It’s Morning, America: Friday, Jan. 10, 2020

US officials say Iran passenger jet likely shot down, President Trump defends airstrike that killed Iranian general, and more.
21:38 | 01/10/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Jan. 10, 2020
Good morning cannot vote at. New video shot near the plane's last track position shows what appears to be in missile heading upwards before impact. US intelligence officials and other world leaders now say it's highly likely that it was an out Ronnie missile that brought down jet. Iran deny that shut down the plane even by the state. Number two American troops on high alert even after Iran and the US pull back from the possible. The war an Iranian general warned of more attacks come throughout the region while president prompt. Now says Iran in general killed in US drone strike was not just planning to attack our embassy in Baghdad but other embassies well at a rally in Ohio last night he also blasted house lawmakers for passing resolution to limit. It's war powers on to number three now the showdown over president comes impeachment trial may be nearing an end. Senate Republicans now expect president drops trial to begin early next week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. With that has signaled that she may hand over the articles of impeachment the senate soon. Even though senate leader Mitch McConnell is rejecting her demand reveal what the trial will look like McConnell president hoping to avoid calling witnesses such as far S security advisor John Bolton. We have the Texas from the report where the nation's briefing crisis has recently ran a new milestone the epidemic has now claimed its youngest victim. Fifteen year old has died after reportedly bathing for just one month. The CDC now reports 57 deaths linked to bathing and more than 2600. Serious lung injuries. The filing of her five a social experiment on Twitter Japanese billionaire is giving away nine million dollars. Giving to cast a 1000 of its Twitter followers they'll each get about 9000 bucks he wants to conduct a study to see if the money makes them happy here. Recipients will complete surveys honoring her basis to determine them. Let's get right to that breaking news overnight concerning that passenger jet that US officials say was likely shot down over on Iraq. Has now invited the US and bowing to join the investigation after video appear tissue showed the plane being shot down by missile. Overnight vigils were held in Canada for the 63 Canadians killed. Investigators from around the globe began try. Traveling to rot to search for evidence this morning Iran now inviting the United States to join the investigation into what brought down that passenger jet outside Tehran this appears to be the moment the 737 it was hit by a missile. The video recorded in the neighborhood of the last track position of the Ukrainian jetliner. A missile can be seen heading outdoors right before impact the sound following seconds later that. Crippled plane in this video posted by a resident outside Tehran shows the aircraft apparently on fire. Breaking apart in crushing three miles away. The impact also capture by cctv video which is airing armor Ronnie and media you can see the debris streaking past the camera. The videos reinforcing western intelligence that says Iran's anti aircraft systems hit the plane. He evidence indicates that the plane. Was shot down by an Iranians surface to air missile somebody could have made a mistake. Some people say it was mechanical I personally I don't think that's. Even a question. Personally 176. People were killed overnight Ronnie and officials imparting the Canadian and United States National Transportation Safety Board. Along with Boeing to help in the investigation. As the country continues to deny shooting down the jet calling it scientifically impossible. But look this with the scene hours after the crash Wednesday. And this is video from Thursday morning. The crash scene cleared by the Iranian government of wreckage and potential evidence but investigators did recover the black box which could help pieced together the true. Before Americans can join the investigation the State Department and other government officials would need to give the green light for the NTSB to participate. Let the other story breaking overnight also affecting Boeing more internal company messages have been turned over to congress in connection with the investigation of the 737 Max jet. The planes it grounded after two deadly crashes the messages reveal bowling employees mocking the FAA and discussing how to deceive regulators. What message reads the airplane is designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys and other reads we have a senior leadership team that understand. Very little about the business and yet are driving past a certain objectives members of congress now want to question Boeing leaders now those messages. Which are not a president cup defending his decision to authorize the deadly drone strike that killed a top Iran in general. He used his first campaign rally of the year last night to blast the Iran in general as a bloodthirsty terrorist. With plotting to attack US embassies in Baghdad and beyond we also took aim at house lawmakers who have voted to limit his war powers ABC's negative resilient is Stuart Moore meg in the morning. Good morning dinning Kenneth a week after president trump ordered the attack on class cent sewer money he's now offering a new reason for killing him. At his first rally since ordering that fatal drone strike against cost and still Amani presidents from saint the ronning commander was planning attacks on multiple US embassies. He was looking very seriously. At our embassies and not just the embassy in Baghdad. But we stopped them and we stopped in quickly and we stopped him cold. And secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Fox News echoing the president's remarks. No doubt that there were a series of imminent attacks. That were being plotted by customs all the money we don't know precisely when and we don't know precisely where but it was real. But several senators briefed on the intelligence say there was no mention of a plot to bomb an embassy. