It's Morning, America: Friday, July 12, 2019

Gulf Coast braces for Barry, ICE reportedly planning mass deportation raids, Trump drops census fight and more.
20:57 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, July 12, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot smoke and I'm Jane Harmon near the top I think snow this Friday number one tracking tropical storm Barry the storm is already dumping heavy rain on Louisiana this morning hurricane warning is in effect for parts of the Gulf Coast forecasters say period could become a hurricane by the time it makes landfall. Later today or early tomorrow. Number two the expected immigration raids this weekend. Federal agents are set to begin sweeping raids on thousands of migrant families on Sunday officials say ice agents plan to target those with final deportation orders. Including families whose cases happened fast tracked by judges. This city's on the list are Atlanta Baltimore Chicago Denver Houston Los Angeles Miami New Orleans new York and San Francisco. On to number three now the 20/20 census will not include the question. Are you a US citizen. President from for the Manning and his plans to app back questions the sources is used to decide how many seats each state gets from the House of Representatives. And how federal money is distributed across the country opponents of the question argued millions of people mostly minorities. Which declined to answer citizenship question and go I'm counting. The president now plans to sign a different order it will call a government agencies to give citizenship figures to the Commerce Department. We get to Chicago for number former. And probably number five your Google home device. Listening Google is defending its practice of letting employees and listened to recordings of people who used the company's voice assistant. The company insists the small fraction of recordings are analyzed to improve voice recognition technology. Earlier this year Amazon admitted that contractors listened audio clips from Acco devices. Amazon also insists the practice is done to improve its technology. I Google could miss an invasion of privacy. Good morning everyone I'm happy Friday some evil use those devices Amazon and Google lacks they do. And I know a lot of people who also would not have one in their home at all I am I won't even activate Syria on my phone because if there's usually and is in no way and so I mean obviously they say that. It's all about helping technology or making technology better for that was great today. Bad somebody there with popcorn listening to your car's right now life that I who. Get back. Yes. They're listening. I hope so let's get right to the big story this morning. Probable start a very already lashing Louisiana's coastal communities with wind and rain so let's take a look at the satellite shows the slow moving storm is still turning along the Gulf Coast stretching and ahead of its expected landfall later today or early tomorrow to forecasters say Berry is likely to become the season's first hurricane capable of unloading more than two feet of rain before finally moving on our friend Trevor office down in Washington and tracking this 1 all morning good morning. Trevor. Good morning Kenneth good morning today a tropical storm Barry is really taking its time its marching toward Louisiana and only about three miles an hour overnight but it is packing a punch. And it's expected to get even stronger before fully makes landfall. This morning the gulf is bracing with tropical storm Barry peering down and threatening to become a hurricane by the weekend. Thousands now scrambling to sandbag in evacuate. Within three days of clothing. There on the routine if they're radio we always we always get it back to. As much as twenty inches of rain on the way to parts of Louisiana has the state is already battling unprecedented flooding. The Mississippi River is higher than it's ever ban with a storm this size approaching and a torrent of hurricane rainfall threatening to over topped the twenty foot high levees protecting New Orleans. Just days after previous storms flooded the city streets. What many still wearied from Hurricane Katrina. We're confident that. We are not points you have a if you look it up treat. However if you have a storm that has an elevation is much higher than those flood walls you're gonna get water in the city. New Orleans Mayor telling residents not to evacuate but to have a plan and Louisiana's governor Jon Dahl Edwards taking action ahead of time is activating 3000 national Guardsmen. And deploying disaster response resources while requesting extra federal emergency funds. This is going to be a major weather event. 