It's Morning, America: Friday, July 5, 2019

Earthquake rattles Southern California, Donald Trump gives a "Salute to America" and more.
20:34 | 07/05/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, July 5, 2019
Good morning I'm Kevin Martin. And about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles thirteen hundred power outages were reported and the state of emergency was declared. And that region is bracing for more aftershocks number two the deadly helicopter crash in the Bahamas six people were killed when the chopper crashed on the way to Fort Lauderdale Bloomberg reports one of those victims was billionaire Chris Klein. Who made his fortune in the cold industry. On to number three op president trump stuck to the script during his salute to America event in Washington last night avoiding politics. And praising the strength of the US military a sad there is nothing America can't hear. Meanwhile number for a new twist and the president's battle to include a citizenship question on the 20/20 cents a sources say the president is now exploring the use of an executive order. A judge has issued a 2 PM deadline today for the White House to explain how illegally put seat in the face of a Supreme Court decision that blocked the question. Critics say if citizenship question on the census will lead to an under counting of immigrants if that question does appear on the census forms 7500. More people will be able to say yes. When asked if they're citizens that's how many were naturalized this week including forty Puerto ceremony in Washington yesterday. Where they were welcomed by vice president Mike Pence. And finally number five the Tour de France starts tomorrow and we know it's not going to look like this tests in the mountain bike race that started at the top of the ski run high in the French Alps they called. The annual race. A mountain out hell. We can see why riders fell down an icy slope setting off this chain reaction crash. That lasted several minutes traveling more than fifty miles an hour maybe the most shocking part of all one race reports that despite that carted on the mountain. There were no serious injuries. Let's get this weekend started right. Good Morning America. All right let's get right that big story updated emergency in Southern California. In California after most powerful earthquake in twenty years we're getting new images of the damage from cracked roads and water pipes to grocery store aisles in ruin. The gas leaks and fire the worry now with a vote aftershocks some could be powerful. Thursday's quake hit near the town of ridge crest California about a 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles. ABC's new articles are happy is here with the latest on a clean up in what scientists are now saying Mona good morning. Good morning today good morning to you Tenet at -- say with an earthquake of this magnitude it's common to see a lot of aftershocks. But they also say that there's a small chance that this was just the four shock and an even greater quake has yet to come. This morning California under a state of emergency after a massive six point four earthquake shook the southern half of the state. Added. A divider mode. The largest Tumblr to hit the region in nearly two decades. We lost everything that we have. I have no TVs I have no dressers and I have nothing. Our kitchens can really. Can relieve the strain and everything up the laws out of the cabinet's. Take a look at this video capturing the panicked employee running for safety amid the intense shaking that started around 10:30 AM local time. Another angle showing contents on store shelves knocked to the floor. And this home completely knocked off its foundation the 22 quake was centered near ridge crest a sparsely populated area in the Mojave Desert. And was followed by at least 100 aftershocks. The rattle could be felt from northern California. All the way down to Mexico. At the epicenter officials responding to reports of fires cracked streets downed power lines and property damage. Patients from a local hospital were evacuated after suffering minor injuries. Flying off on the ground. The water bottle. I'll say is Molly just Lucy Jones described it as a strike slip quake which means to pleats along the fault move parallel to each other. But an opposite directions and this morning a major message from Jones warning of more aftershocks to calm. Ours are about it one in twenty chance that this location. Will be having an even bigger earthquake within the next few days that we have not yet seen the biggest earthquake a busy. It is and technologist Lucy Jones says that there were two seismic fault at least two sites and faults involved in this earthquake. But she says the San Andreas was not one of them which today Kenneth is. Pretty big deal they pretty important now because a lot of people are asking. Is this the big one and she's saying now. Else so scary if there could be more. Aftershocks and powerful you have -- thank you so much actually one it's a timeout in California. Reporting for this network I remember. That a lot of talk about. The big big way back when but it seemed even in eyes of Californians people on the West Coast that it was like go you know its latest big bet thing or whatever. But it's serious and I think this a rattle in so many people that you know of that magnitude of earthquake. It is concerning them. It being may be something on the costs of something bigger area. Lot of people are there are definitely taking a nonstop of that. Build up and be watching that we'll have to Washington where president trump stuck to the script during a salute to America about last night. Avoiding politics in praising the strength of US military saying there's nothing America can't do. ABC's from Carl was there. In what he said would be the show of a lifetime president trumps salute to America bringing thousands to the National Mall. The president himself speaking from the Lincoln Memorial. We remember that all share it truly extraordinary heritage. Together we are part of one of the greatest stories ever told this story of America. In a light but continuous rain the president honoring each branch of the military with important moments from their history songs and flies. The president's remarks highlighting the American spirit. In the country's people past and present. Americans love our freedom. And no one will ever take it away from us. Am. I. As the day's festivities unfolded the president's