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying the president's actions endangered US service members and diplomats. The president to sell I am formally by reading my tweets no that's not good relationship. That our founders had in mind. That's one of the reasons house Democrats and some Republicans approved a resolution requiring the president to get congressional approval. For any future military action against Iran. That lasts longer than thirty days. But is this body that needs to make that decision and the United States. The White House calling the war powers resolution quote ridiculous and completely misguided. Would you go to congress to take further military action against a wrong which you seek congressional it would all depend on the circumstances I don't have to and you shouldn't have to be able as yet to make split second decisions sometimes sometimes. Yet to move very very quickly John. On Thursday and a Ronnie in general threatened more attacks by proxy forces in Iraq eleven on Yemen and Afghanistan. And drug administration says United States remains ready. Adding to regime still poses a very real threat. Today right Megan thank you and drug administration is moving to change a landmark environmental lot to speed up infrastructure per. Projects the lock could limit how much climate change is considered in the construction and repair of roads airports pipelines in schools. After questioning the existence of climate change for years president trump. May now be changing his tune. What is your position on global beauty news host you're home no not at all and nothing is folks nothing's hoax about that's very serious subject I went cleaning heroin clean water went the cleanest air what the cleanest water. The environments are important to me we did South Korea. Residents that under current laws it's belong to evaluate the environmental impact of government projects but critics say. Initiation is ignoring climate change and making it harder for the public to voice concern. Another Justice Department investigation related to Hillary Clinton is reportedly ending without any tangible results president topped and its allies push for the inquiry into possible corruption concerning the Clinton foundation. And itself a company call uranium one. When Clinton was secretary of state with sources tell the Washington Post investigators have effectively wrapped up the case. And found nothing worth pursuing. That's a health alert about flu season it could be one of the worst in decades the CDC reports that at least 27 children have died from the flu about the highest ever for this time of the year since 2003. Widespread flu activities there reported a 46 states cases of the dangers B strain of virus or appearing earlier than normal. The CDC releases numbers today. A Colorado man is under arrest accused of posing as an officer pulling over a woman on a highway. The wanna sunset or recording after he noticed the truck the man was driving had no markings or police lights. They say the man never identified himself and it showed a bats claiming to be a federal agent. Great now I'll leave it. And happy and registration act too scared it's okay it's okay federal agent. There is no markings on the cart there were no markings he didn't have any sort of ID on his person and. Authorities say fifty year old Michael Nelson had a fake badge and accused the woman a passing on the right. She demanded to see is idea when he didn't produce when she drove away experts they should get all the right things there I keeping her comment asking for ID. Also Colorado another mysterious drone sighting has been reported this time authority C a drone flew dangerously close to a medical helicopter. In response officials are now stepping up their investigation into who or what is behind a recent drone activity. A middle school teacher in Florida is facing charges after physically or moving up fourteen year old student from class it happen after an altar. This student's cell phone footage captures the moment of Florida teachers temper flares. Point lifting a fourteen year old student out of his desk and then shutting him out of the classroom. It happened Tuesday at buddy Taylor middle school Geoffrey before me claims a student refused to turn down his music on his computer. And slapped his hand away when he tried to mute the music of Fukui told police the student called him a cracker. And claims he grabbed the teen safely so we couldn't hurt himself or anybody else did teacher has been charged with simple battery. Back in 2012 before me was convicted of battery after a bar fight. The teen teen this incident says he was not hurt but after he reported the incident to his parents they say they plan