48 its huge portion. Of the state of Louisiana. On top of being a powerful storm Barry is also slow moving possibly bringing 48 hours of heavy rainfall beginning Friday night and not letting up in till late Sunday. The forecasts show once Barry does make landfall is expected to head north drenching Louisiana but also hitting parts of Texas and parts of Mississippi is well tonight. Now we're definitely in all the people on the path of this storm hope her when it's safe. Those cities that have already right hand that people or stay dry as well I mean coveralls he should be outside covering this within. But he is dry and inside right yeah you too good to go outside throw I had the dedication of Kenneth mode for extreme weather Davis. We don't you ought to go watches you and your raincoat that blue ABC news jacket I yellow and a way the winds. I just got that the other day I need to breath I haven't taken it to the Taylor yet so it doesn't. It out of either borrow mine you'd like giving in my office down the W office like the tie that I borrowed from the event and yet at that yeah. Hey Trevor thank you so much haven't haven't really again McCain if you guys to thank you. That's the word out to the possible nationwide roundup of illegal immigrants president drums deportation raids are reportedly scheduled to begin on Sunday. Thousands of undocumented migrants are expected to be targeted leading migrant families on edge. The threat the looming for weeks. Expected usually go back. But now plans are reportedly underway for nationwide in the preaching rates. As reported by the new York times of the roundups would target undocumented people on deportation lists they reportedly begins Sunday in as many as ten major American cities about three weeks after president trump warned this could have tests or results. Near panic in some places so this Sunday. Declined to have the shades closed and extra food and French. Guess that because. I but I guess there AM on the market because. Our camp bad Lillian who asked that we not show were on camera has been in the US for twenty years. She is to children who are US citizens but she and her partner are on document it. Are you afraid. Yes he added I know. And that a skiddie because. For our. In these days from the west look at then let me handle yet tingle with tanks and woody about this woman tells ABC news she's been in the country for decades and has two American daughters. She says her family is now sleeping with a heavy Dresser were in front of their door. And hats to. Stop now. Immigration rights groups are now fanning out with cards that advice they are not legally bound to open door stuck ice. This morning Republican senator Lindsey Graham is defending the raids is saying it's simply enforcing the rule of law at these poor people we've gone through the process. And lost their case. Cindy is not. Cool but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says families are being torn apart and asked the president to reconsider. As they prepare to go to church. I feel very threatened and scared who buy these raids. Ice officials are unwilling to confirm the Sunday rates but they tell ABC news. 2000 people are on the agency's priority list and will be deported. Quote seeing. So billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is facing new charges of sex trafficking and he wants to stay out of jail while he awaits trial attorneys are proposing backing a bond for release. With a mortgage 177 million dollar New York mansion they're also offering his private jet as collateral. As well as the home when his brother who lives in West Palm Beach under their proposal have seen what Wear an ankle monitor. Be confined to his New York home. Philadelphia police are searching for suspect accused of attempting to rob a store because he said he needed to fund his daughter's kidney transplant. He had the money in hand but then changed his mind saying the crime wouldn't help his daughter's kidney operation. Police say they may know who that would be robber is and they also may be able to offer assistance to respect. Watch this high seas taped out suspected drug smugglers by the US Coast Guard the smugglers and submarine war. First spotted hundreds of miles off the Colombian coast you can see the Coast Guard boat there pursuit until it's. Close enough for a crew member aboard the sop. Counted on the hatch demanded they surrender. More than 171000. Pounds of cocaine with a street value of 232. Million dollars was seized. Five suspects were also taken into custody. At least 37 people were injured when an Air Canada flight headed to Australia hits Revere turbulence. The flight was forced to make an emergency landing at an airport in Honolulu there were five doctors on the plane who started treating those who were injured. At least nine people suffered serious injuries and pastor described that terrifying ordeal. It was like gas receipt for a mile the less bustle Zanardi instinctively see in the airplanes that crashed the site I was assigned people went. Black straight up and frontman. Mosque and again he was screaming kids and trying. Everyone injured onboard is expected to make full recoveries one passenger says she'll never ignore this he felt signing and a place. A member of the US women soccer teams that she was robbed at a luxury hotel in Los Angeles. Alli along with the tending to ask beef with her husband and teammates when her room at the Ritz Carlton was burglarized. She says and a tweet that someone stole her wedding ring in the key given to her by the mayor of New York. Police are reviewing video from the hotel. Serena Williams sister took one giant step closer to 24. She and her quick defeat of check. Barbara extra Coburn is in straight sets now Vince Williams for eleventh at Wimbledon singles championship. The second most all time behind