It’s Morning, America: Friday, Nov. 15, 2019

A search for motive in California school shooting, the ex-ambassador to Ukraine set to testify in public impeachment hearing, Venice flooding and more.
20:42 | 11/15/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Nov. 15, 2019
Good morning cannot vote and they Norman here's the top I think sentenced Friday number one. The latest school shooting in there and emotional vigil last night paid tribute to the two teenagers killed in the high school shooting in Santa Clarita California north of Los Angeles. Police say the suspect is in critical condition after trying to take his own life. It's motive remains unclear number two the impeachment drama and Washington public hearings user resumed this morning on Capitol Hill with testimony from the former US ambassador to Ukraine. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now accusing president crop of bribery lawmakers will also hear privately from the official who says he overheard the president talking about investigating Joseph Biden. On to number three and nasty fight during the Thursday night football game between the Steelers and browns with eight seconds left Cleveland's miles Garrett. Ripped off the helmet of Pittsburgh Mason Rudolph. Italy that. That's sparked a wild brawl which included Eric being hit in the head here later took responsibility was criticized by zone quarterback. I'm in the street Thomas More cooling. And I regret the most is gonna come back soon for entertainment. That's just endangering units in it's inexcusable. He knows that. Does now it's just it's tough. We'll see. I don't know what the rules are I don't know that I know is virtually Italy's you know total calendar -- part. You know I again and it's it's okay you know OK get them out of the backfield for me. Fully healthy. On players protected NFL now expected to hand out suspensions. Some are demanding miles here is suspended for the last season number quartet was swept is launching a new battle with the owners cover music she went on social media to say that the performance of the American music awards. May now be in jeopardy this show is on the 24 and she was planning to perform several lots of hits. But she says the men who opened her old recordings that are Providence copper China will only allow her to seeing them if she agrees to certain conditions. We want to make sure she doesn't read the court her music she says they want her to be a good little girl and shut up. And filing of a five twinkies for breakfast that you twinkies serial hit grocery stores at the end of the month reactions are mixed one critic. Citing a report this week that found 98% of children consume too much added sugar every day. It was ideal it hasn't happened. That. That's. Good morning thank you for joining us to start on a somber note with new details and the deadly school shooting in California. Police say it all unfolded in just sixteen seconds. The shooter wounded several classmates killing two of them gunfire rang out at students were gathering outside Saugus high school north of Los Angeles and our learning about the off duty first responders who were able to rush to the scene so quickly. Because they were already on campus. Overnight dozens of people gathering to remember the victims of America's latest school shooting. Police in Santa Clarita city Thursday morning a high school student killed two classmates who were among a group gathering neared the school's entrance before classes began. They say it was the shooter sixteenth birthday. At a show that I teach us that we got a lot of north right now according to investigators it took only sixteen seconds from the eighteen to pull gone out of his backpack. Shoots several students and then turn the gun on himself students and teachers inside rushing to police these chairs against the doors for security. Just says they've practiced in lockdown drills so many times. This is normal Thursday and we woke up in the morning I'm ready my biggest problem why is he. About the danced on Saturday and some know whether you forgot your home organized and then all the sudden it's likely that it. Moments after the shots ring out the first responders on the scene where three off duty law enforcement personnel they had just dropped off their own children after school. One arrived at the shooting scene in mere seconds. He had just dropped off family member at the school and was exiting. Driving away from the school along the perimeter when he saw all the children running away. From the sound of the gunfire and he turned around in became the very first person I've seen. And then the familiar scene students walking single file out of school their hands in the air. Anguished parents rushing to the school some saying they had prepare for a day like this. Even setting up an emergency meeting place the two victims killed include a sixteen year old girl and a fourteen year old boy three other students were wounded. The gunman overnight listed in grave condition. Police searching to shooters home and investigating a disturbing message on answer Graham it says Saugus how fun at school tomorrow. The FBI is also investigating