It’s Morning, America: Friday, Jan. 17, 2020

Non-partisan watchdog says Trump administration broke the law as first steps get underway in the impeachment trial and more.
20:05 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Jan. 17, 2020
Why cannot vote and Jane over near the top I think snow this Friday number one president comes impeachment trial opening arguments are set for Tuesday remains uncertain whether witnesses will be called but Republican senator Susan Collins. Now says it's likely that she will support hearing witness testimony president Charles maintains he did not average Giuliani's associate level artist who. I have linked the president of the efforts to pressure Ukraine into investigating the fight it. Present defense team will be led by White House counsel caps sit alone and by the presence outside lawyer to expect ABC news has also mark Alan Dershowitz will likely play a role. Number two a new criminal investigation has been launched by authorities in Ukraine. Who want to know if president fox allies allegedly. Spied are illegally spied a former US ambassador beat your body and back in this country FBI agents yesterday visited the Connecticut home and office of transport a robber high. Fax messages show I was involved in efforts to conduct surveillance on him after he Ivanovic. I have denied trying to harbor. On to number three now the FBI has arrested three suspected neo Nazis were allegedly planning to attend a pro gun rally in Virginia man and a former Canadian army reservists is among the men facing weapons and other charges that comes after Virginia's governor imposed a temporary ban on weapons in the state capital which is the site of Monday's rally. At gun rights group challenged the governor's order but yesterday a judge upheld the man number report. The Warner storms slamming him over the country here's a look at the radar of the storm is hitting the plains and Great Lakes today with snow Minneapolis Chicago and no rain snow mix an island Missouri. All moves into the northeast this weekend and finally notified an amateur golf teeing up some determination he was born with one arm but warrant. Part of vis its competing alongside the pros at the American Express tournament and take a look at. Back sat right there wouldn't pothole in one his partner PGA tour winner Troy Merritt. Particle is experienced and how to entry points are playing at age eleven he says he's all. To inspire other if it easily there. Don't forget ABC news app for all the different story through your piping so now I'm kind of book and I'm today Norman. I let's get right to that big story. Historic impeachment prop president it's now officially under way in the senate just hours after Supreme Court. Chief Justice John Roberts swore in the senators who'll decide president I was fate of battle is being waged over whether any witnesses will be called you on nonpartisan watchdog has now come forward to say the top administration broke the law by withholding military aid to Ukraine that it should the senate impeachment. Probe ABC's premenstrual is here he tells know what happens next create good morning. Good morning to you Kenneth engine they the senate has adjourned for the long holiday weekend but behind closed doors Republicans and Democrats are working to prepare legal briefs due Saturday and Monday. And the president's defense has until tomorrow to respond to a summons. Pretrial proceedings are under way after an historic day Chief Justice John Roberts taking the oath to oversee the trial against president trump swearing in the senators. So help you god lead manager Adam Schiff formally presenting the two articles of impeachment. Impeaching Donald John trump president of the United States. For high crimes and misdemeanors. Democrats trying to make a case that the president pressured Ukraine into investigating political rival Joseph Biden that was the most important thing is for him to stay around for on the four years. I was all about 20/20 there was no other reason for doing. A claim the president denies. Don't know where it comes from and know nothing about him. I can only tell you this thing is a big hoax. Harness denies those claims saying he'd be willing to testify. Meantime the Government Accountability Office a nonpartisan watchdog group says the trumped administration broke the law and withholding aid to Ukraine. The White House denies the claim now at least one Republican senators Susan Collins from Maine says she's likely to want to hear further witness testimony. But adds she'll hold off on making a final decision until opening arguments are presented Kenneth. I agreement thank you break here right Iran's supreme leader says president trop is a clown who only pretends to care about Iranian people quote push up poisonous dagger. Into the nation's back. The Ayatollah made the comment that Friday prayers in Tehran it was the first time he addressed the event since going twelve to sit the outpouring of grief. Over the killing of the nation's top general shows that Iran in people still support the Islamic republic. Despite the dark cloud of impeachment proceedings president Tom got another victory after a rare