Martina Navratilova. Has filed at 37 years. At 37 years old Williams also be the oldest women's finalists in the. But I went on Saturday would be would tie Williams with Margaret court for the most career Grand Slam singles titles of 24. Going to be Serena Williams facing off. Because for many Indiana some Mona a leapt Saturday morning at 10 AM eastern. And a mystery this morning on the Vermont Statehouse lawn it seems someone someone. You see those plants planted dozens of pop plans among the power vets. Investigators say they don't know who planted the marijuana. One thing police are sure of those plants weren't part of any landscaping plan. Mad observe May Day as you can see very well about the building's general services they they Rhode room flower bed. Some impressive display every year but I don't think they included this in their annual role. All of the plant the tolled 34 have been removed coming up the latest on the search for an elusive alligator in a Chicago park. And the nickname given to the Gator based on a local hip hop star when we come back. Now to Sudan where the nation's ruling military council says it's foiled an attempted military crew just as the council and a pro democracy coalition are expected to sign a transition deal. So let's go across the find out just him and Eddie in the London bureau for more on this good morning Joseph. Hey good morning Tenet the this happened overnight the the government went on to a state TV to announce that this is another coup attempt a third since April. When long term president. I'm about sheer was ousted from power that triggered all kinds of street protests and lots of violence there in Khartoum. And across the country to having problems clearly settling down we haven't seen any protests yet hopefully we won't. There are some some people look quite skeptical about this about this announcement that there was an of the coup attempt to people say it's not happening the thing it's another boy by the government. The kind of work out some sort of deal to get the government to settle down in any place and empower like military wants. Who just got to wait to see how a lot huffing sort of pan out there but right now things seem to be quiet and calm didn't. Incident. So here back on this site we can celebrating the champions of the women's World Cup all week but I know you're paying attention to a different World Cup. Totally off topic guys are gonna move off sedan off coup attempts we're gonna talk about something that I know absolutely nothing about which is cricket even though I've lived here for nearly twenty years. And I've tried to call this a yes. The cricket World Cup is here on Sunday England a country that invented the sport. Back in the eighteenth century. Has never won a World Cup they've been in the in the finals three times they are playing New Zealand on Sunday everyone here is is hoping that they they take the cup this time around. What do we can say but it's it's an incredibly out and of units of its citizens to watch any of those. To me it's very very complicated to understand put. Yeah they have I think some cricket matches here in the US and it is a little complicated but can you now I'm very culture I got is get us out types but I found it very interest thing. All interest think gel is so there's that we got a football player over here aren't going to privatize. I mean this video when when it was sent me this morning I had not seen it I mean it is it's incredible I mean I added I I cannot for. And if so watch this so it this is the Redskins cornerback. Josh Norman it showing people in Pamplona. How did to not run with the bulls but jump over them I mean not just once not twice three times it's amazing to watch the reaction in the crowd I mean he had this is just the coolest thing that seal morning. A very cool glad he's okay wondering house coaches feel about it but I mean eight. Six one in the boat the littlest bit sluggish I thought amenable coming out I mean how does not for me to say because I certainly would have been knockdown and about two seconds yeah. And would have the courage to do it but. It is pretty cool thing dental. Lot cynical joke thank you can innocents morning have a right this weekend thanks jeopardizes U DeVon as we can thank you and let's check parent notification let's do it let's do it started the bear just need a vacation. The bare necessities and it is very guests showed up at a mountain resort in New Hampshire workers saw the bear hanging out watching the sunrise late last month. That was after it lumbered around looking in trash cans for food year old president and I Gator missing in Chicago part of really to the wanna be found. The thoughts rap style than about coming in as a spotted first on Tuesday and then was last seen Wednesday that wrapped tile. With this amazing nickname. Chance this snapped where I get a pay college and chancellor Rapp urged and native as drawn crowds of a humble park lagoon but it hasn't bitten on any the traps set up in the area officials put restrictions on park usage. Until chance the snipers cock. K Wal-Mart September 20 on your calendars that's when more than 300000 people said they are going to storm area feed you oil hub in Atlanta to see them aliens. FaceBook event has gone viral