to press charges. But for. Me is now out on bond and on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. Lindsey Davis ABC news New York. Are they so Lindsay oversee the American firefighters have been greeted with cheers and applause as they arrive in Australia to help battle those deadly wildfires some people. Quite weak years. The video was posted by the commissioner of the New South Wales rural fire service. More than 150 American firefighters are already in Australia. There are plans to send at least 100 board so incredible to see neighbor helping neighbor country hoping country. Maria well backlash new details about how Prince Harry to fight the queen before announcing that he and stuff just night and are stepping back royal duties. We fought this morning after this. We are back with this video. The volcano erupting in central Mexico yesterday actually expose a shot two miles into the sky authorities urge people to stay away from the base. Of a volcano to major damage reported. Exposures are watching this very rare want a shortage is causing problems in Illinois the state legalize recreational pot this year long lines at dispensaries are impacting people looking for medical marijuana. Some look patients stop selling the recreational form of the drug to make sure medical users get what they need. About eleven million dollars for the pop products have been sold in the week. Taco Bell is adding six figure salaries to its menu. The fast food chain is set to rays manager salaries to 100000. Dollars per year. For some means doubling their pay increases part of a pilot program at company owned restaurants in the midwest in northeast. Somebody says it wants to look at the effect of the higher salary and a number of areas including morale performance and customer experience. That is our question of the day when it comes to those higher salaries. When you think is enticing. Now. Tell us in the comments. Treatise ABC news aren't going to hear from you. Tourists visiting ice lend out out of snowmobile tours found themselves stranded on bleacher more than five hours after they were hit by a snowstorm. But 200 rescue workers finally made to the scene treating some of them from across buying taken safety. So Americans are predator one saying they thought they might I there in sports this Summer Olympics are going green officials in Tokyo have announced that athletes mostly from bad if cardboard. Usually recycled after the games and the medals awarded to athletes will be made from recycled consumer devices in the 20/20 Olympic Torch. Has been crafted from aluminum waste. A Connecticut Minnesota this morning after being released on bond for allegedly killing his estranged wife however he's anything but free. Artist drew us as wearing a GPS market to make sure he stays put as prosecutors built their case here's ABC's cover all. Photos do Los the Connecticut man accused of murdering his estranged wife walked out of jail the father of five arrested Tuesday eight months after Jennifer do Los disappeared posting six million dollars bond. He his attorney argued was excessive you'll almost never see a bond of this magnitude for a person without an extensive criminal record. Well do us has been released from custody the judge has added terms for house arrest. And issued a protective order forbidding him from talking to visiting or in any way communicating. With these children or their nanny who is now a key witness for the prosecution. We want. Photos and Jennifer do you lows were locked in a vicious divorce and custody battle before her disappearance. Court documents from 2017 claimed the fifty year old mother feared for her life. Tuesday do loves his attorney confirmed hee-seop police removing an ax from his client's garage during his arrest. But he thinks it has no significance to the case. There's nobody. But we have a suspicious disappearance and an entirely circumstantial case. Photos do loves his girlfriend Michelle Turco onus is also charged with conspiracy to commit murder in this case and she too is posted bond. And is now out of jail as well today Kenneth. All right thank you Trevor let's turn now to check our notification start with these sealed at the organs are having five at bat time because. You know laughing. Gotta. After. In the from the debt. Actually this is a child and called Everett street we'll Picasso and seven year old is not exactly preschool say they are world by storm. Selling his work for thousands of dollars. Looks pretty cool there. Good for him I think you want to be a soccer player at some point that a bat. Art virtual also apex of the rescue that Leonardo DiCaprio help give to a drowning man a rescue that he never got a Titanic. You know we're talking about Abu Ali it was vacationing aboard a yacht in the Caribbean over the holidays that got in its crew reportedly responded to mayday call for a man who'd fallen overboard near saint Maarten. That man was eventually found a rescue by Leo and crew after treading water for nearly eleven hours. Or says the man who fallen overboard after too much alcohol was only. Minutes away from drowning. And fortunately he didn't end up underwater like the coddle fish in this next story wooden researchers in Minnesota slaps inspect some accomplish that but 3-D glasses aren't to determine if the cousins Witten the I have three dimensional vision of death. The actors yes. Hopping at the glasses say. So this facility are using velcro. We use super glued to apply