moment of bipartisan cooperation on Capitol Hill the senate overwhelmingly approved a new trade agreement 89 to ten on Thursday. It comes one day after the president signed a parcel for a deal with China the US Mexico Canada agreement or US MCA replaces. The 26 year old NAFTA the new deal includes labor enforcement provisions passed in the house last month a White House calling another trade went for American workers. And Filipino officials are still warning be able to stay away from the area near though. Volatile volcano experts say the mountain has become less active over the last day however they're warning the volcano may be gaining strength. There's still considered life threatening. We turn out to big development and baseball cheating scandal another manager has lost his job. Now the use of technology is fueling new speculation with players accused of using buzzards under their jerseys to gain a major advantage. This morning explosive new allegations in the cheating scandal rocking Major League Baseball to Houston Astros players are now accused of wary about the devices under their Jersey. So they could be alerted about the upcoming fifth. Some reporting to this video closely held two days after he hit the game winning home run in point seventeen semi gas truth of the World Series helped to. Bay is seen telling his teammates not to rip off his Jersey during the celebration he was asked about that moment after the game. Insert line. But then drifted teammate not dictatorship while I was that. And this time last time they did not I didn't know of in my line. I'll QBs agent issued a statement overnight saying out to be wants it known that he is never ever awarded an electronic device and a Major League game ever. Tension. Felt to me to let senator. And. ABC news has learned a Major League Baseball investigator whether players use wearable devices to steal signs. But found no evidence but the league did find that the Astros used a camera in the stands to record signals from the opposing catcher and then tipped off the batter's by banging on garbage can't. That led the Astros have fired their manager and general manager. And the ripple effect has now spread to another team mets' rookie manager Carlos Bel Tron has now lost his job he's accused of helping orchestrate the scheme. When you play for the Astros. Bill Tron sane in a statement I've always taken pride in being a leader and doing things the right way and in the situation I failed I'm very sorry. Earlier this week the Boston Red Sox fired manager Alex core. Who was also with the Astros and 2017. The scandal prompting Al reach from players and fans especially Kansas. Dodgers who lost both between seventeen in 2018 World Series to the Astros and Red Sox as well. Likewise Angelina it's heartbreaking to see that our boys in blue. And that is basically still an analyst at title. The investigation into the Red Sox continue zest for the Astros league officials say they are not considering stripping the team the World Series title. In helping sepsis a blood poisoning is responsible for more deaths and cancer according to a new study researchers found that one in five deaths worldwide is caused by sepsis. But it double previous estimates here in the last 170000 deaths are blamed on the disease sepsis arises from the body over reacts to an infection and causes blood vessels become leaky. Which in triggers organ failure. And a medical breakthrough could be an important step in eradicating that. Dengue virus which is a leading cause of death and Asia and South America researchers say the key to stopping the spread of the virus is in the very mosquitoes that carry. Ed Matt Boone of our San Diego affiliate has the details. We're working at a research lab at UCSD Ph.D. student Stephanie Thomas heard about something of interest to the cool thing about the antibody was it ends I am originally from a human who is infected not only done. It defended against all four types of the virus no one has created such a tool that could. Target all four types the question was how could use that antibody to stop other people from getting dengue. Insert was in this heat who missed when a female mosquito bites infected person they take up. The virus and they in keeping the bars garments and her team under professor Omar Fareed found a way to genetically modified mosquitoes to stop that incubation. Making them unable to carry the virus it expresses these antibodies that recognize the virus. And target it and prevents it from being transmitted. It successfully implemented at a large scale technology could have huge implications for saving lives and Asia and South America. Dengue is a leading cause of illness and death. Especially for children buses. A great step for public health it could also serve as the framework for stopping the spread of other mosquito borne illnesses like cica. If they can find the right antibody first half Celtics. Decided oh yeah island. That's why I'm here. In the Hoya that Boone ten news. I think the map going there from our KG TV in San Diego hopefully this is the beginning of the end of those viruses. Some of their questions this morning that feature of frontier in