the highest on rotten tomatoes. And finally black Klansman which is on demand the film marks the first time Spike Lee has ever been nominated for best director or best picture. After decades in the industry. About the show itself the 91 Academy Awards going host list for the first time since 1989. Which is when this Rob Lowe Snow White duet happening. Something tells me this year's Adam Lambert and queen performance we'll go over a little better with viewers. Yeah. So you ready. Already about to jump on the fly you by the jump on a flight you're headed to holly movie Hollywood says. Now he'll have lost fans I heard it's snowing there it's no. Over is going to be a great Sunday. And you are kicking off much fun while our coverage DC at what time eastern one to four for you war for our actual probably doing out there TJ Holmes Chris Connelly who got a lot of whole crew that there and then obviously the telecast of the Oscars SARS. 8 o'clock and goes until world news now. Yeah complete lack comes from here on Monday morning candidates are asked in stay what people abide by the 92 to rule we will see it we will try to buy the time right now it's today. That and raise great day and otherwise and it. Import yeah. Carpet. Have a fabulous weekend.

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