critics also on hand including protesters flying this baby trump balloon the president's political opponents also criticizing the event. Accusing the president of making it partisan by giving VIP tickets to big dollar donors also stirring controversy those tanks and armored vehicles brought in to showcase America's military might. I think we need money. The Golan for rebuilding our cultural MarketWatch relatively new bloodied ignores what six. But the president sidestepping politics in his remarks praising American heroes pioneers and service members and our nation is stronger today. That it ever was before. It is it's. Strongest. Now. President trump has want to at a large scale military display like this that's he saw something similar France expected 2017. He becomes the first president to make a formal fourth of July address in Washington DC since president Truman peck in 1951. Today Kenneth. Cover thank you. And -- Republican member of congress the call for president comes impeachment is leaving the GOP. Michigan congressman just in the mosh has announces plans to become an independent he says modern politics is trapped in a quote. Parties in death spiral president trump called his departure great news for the Republican Party. Well out of presidential candidate Pete booted judge confronted racism on the campaign trail during a tense exchange in Iowa. A man in the audience suggested that black people were at fault for police shootings in high crime rates. Prompting good a judge to cut him off. Little black person. This Boortz on display we have electricity incarcerated for the exact same problem. There are win win black and white people are treated the same murder criminal justice system. He will be easier for white people and black people who live in this country and it will be easier for law enforcement to do their job that racism has no place in American politics. Born American look what's. There added booty judge the mayor of South Bend, Indiana has been under fires in the black president was shot and killed by a white police officer last. Not now to the extreme weather tornadoes lightning and hail impact and much of the country overnight this was the scene in Colorado. Are there north tornado was reported and in the south lightning left several people injured. Overnight tornado watches in effect divorced twisters spotted in southeastern Wyoming. Stronger and deadly holiday storms ripped through several states. Certain revenue and. And I know I'm not been noted that. One person dead in Georgetown county South Carolina a bolt of lightning struck a tree Killian of 44 year old man and injuring a dozen others. Just chill and Aaron Carlson mix and an editor consulate and Arnold or. It was lol kid panics limit the united bucks people got struck while Eichmann and wanted to call Warren. In monk's corner thirty miles north of Charleston a micro burst peel back the metal roof on this building near Tampa Florida this close call but yeah. Firefighters rushed to put out a house fire in Durham, North Carolina sparked by more lightning third another pop. I thought started freaking out. The severe weather fueled by the extreme heat parts of the southeast felt like a hundred degrees or more the rising temperatures even having an impact in Alaska. Encouraged canceled its fourth of July fireworks show because of a heat. It was actually 89 degrees and congress yesterday and that's the highest temperature ever recorded there that is in incredible so be careful and keep. Alter just filter can talk had sold at a London auction for six million dollars the still controversial with each yet. Claiming that the 3000 year old relic was stolen. Christie which conducted the option disputes the claim Egypt's child king rained from the age of nine until the death. At age nineteen no word yet on who made the purchase six trillion dollars NEC a big part of the chin for even better now. And our own team USA celebrate Independence Day in France the US national women's team so I enjoyed their fruits of their victory over England earlier this weekend at 221 victory over the Brit. That went down van then to the third World Cup title and it grows on Sunday the USA faces off against the Netherlands for the trophy bat Max starts at 11 AM eastern pan out waits. For coming up the controversy over rising tennis star cocoa golf what one British player just did. To play with her. And duffel happiness. Welcome back now to a fatal mistake at a hospital in Chicago involving two families there. Finally in a wrongful death lawsuit after the wrong man was taken off life support. ABC's Alex Phares explains how it happened. This Chicago man was definitely be in and found unconscious by police hospitalized and on life support authorities use mug shots in May to determine he was Rosie Brooks and missing brother Alfonso Bennett. But she immediately told doctors or something didn't seem right. I think I'm spam which Sunday. But I can't Latin recognize. Him as my brother. Showing new signs of improvement of Brooks and her family may be excruciating decision to take him off of life support. But as they prepared for his funeral how funds Jill Bennett and very much alive and well walked into a friend's Barbeque fixated he's here he's black it turns out the missing men it was actually a light show Brittany and fingerprints from the morgue eventually revealing his true identity it wasn't just artist husband someone that everyday both families now coming together filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Chicago and the hospital that handled the case. The bottom line is this this mistaken identity situation was something that we very much they could have easily been avoided. And at this point neither this city nor the hospital have commented on that lawsuit to Alex Perez ABC news Chicago. Or ever and switch gears now to little more. Light fun let's get check for an education starting a dramatic video of an explosion at a fireworks store in Fort Mill south Carroll lineup. Look at that site that fire started in containers outside the store the containers had dozens of cardboard boxes holding fireworks. Firefighters had to dodge exploding rockets to put out the flames no injuries were reported. An investigation is underway into the cause of the fire at now to the Wiener and still champion hot dog eater do we check the Wiener the gas certain. I'll make gladiator they call him one has called Nathan's Famous contest the may island 871 francs