dutchess meg in if it comes as Harry faces. Possibly last day back on public duty after their royal briefly announcement but first the warrant out for NFL star of go back from Jr. the slapping his officers back side after the college football championship team. We come back. Rebecca video from Miami police officer Roland Garcia's body can be outspoken that residential neighborhood. Founder said that person to flames dangerously closer some homes so he ran house to house. Waking people up ignoring them to get out right away because this quick actions fire crews were able to save all the homes and every landscape safely. And a swat on the rare and has Cleveland Browns receiver would go back from Jr. in trouble with you in this police video shows Beckham appeared headed officers backside. After many nights championship game he's facing arrest warrant for simple battery. In the meantime LC officials are looking at a time Beckham gave tigers players. We'll pass as close novelty bills after their win which could be at NCAA violation. We turn out to the dramatic rescue caught on camera for girl was kidnapped on our way home from school. A couple of Massachusetts jumped into action after seeing a car to match the description given by police. And their quick action likely saved that eleven year old girl. This morning in every day couple being called heroes and not exhibit on 200 miles an hour right now police say inside that blue Honda Civic is eleven year old Charlotte most CEO police say she'd been kidnapped six hours earlier after getting off for school bus in Springfield Massachusetts he gets grabber and over in the vaccine she was screened she was sinks. Let me get a stop put me down Amanda dis Lee and her husband Benny Korea would try to Wednesday night with their five children aware of police reports that a girl have been forced into a blue Honda. And then any saw the car passing he'll bring back their car. Pass that Carson that party Sonya Kerr that's the car. I'm in and Benny got close enough to give police the license plate number only stopping their pursuit when they ran out of gas. We blew up suspense and are tired hey I hit some dirt I was means. I wasn't thinking about I've I I've played it safe. Police soon followed and eventually rescued the girl the couple posted this video when they heard that Charlotte was safe. And sound. Cry if someone asked me is that they think they got a car at. This suspect 24 year old Miguel Rodriguez was charged with kidnapping and assault. Charlotte with some reunited with her family. A day or more from Benny and Amanda on and during an interview on ABC news live and on And his friends again for a date Britain's Prince Harry made look could be his last public appearance as a senior royal. Joint press speculation about what the future could look like for Harry Maggie and their post royal world here's ABC's James Longman. By all appearances he looks just like a novel one of the countless public engagements Prince Harry days. Could face one us official outings since the royal crisis prince Harry's calm demeanor in contrast take chaos surrounding him. Smiling and posing with young rookie advancement local school. Even joking with the children. Using the opposition solutions units to. And one of his closest causes mental health on the road between itself. She never believe it is that you need to be tell you can't show your feelings you have to grin embarrass. If somebody like a mental fitness jolts will help us make real progress. His wife Megan also focusing on one of key issues. Female in common with a visit to wound center in Vancouver this week. She didn't talk about her life is embroil. Her interests with very much focused on the win. Posing with a charity justice for girls which aims to promote social justice for teenage girls living in poverty. Both their parents is fueling speculation about how that royal rolls one of old. Is this the end of their official duties and the beginning of a less public life. I think is pretty progressive of them I think it's very modern and I think is pretty brave that they want they won a different life for themselves. I think is great and icy hot. Happy here. Feelings you literally that's another. It's been one week since the bombshell news that this six royals would be taking on progressive new roles. And be stepping back as senior members of the royal family it will followed rules and emergency rule summit with the queen. It's Charles and sons Harry Truman in discussing the future roles for Harry and making it the queen issuing this statement on the some. Oh my we would have preferred them to remain full time working members of the royal family we respect and understand they wish to live a more independent life as a founding. While remaining a valued part of mine found me. The future is very difficult to predict because it right now we don't really know what it is they won they told us that they want to support the queen. But they want to be financially independent their future is very much in their hands. The couple also expressed the desire to spend time away from the UK. The British tabloids the constant battle with the press and retiring issue