to shooters background officials say there's no reason to believe he was acting on behalf of any group or ideology. The motive still unclear officials say there's no indication of any link between the shooter and the victims leaving the community struggling to find answers. Parents you go to work every day to provide for these kids in the last and you want to hear is. Is they've taken a bullet they're just kids trying to get an education. And a music teacher is being called a hero for helping save a fourteen year old who was shot in the hip. And the shoulder that teacher barricaded classroom with a piano. The treated the girls bones when news of the shootings in California broke while senate Democrats were calling for action on gun control senator Richard Blumenthal you'll see here was handed a note on the senate floor about what was happening. He was supporting universal background checks bill that's already been passed by the senate Blumenthal announced the senate going to shooting. And set the loss of life it's our responsibility. How can we. Turn the other way how can we refuse. To see that shooting. In real time. Demanding our attention. A motion to pass the house supporting universal background checks bill was blocked by Republican senator Cyndi Hyde Smith she's a colleagues need time to debate it. And though Wal-Mart El Paso, Texas were trying to people died in a mass shooting in August has reopened Wal-Mart employees welcome customers with cheers and applause on Thursday the new banners displayed on the store's front. Says El Paso strong manager says most of the stores 400 employees are back on the job. Turning out to Washington in the impeachment hearings resuming this morning with testimony from the former US ambassador to Ukraine. Who was forced out of her job. Marie you bottom bitch is heading to capitol opera president trump took direct aim at her earlier and he met earlier witnesses. He told supporters in Louisiana last night that top diplomats who testified earlier this week. Are never Travers he came hours after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused him of bribery. ABC's Elizabeth her as the new. And in a good morning to you yes today will hear from marine Ivanovic who says she felt threatened by president trump and was blind sided when she was removed from her post. This morning be impeach me showdown resuming with former ambassador to Ukraine Marie you Ivanovic taking center stage. In an earlier closed door deposition you bought its testified that she was warned by Ukrainian officials to watch her back. That president Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and his associates. Had planned and that they were going to you know do things including to me. Ivanovic says in an effort to save her job she's turned to the ambassador to the EU Gordon summoned the president's point man on Ukraine. She told house investigators. And he said. You know unique to go big or go home tweet out there that you support the president. He Ivanovic refused a few weeks later she says she was told to get on the next plane home. This comes as Democrats continue to build their case against the president with speaker Pelosi now calling trump actions involving Ukraine bribery. An impeachable offense. The bride is to grant or withhold military assistance. In return. For a public statement in the valley. That fake investigation. Into that the elections. That so that's bribery. The president trump maintained he did nothing wrong. At a rally last night in Louisiana who laughing the first two witnesses career diplomat who kicked off the public hearings on Wednesday. You never jumpers. What exactly. Do you think you impeach him for. And they stood there what like while. But they are unraveling. And their sinister plans. Well Sam. Also testifying today but in private is David Holmes a State Department staffer who claims he overheard president trump on the phone with some land. Asking about the investigation. Kenneth Antony. All right Elizabeth had our capital health park another big day and our live coverage of today's hearing begins streaming at 8:30 AM. Eastern right here on ABC news live. And president rob is taking its fight to conceal his tax returns all the way to the Supreme Court the president's legal team filed a petition to be heard by the High Court in an effort to block New York's district attorney. From obtaining eight years of his tax records as they investigate hush money payments to a porn star and a Playboy model. House Democrats are also trying to get ahold of Trump's financial records. Lower courts have protected their argument that he is immune from investigation while in office and other news schools will be open again today in Roanoke Virginia despite an ongoing manhunt for marine wanted for murder waging year old Michael Brown is accused of fatally shooting his mother's boyfriend hasn't seen in for nearly a week authorities fanned out in Roanoke after receiving a call about a suspicious suspect. Her search came up empty police say brown should be considered armed and dangerous. The Texas high school student brutally beaten by her substitute teacher is now recovering from