in bonds and ten minutes. And is disappointed he met Sally and the record by the war is good at it regular gas now I'm not even like I know the what. Men's winner is also displayed cheated you better Mickey studio 831 to win her sixth could Muster who helped stroke lead we relish. How Mickey Ngo leads you. Next year alma it might take some a year recover from that. Yes on the next one next year at social media blowing up about this next video of our friends are all of miles that work reporting. For that New York City news watch the smooth moves right here. And to the height of the rush hour commuting is going to be lots more confusions. Until this whole thing is wrapped up behind the cool calm and collected and that local TW. AB CC shin and of course this was so big on social media those station ended up covering at the next day. Showing that video again showing some of the treat they actually shared mine when I say can't get over dharma miles during the height is men. During this live shot I watched it over and. Over that and actually of that stiff arm was everything yes and as you see that when this went viral so my between how I'm block team. All negativity huge in my life she liked Carlo while bush. Yeah nice and there are. Meanwhile are crying out just how much an outdoorsman Justin Timberlake is the singer celebrated Independence Day a bit early with his wife Jessica Biel by going acts throwing both he and feels sure these slow motion videos for yeah. He batted actual skills that I had in the last. Incredible thankfully the couple's four year old son Silas was not in attendance while mom and dad referring out those axes but in fact. You know living in a few years we'll see his video yes definitely an across the plot mega Markel. The duchess of suspects. She made a surprise me that at Wimbledon surely the duchess of classics is still on her maternity leave but. It got time to head turn out to supporter good friend Serena William Markel with and the stance with friends living Roth and Kennedy Phyllis which itself is sparking fresh speculation over whether the two. May have been chosen to be among the god appearance at BB RT's christening over the weekend. And boom will see ads for you to global then there's so little fresh controversy this morning swirling around America's newest tennis star fifteen year old Cory Coco golf has been to pairing up the court first upsetting her idol Venus Williams. Then beating the 2017 semifinalists a rocky and Magdalene a rebar Covile. But the office turned into such a sensation that British tennis player Dick Clark dumped fellow Brit carry it dark as his mixed doubles player for off. It all comes after a momentous moment for the rising star what tennis legend Roger Federer. Yeah apparently hurting pat on the back their golf is going for her third round win but later today and incredible. Love it out. What ready now to our video that's also sparking some cumbersome fresh conversations. Around the country about race. So the sense moments were caught on a door bell camera between a black couple in a white contractor who showed up at their home. Flying a giant confederate flag on his SUV. Here's ABC's Marcus Moore. This video going viral sparking conversation about free speech vs free will. Yeah. It. And I'll wait. And went out. Alison Lindsay grounds doorbell camera capturing their exchange with the contractor they hired. To repair a golf cart at their Atlanta home. She does it would. Yeah that would let. Issue this confederate flag waving and the back of the contractors truck. You know you see net languages it actually stems fear. Person is willing to do especially if they are from mowing their duty and so it's a theory did gateway. In the video the contractor identified as Michael offers to take the flag down. He eventually drives off that flag still waiting we reached out to the contractor but have yet to get a response. And the browns say that contractor later texts have been saying he didn't know the flag was offensive to them the browns telling us they view this as they teachable moment. Marcus Moore ABC news Dallas. I think some markets there will coming out what 195 year old Justin for the very first time in ball that airplanes. And champagne floor. After that. Here's a Moscow court today president trump departs the White House is at a weekend in New Jersey. Block any. Why did the opinions or questions before from the press reports leave. Democratic presidential candidates converge on Houston today for the National Education Association public schools presidential forum. Fighting names but they'll answer questions from the nation's teachers about the future about patient and. Tennis sensation go broke off plays in the third round of Wilmington. He advanced through the second round beating her opponent in. Street sense and plus number isn't it into the debris for an update all our top stories in the breakthrough or breakdown of the latest headlines from politics. Leaving on a jet plane has become almost as your teen to most of us today if catching a bus. Or subway but one woman who was born before TV with a minute Ben Ted has finally join the ranks of the jet set. And if you're looking to the skies for fireworks this week human by. I miss something even more spectacular certain 95 girl taking her first trip over the rainbow his will dance. More Milan. Home you. Laying. Okay. No wizard needed to make Gladys black Britons dreams come true in 95 year old always wanted to take a trip over the rainbow. And it airplane and and she's her day at her retirement community in the UK making it happen flying to Switzerland. Gladys making herself right at home on her very first play. I yeah. Songs except. Gladys previously enjoyed trips through a local airports watch planes take off and land. Never having the chance to fly in one herself. Bill now and I don't dictionary and unable to believe the view from all the way up. And when she landed. Oh Gladys saying of her high flying adventure you it was brilliant better than I had imagined that trip over the rainbow every time she ever treated. Management. And even get spokesperson says Gladys this story is inspiring and clearly shows you're never too old to try something new and better too old to I would Ben's daughter with that yes. They had heard joining us is then placed only at least give it to your holiday weekend get have a great weekend we will see you on Monday.

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