a small patch of no chrome scheme. And that will fall off naturally support worn out. Okay make sense scientists hope the study leads to more information on how vision works in general as well as the brain. Asked. Editor every our first look at a soldier receiving a big furry welcome. Home Melanie eras sorry came back the Middle East last month was. For two year old bowler in the Hudson isn't there fairy yeah after six months away extra FaceBook it who has the best there ever having him back. I love my opponent Tommy. And we turn out to the drama unfolding at bucking ham palace after Prince Harry and that's his Megan announced they're stepping back from world DD. We're learning that a white or break within the royal family and how Prince Harry openly defied the queen. This morning the palace were reeling from that rule will be evil as Prince Harry in dutchess Megan wastes no time acting on their personal declaration of independence. Just days after announcing their taking a step back from royal life the duchess is already heading back to North America. Flying to Canada today to reunite with the couple's son. It comes as we learn new. Quickly most web that the statement was gonna go out in fact she expressly said do not go public with this until we've managed to resolve. ABC news has learned Prince Harry defied a direct order from the queen to keep the decision private. Until the family had come to an agreement about the future. And that neither William nor Charles saw the statement until just ten minutes before it was sent to the media. Talks about the decision began months ago with prince Harry First going to his father to discuss a change of roles. But Prince Charles demanded a more. Next Harry went to the queen who urged her grandson to work with his brother and father to find a solution. But that's sudden break from the palace could tarnish that famous Markel sparkle when she was able to deal with that resident have to pull away. Outrage already pouring in from the public over what some view as a betrayal I think what we don't get everybody down. Members of the queen's court has even said the couple could be punished for disobeying an order from the queen. Sparking rumors that the two could lose their official titles but for now titles are the least of the worries in bucking ham palace. The queen setting up a series of conference calls with Harry Prince Charles and Prince William to find the best solution for these complicated issues. Including questions about who'll foot the bill for the couple's cost of living. Police protection travel even their home in Windsor are all costs currently picked up by the British public. It's now up to government officials to determine how meg in and Harry can reduce their roles while still being funded by the tax payers. The bottom and is the British people. Would not like the fact there was a part time rules have been million dollar lifestyles. Troy the them. Trading from their bloom I make him on the glove sums of money from while still taking money from the public process. Royal insiders say it's unlikely that Harry meg and lose their titles of duke and duchess. As those are gifts from the. Waiting for the next development there coming out there that want to qualify for the next democratic debate is hours away find out whose and. But first night three the Jeffrey greatest all time apparently it is in the books. Play was really didn't beneath the pick it up after this. There's a rush upward today president trump is scheduled to have lunch with secretary of state Mike Pompeo who events wherein that you US ambassador to Russia John Sullivan's. Sullivan is the former deputy secretary of state and was the first official to face public questioning about the scandal. Specify that it would not be appropriate for the president to solicit investigation. To a political opponents. But that he was not aware of an effort he said he also confirmed that you. Informed former US ambassador to Kramer read your product it's that she was being removed despite during the. He wrong the deadline for Democrats running for president to qualify for the seventh primary debate is midnight tonight billionaire Toms fired six candidate qualify. They still pulling surge in Nevada and South Carolina he joins former vice president Joseph Biden. Former South Bend mayor Rudy judge and senators Amy Klobuchar brings hitters in Elizabeth Warren. And Maggie Gyllenhaal Joaquin Phoenix Phoenix Martin Sheen in more famous faces will join Jane Fonda for her fire girl Friday climate change protest today in Washington. Fonda has been arrested several times for role in the protests inspired by young activists like gratitude bird. Well next June the jeopardy champ who's pulled into first place in the greatest all time and Ken Jennings won last night's match to take a 21 lead over James Hopes power. And for the third night in a wrote it was a struggle for Brad broader third place finisher in the first two matches. Just to stay in the race balls are conceded his final jeopardy answer to jokingly pay tribute to out your back calling him ghost. Greatest hosts a syndicated TV but wait he initially wrote pat saint Jack's name before I think our work through bags Jennings could clinch at turner Atlanta returns. We will see what happens we could have a new jeopardy champ. Added that for us on this Friday it's been quite the week we'll be have a great weekend relaxing.

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