saying they can't stop. All of that's a good point and that brings us to the question of today. Area 51 and you know that remote to military indeed how secret back out in Nevada do you think there kind secrets there. So what do you think there. Writing do you think they're hiring hiding UFOs aliens. Anything that Jimmy Hoffa you really truly believe. I'll style. Let us know out of this reminder for those are trying to storm area fifty wine they are. Men with guns there mayor authorize. Men and women to use icicle lights out as I don't know what gender is there cuts without secret giving Amanda could this be women an army of women with guns. I don't know how do you stop the rise to do it they got it duty keep yet that drew would not. And what baseball lake has gone high tech behind home plea. This week the Atlantic police used a computer system to call balls and strikes and it's all star game is called track man and it uses doppler radar to determine whether pitches a ball or strike. It's connected to an iPhone on a humid up behind the plate. You're either ball strike or could not track in their ear ball then because using doppler it will tell you the weather forecast. That sounds like winter about. If it bit them buyers here coming up that to cancer survivors and the bicycle trip of a lifetime they're going from Vancouver to Florida. But they stopped halfway through checks to us. Warm to this. Here's what to watch out for tropical storm there is expected to make landfall late tonight or early tomorrow possibly there hurricanes threatening the Louisiana coast. Flash flooding and potentially deadly storm surge. They would ABC news live for the leaders and president trumpets the road today hoping to garner support works great deal of Mexico and Canada. The White House says the president will visit in the aerospace company that provides parts logistics and repair services to fixed wing aircraft. Also plans to attend a couple fundraisers first a Milwaukee than another is that the Cleveland. Democrats running for president are busy as former vice president Joseph Biden battled Warrick and bear peak included judge campaign that early primary state of New Hampshire and senator Kabul here is to appear on the view. And activists are set to hold vigils outside of detention centers and hundreds of other locations nationwide. Followed by protest Saturday over the dissension and treatment of migrants at the border. Plus you'll forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room. A breakdown at the latest headlines in politics. I absolutely nothing is stopping to amazing cancer survivors on an extraordinary mission they're bicycling 4000 miles across North America. They're just over halfway to their gore made tech a quick breather to talk Karl will be hands. Imagine doing it toward a fraud it's been throwing an extra thousand miles and add 500 more preparedness. That's exactly what any live sits and fob falcon for curtailing the police to the journey is personal or are formed purpose. Years to. Two things Warren is your lives and money if you. Patience. That are going through same process that we went through. And that there is life after transportable. Bob and any both received lifesaving bone marrow stem cell transplants. Bob in 2009 at any a year later. Bob has been biking to raise funds for cancer research for a wild now any wanting to join since she was in recovery. Until now joining Bob on this cross country trip his longest ride again. It's very good to have another transplant survivor of world and I are good friends. It's just it's very important. They're starting line all the way back in Vancouver Canada this morning he's cancer survivors of drivers are in north Manchester Indiana. About 15100 miles away from their finish line in Florida. And the right hasn't been totally easy for me getting news and then did say he's up there right so I didn't send. You're mild day after day after day passing through mountains in the rain in the cold from sixty mile high. Now wouldn't doubt house. Still only really. Or fingers but for this determined duo it's all worth it. They're 3500 mile journey all in efforts to raise funds and awareness for being a match. Foundation delivering cures for blood cancers and their message to those who are in issues they were in just ten years ago. That being will be here where he hurts you or. And it can PE. Going back to work. Hurt your kids to school or walking around the block and it doesn't he has ran his classes he knew that apple is six pat. L Paul. Bob Manning are looking forward to making a stop at Emory university hospital in Atlanta where they both got their treatment to be that would doctors and nurses they will celebrate. Be the Max and to register or donate that's just be the match dot org. So important to think about donating I know any had a tough time she only was. A match for one person apple registry. Especially people of color at the heart time to find a map so important if there. And they are raising a lot of awareness with that bike ride is credible work they're doing alright that's it from us today on this Friday if you're in the Gulf Coast to stay safe and Trevor ready across this great nation. Have a good one.

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