a brain injury the sixteen year old. Says she's afraid to go back to school and isn't comfortable showing her face she says she was laughing with her friends when the teacher use profanity and told them to shut up. Massed on the confrontation escalated. And I turned around to my group of friends and said William that can make money talking Mexican sight path. And that's land she got up in my face and sent what did you say after it I didn't see nothing. She says that's what they thought. And study getting closer to my face and I told her get away from me and she says all of look pretty in the do. The teacher was fired and charged with assault. New Jersey is demanding 649. Million dollars from mover for failing to pay employment taxes. The state argues that the debt comes from Lieberman's classifying workers as independent contractors not employees. It's reportedly the first time a local government has demanded back pay roll taxes from the right hailing company. One of the doctors who voted to approve laser eye surgery now says it should be banned procedure corrects vision by reshaping the ice Korea. It was first approved by the FDA in 1996. An estimate says less than 1% of patients suffer serious complications from the surgery. But a member of the agency's advisory committee which approved fleet sick. Says the real complication rate is up to 30%. He also claims at least seventeen people have taken their lives after years of pain. From links. Well coming up we're getting you. Raise but that signature bending screen comes at a price we'll tell you how much plus the story of young pilot whose engine failed. How he survived the crash into icy water. After this. We're back now the rescue of a teen pilot who crashed landed into a lake. He was trapped in the plane's wreckage as it was sinking and icy water like Abraham some quick thinking tie hackers were nearby. Soaring above Washington State about hoping cockpit is Brett Easter. No stranger to fly in the night here recently bought this bright yellow ultralight plane. And went for practice run. That run would end like this the aircraft and Easter down in a leak. I was toll expecting not to wake up from it. Shortly after take off Easter says one of his propellers stop moving. About point I don't know an airplane's gone and in this house an ever hear. Nobody else is there to pay fear my engine failure the Easter deciding to ditch in the lake's icy waters. When he tried to escape the cockpit his Jackie got tangled in the equipment. Easter says he kicked furiously for ten minutes trying to keep its head above water under water and with the clock ticking to carjackers came rushing to his rescue. Natalie over to help Easter keep its head above water until help could arrive I just jump. Dan and not. Was paddling assesses I fed him and turn as sixties this month so it was resisting figured it used to big. Easter escape with minor injuries. According to the NTSB deaths from small plane crashes are on the rise with 393. And 2018 compared to 347. The year before still the scare will not keep Easter grounded for long. Deathly not done flying. I'm not thinking Alice guy one engine voters not candidates for me. Easter grew applying with his father who is a private pilot the NTSB is now investigating the cause of the crash. Just after releasing new data showing plane crash fatalities increased last year. And 97% of those deaths came from crashes involving small private planes. It's are let's get a check of our notification started a little girl reading this friend. Just happened to go find him to go green angle cameras in bad but there. You know in the island of the blue now that the adults love that the farm animals age sleep yeah. Under the stuffed animals. Every Janus has gotten his or. Last night's episode on the tournament of champions found in schools power in a rematch with Emma Boettcher the Chicago librarian who ended his. 32 game winning streak tonight one of the two part finals found holes power with the 24000. Donald Lee. I'm Boettcher heading into final jeopardy both of them answer the final question correctly. Heading into tonight jeopardy James is up by just under 23000 dollars whoever has the most money after tonight takes home. 250000. Dollars. Wow. Oh. At a Texas family is in the middle of a Christmas decoration controversy there homeowners association in San Antonio told them to take out their decorations because they're put up too soon. Fairly decorated its front yard November 1 with that inflatable snowman and reindeer it's in a helicopter. On the data expecting their third child on Christmas Day and they wanted to make sure their two older kids. Could enjoy the holiday at that taken down. It's taken them. Yeah away back apple and it taken down that's our question of the day is it till it right to tell this family went to sap their Christmas ever taken down thousands incumbents. Here is ABC news lives. When you're about to got a gobble. The Turkey that day after Thanksgiving patter might on out. Our details are emerging about the new Motorola RAZR edged out if that he mixes Milledge who again raise a reboot. Have a six point two its internal display which