ever since Megan was introduced as Harry's girlfriend. Much of the coverage from the tabloids. Had racial over times. People of color a black people. Not exactly why American is leaving a wind that pushed and that the top they erase painting and it's extremely frustrating recently to some coining the change makes it the top met sits is problematic for a lot of people in the UK it puts all of the emphasis on the blame on Megan. That she has somehow been that the cats at least for this decision it also takes agency away from Harry. It plans to spend more time in Canada has generally been met with the enthusiasm. But one of Canada's biggest newspapers that globe and mail. Publishing a harsh editorial saying Canada is not a halfway house for anyone looking to get out of Britain while remaining a royal. This is your gun story the couple posted fueling the next round of speculation. Is selling videos stone roses hit this is the one. The lyric about leaving UK for a moment but someday perhaps and not so subtle reminder that Harry Megan breaking away. I'm gentleman in London. Coming up that we get as all of us here we'll tell you what's coming up on this Friday January 17. But first we'll hear you if the new love is in your plants what you need to know about these toxins from your acts after this. Here's of the watch cover today president of the scheduled to welcome pause before national champion LSU tigers of the White House. Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Joseph burrow led the team go 4245. Went with the defending. Clemson Tigers went in I. After a celebration presents profit firstly alliance conference scheduled to fly a faulty Florida. For president trouble hold a roundtable supporters and speak at a joint fund raiser dinner at secretary of state Mike Pompeo will meet with the Pakistani foreign minister before officiating. The swearing in ceremony for Stephen and. Begun as deputy secretary of state a court hearing is set in the case against actress Blalock president called missiles bribery scandal. At another hearing is scheduled to wrap up party the other charges stemming from a fight at a New York strip club. Brady turned out a plea deal which would has seen her plea guilty to third degree assault in exchange for a conditional discharge. For exactly four weeks away from bounced high and say if you're looking for love we got just the thing. But before you can buy live at least one Alicia expert is now telling us you have to first make sure. Bob can find you we'll dance has more. It's. It's 20/20 and if your focusing on finding love this year forget cupid. He joins got. The man with the plan so let's talk about love Christopher Marlowe. He's a relationship expert and heartbreak coach. With hundreds of thousands of integration followers and tips to finding that real life happily ever after in when he won it. School let them cool. But you can't just get to the fairy tale ending it first starts with. Arguing the position emotionally mentally we've experts are to receive. Or give so how do you know. That you're ready I would say when you no longer have thoughts of your X number one in your in a state motion where you're ready. Two to follow him what are some of the concrete base. You continued to make sure that your accident not a part of your life anymore so you have to detox from acts I'm talking about social media allowed them to meet them. Everywhere because you wants to position yourself. The success he shorn says the ex detox includes physical items to. We gotta get rid of the shoes. I can't get rid of issues that then he brought me or the clothes that she brought me yeah you don't because that's still a piece of once your detox and you've left your acts and all that drama ends when he nineteen then you're ready to meet someone. He joins tips for attracting the right person they look approachable. Look approachable look laughable enjoyed a life and look without looking. Go out more. Explore. You know say you know why I'm where networking events. You know I like to elect the shop and go to shop in the north shop let me do some things in my that he got the house and once you do landed the date. I would say the number one thing to understand is that dating is gathering information so take take a step back. Take a deep breath ladies and gentlemen. That's the right questions. Warned that we've won a going next with three years we do you see yourself. Do we share the same values but what if those values don't lineup. Don't try to call the red flags white. Because a lot of us we see the red flags right but we try to pain at white to meet our needs and finally the romance resolution to avoid in the new year. Saying you'll have a move by a specific date. Not the for the times that. Just say when he plays of the month this year you know and it rule. Comments any comments if love doesn't come it's OK and again that they so loved myself. Good luck finding the love and that is it for us we hope we have a great holiday weekend on this long reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend. What he was all about. Give up the good fight. Have a good one.

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