bins that happened hasn't sixteen megapixel camera and also found that night. The most noticeable I did it is the price tag that Bennett gave. Hundred dollar. The new razor hit stores January night 15100 dollars that's a lot of land they shot at somebody that's when you need it. Harlem Globetrotters are celebrating another big win they set six new world records on Guinness world record day no less. The records include the most balanced basketball ball blindfolded and one minute at 63. And inveterate ball bowler broke two records the farthest under the light basketball shot the farthest behind the back basketball shot all right. The deal also now holds the record for the artist feeling basketball shot me backwards. Stay at his back of those horrible. Fathers. Parent institution here and there ha. Round the blue. Hey we have another new world record a real life version of Iron Man has shattered a record he set just a few years ago. Richard are rare maybe eight Britain's Richard routing actually called himself jet man invented jets Q and importing seventeen minutes of quiet 32 up for our. Yesterday he shattered that mark would improve soon sped through the air 85. Miles. Are our seven miles. Faster. Seven miles per hour faster than he went offering shattering records that while shattering all the bones in his body a 100%. All right from their return overseas to Italy where officials have declared a state emergency and flood ravaged. Venice. The deadly flooding as the worst the city is seen in fifty years and it's far from over ABC's James Wong man is there. Venice is watery nightmare continues the city bracing itself for more misery the worst floods in half a century causing millions of dollars of damage. It's hard to see the businesses that are struggling and they're cleaning and then the next status floods again and you attraction for tourists perhaps the political businesses. It means ruined so what can banks do fifth. Is the Moses barrier without the mouth of the Venice lagoon and it's good to be a law all the right enough out of the water blocking this sea going from bad. All the way over that healthy years of delay. It still doesn't work. Locals blame corruption and political apathy on the failed multibillion dollar project will trigger removes is gonna be the government promising to get it working with hundreds of years of history at stake and the threat of rising sea levels leaving large. Venice has rarely felt so Boehner. The states of emergency has released over twenty million dollars an immediate relief. And compensation with a rain coming down and continued high tides that might be just a drop in the ocean James Owen ABC news in Venice. The regional council office located on Venice as grain and Alice flooded for the first time ever this happened Tuesday and talk about timing happened just moments after council members rejected measures to tackle climate change. The city's mayor has blame climate change for the historic flooding. The council was forced to move their meetings to another location for the rest of the week. Coming up some big campaign events for Democrats running for president. It lots of what's washout ports plus the NFL star receiver pulling double duty as a dog dad for his social media in surplus. After this. Sure does watch out for today another top diplomat heads to Capitol Hill as impeachment hearings zoo. Former US diplomat to Ukraine Murray Ivanovic is expected to testify about a concerted effort to push her out. Live coverage of the hearing we'll start at 8:30 eastern right here an easy spot. Meanwhile Democrats running for president are on the campaign trail senator Cory Booker is expected to file official paperwork to run the New Hampshire primary. The senator Bernie Sanders is scheduled to be officially endorsed by the national nurses union and hold a rally in Fresno California. Head of the California Democratic Party Univision presidential forum tomorrow for a number of candidates are expected to speak. The world's largest Starbucks opens today in Chicago. Starbucks reserve grocery is billed as an immersive coffee experience from across five floors. And 35. Thousand square feet. We'll win or lose Pittsburgh wide receiver junior Smith's shoe certain knows he's someone who loves him waiting at home. He the doting father to his two year old. 6000 dollar French Bulldog Gucci. Efforts he made BS popular president that Fuji has more than 200000. As the man followers. It's Schuster told ESPN there may be another dog and his future. When he inning and another dog is that in the future. Well obviously not the only country. And on to more spacious home about defense with his do things that's when another garden. Who needs because it only if human filers. Also the girlfriend named Porsche it seems like you is probably pretty Bhuj need to do that in blues except that public Deaver up. Well that's true that he could lose him like guy everything Kress that Collard. As badly that you that in Beijing. Please stay tuned for our coverage. Five the second impeachment hearing of the week. That's us at 8:30 eastern right here on ABC news five.

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